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The definitive guide to (Strong) No Trump bidding, Stayman and transfers Terrence Quested
No Trump bidding, Stayman and transfers book   This is the most advanced and comprehensive book on No Trump bidding ever written. It has 265 A4 sized pages pages and every conceivable sequence in an uninterrupted sequence starting with 1NT is covered. All of the common conventions such as 4-way Jacoby Transfers and all of the sequences after Stayman are described in detail. It also contains many new conventions including Quest transfers (these supersede Smolen), Stayman Super Accepts, Shape Asking Relays After Stayman (SARS), Advanced Stayman In Doubt (ASID), Ambiguous Splinters, Ambiguous splinters after either Stayman or a transfer, Broken Suit Transfers and many, many more. A must have book for anyone from club to advanced level. Click here for more information about this NoTrump bidding book and how to purchase it.
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