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  Quiz night are very popular in the UK - and also in Pattaya where there are numerous British Pubs. There are two major quiz leagues, the Wednesday league and the Sunday league. Some other places run their own individual weekly quiz. The Bowling Green has a team in the Wednesday league.  
  I personally do not excell in the quizes; I'm a mathematician and there are rarely questions on the sciences, maths, board games, cards games or bridge. But anybody with a reasonable knowledge of history, geography or sports will do very well.  

Thai Culture

  Thailand is located at the meeting point of the two great cultural systems of Asia - Chinese and Indian. In everyday life Chinese Culture has mixed very well with the Thai people, whereas in Thai Court culture, which fas been mainly based on Buddhism, Insia has exerted strong influence.  
  Thai culture can be divided into 3 aspects: linguistic culture, court culture and traditional culture.  

Thai Linguistic Culture

  The Thai language basically consists of monosyllable words, whose meanings are complete by themselves. The Thai alphabet was created by King Ramkhamhaeng the great in 1283 by modelling it on the ancient Indian alphabets of Sanskrit ans pali through the medium of the old Khmer characters.  
  After a history of over 700 years, the Thai alphabet today comprises 44 letters (including 2 obsolete ones) representing 20 consonant phonemes, and 15 vowel signs, denoting 22 vowels, dipthongs and triphthongs.  
  Thai is a tonal language with five different tones and as such it often confuses foreigners who are unused to this kind of language. For example, they often have difficulty in these three words from each other - suea, with a rising tone meaning tiger, suea with a low tone meaning a mat, and suea with a falling tone meaning clothes.  
  Like most languages of the world, the Thai language is a complicated mixture of several sources. Many Thai words used today were derived from Pali, Sanskrit, Malay, English and Chinese. 
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Thai Court Culture

  Court culture refers to the conception of beauty, perfection and harmony in the fine arts; including painting, sculpture, architecture, drama and music. In the old dayd most of these originated in or received the patronage of the royal court and nobility and most of the works served the Bhuddhist religion. Their styles were influenced by  
  the Indians through the Mons and Khmers, and were then blended and developed into the unique forms recognised as Thai.  
  Painting. Classical Thai painting is mostly confined to mural paintings inside palaces and Buddhist temples. They are idealistic and the themes frequently depicted are are those related to Buddhism, such as the Buddha's life stories, stories of the three worlds (heaven, earth and hell), and also those concerning Thai customs and traditions. The subjects of the paintings reflect different purposes: to beautify and dignify the places of worship, tompromote Buddhism, and to educate people through the pictures.
  Architecture. Apart from the Royal Palace building, classic Thai structures can be found in monastic monuments - pagodas and temples - which have been the focal points of Thai community activities for centuries. Admitting Indian, Khmer and other influences such as Chinese and burmese, Thai architects developed their own distinctive style of sloping multi-tired rooftops and soaring pointed towers, intricately ornamented with carved wood and stucco, gilded lacquer work, mother-of-pearl, Chinese pordelain fragments and colour glass mosaic. Under the tropical sun, these buildings give out an aristic harmony of flamboyance and serenity.