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  this page was last updated on 29th Jan 2008
Please note that items in this page are in chronological order, with the most recent additions at the top! So you may well find something that refers to an earlier contribution that appears lower down or else in 'what's new history'.
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  63   26th Jan. I have made a number of additions to the site. It particular there is now an extensive bridge book reviews section and also a Suit Split Calculator and a suit play program.  
  62   13th Jan. Google has made an update and, as far as this site is concerned, seems to have come to their senses. The main page is back to PR5 with most internal pages at PR4 or PR3. Quite reasonable.  
  61   In an attempt to actually make a little money from this web-site I have now included a 'shop' of bridge items for sale at Amazon.com. There are a few odd things like CD-ROMs, bridge computers, cards etc but there is now an ever-growing section of bridge books reviewed. Currently it's 4 pages but this is continually growing.  
  60   27th Oct. This was the day that Google made their long-awaited Pagerank updates. My Google pagerank (PR) has been PR5 for the main page (and PR4 for conventions and PR3 for virtually every other page) since Jan 2007. Since then I have expanded the site tremendously, religously made and continually updated a Google sitemap and have gained inbound links at the rate of about ten a day. I was hoping that perhaps my site could reach the giddy heights of PR6?
What happened on that fateful Sat 27th Oct?
My site PR dropped by a point! Everywhere! The main page is now PR4, conventions is PR3 and other internal pages are PR2. So what, you may say, maybe everybody now has a lower PR?
Two months ago I started a couple of small free blogsites with wordpress. They are nothing special and just a few pages.
http://www.pattayabridge.wordpress.com is my blog site - it is now PR4!!
http://www.Thailandholiday.wordpress.com is a small travel site - it is now PR3.
These two trivial sites have a higher pagerank that my important internal pages which I have spent a couple of years promoting.
What is going on at Google - they appear to be clueless and inbound links also appear to be useless. How can a small blog site with just a dozen inbound links have the same RP as www.pattayabridge.org which has thousands of information full content pages and thousands of inbound links?
I don't suppose that anybody except Google really knows the answer, but as from now I will be adding a 'news' section to my mainpage as I believe that Google likes fresh content - it will be pretty meaningless but I'll update it every couple of days, maybe that will please Google??
  59   13th Oct. The suit break calculater in the links column was taken off line, so I replaced it with a link to bridge books for sale. Who knows, maybe I'll actually make some money from this site by selling a few bridge books through Amazon.com.  
  5th July. I have added a "cluster" map to the main page of the site - I thought it might be interesting to see where the visitors to the site come from.
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