membership benefits
membership details
  updated 5-Jan-2008
  Club membership is 1000 bht a year, 600 bht for 6 months or 150 bht a month. Members may play at our club sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 100 bht a session, non-members pay 150 bht per session.  
  In addition to access to the web site, free news sheet, hand print-outs, free lessons, free leaflets etc members also have the benefit of being able to borrow books etc from the club library. For an up-to-date listing of all of the books/authors and CD's, DVD's etc. in our bridge library, refer to the link.  
  If you wish to contact other members, or wish other members to be able to contact you, then let me know your e-mail and/or telephone details and I'll add then to the 'contact members' page. You need to know the password to access this page, I'll give it to you on request.