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  A Psyche?
“Unrelenting criticism that makes your life hell…
are we talking abut your mother-in-law or your bridge partner?”
  An end-play squeeze
bridge cartoon A good bridge player needs to be able to count to 13, so how many players are there here?
counting at bridge
    The following cartoons are courtesy of bridge-plus
  Bridge Over Troubled Water
  bridge joke
Betty: 'I guess a bottom's a bottom?'
Fred: 'Yes, but two bottoms in a row really is too much.'
  I hate computer dealt hands
  bridge humour
"How's that for a splinter bid - Jack!"
  A post mortem as enjoyed by most married bridge partners
  bridhe humor
"You know why I’m livid! You went to bed with an ace!"
Table talk
Table Talk
Jude Goodwin
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Jude Goodwin's books "Table Talk" and "Go Ahead, Laugh" are collections of her 'Table Talk' cartoons that have been appearing for over than 30 years in the American Contract Bridge League's Bulletin. Great for a bedside book or gift for a bridge playing friend.


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