Here is a list of a few bridge web-sites that I find interesting.  
  Please e-mail me e-mail if you know of any that you feel warrant inclusion.  
  I have generally only included free sites.  
  Ron Klinger web site  
  ACBL American Contract Bridge League. It has a Bridge news section and numerous other sections including a free downloadable program for learning bridge.  
  All about bridge Bridge conventions, bridge bidding, bridge play, bridge information, bridge links and a bridge forum.  
  Beginner's Course A site for beginners by Michael Furstner.  
  Better Bridge Audrey Grant's web page. Includes a great 'What's Standard?' section called 'Grant Standard' which is basic Standard American. You can print from the pdf file. Excellent for inexperienced players.  
  Boston Bridge A good site for beginners  
  A collection of articles from numerous authors.  
  Bridge Blogging A forum for users to blog about their bridge games.
  Fred Gitleman's site which includes free bridge on line and loads more.  
  A list of good bridge blog sites  
  A site that explains loads of conventions.  
  Conventions, pages about famous bridge players like Warren Buffett, and personal bridge Articles.  
  A discussion board for tactics, partners and more.
  For players new to Bridge, this site hopes to point you in the right direction to get all the pleasures and companionship that Bridge can offer.  
  A few basic conventions nicely explained  
  General Bridge stuff. Includes an extensive convention section. It also contains one of the most comprehensive bridge link lists on the web. A site that you will frequently visit.  
  Bridge Hands A good general site that contains just about everything.  
  Bridge Holidays Provides unique and exciting bridge holidays in Europe and the UK  
    for players of all abilities plus those who want to learn. There is always a full and exciting program that usually includes both pairs and Swiss teams competitions. We also try to ensure that tennis, bowls and other facilities are freely available at the hotels used.  
  Bridge On A great site - but it's not free. It does, however, contain a load of interesting articles that are free. Check out the 'great disasters'.  
  Bridge Rules and Play When this page was first written, in late 1995, there was already a fair amount of bridge-related information on the Internet but most of it was  
    aimed at people who already knew how to play. This site fills the gap by explaining how bridge is played. The explanation is intended for people who have some experience of cards and card games, but no knowledge of bridge.  
  Bridge Site Dick Olson's site that explains loads of conventions etc. It also contains an excellent resume of the 2/1 system. Recommended.  
  Pamela & Matthew Granovetter's site.  
  David Stevenson's site. A nice general bridge site, good for directors.  
  A good site for beginners/improvers to practice bidding and play.  

Launched on15 June 2009, is a new, free, bridge website. The site is made by Ed Hoogenkamp (author of Dutch monthly BRIDGE), Peter van der Linden (ex-editor of BRIDGE and the Daily Bridge Calendar) and Pien Steringa (former DTP responsible of BRIDGE). is not a news site, since there are enough of those. It is a ‘do'-site as well as a ‘read'-site, as such a site is badly needed. One of the ambitions of the makers is: every day new contents. The site contains bridge puzzles, stories, quizzes, columns, books, tips and a lot more. It is in the English language but there is a sister Dutch language site.  

  An intereresting site with a few freebies.  
  A great site that links you off to interesting articles in other sites.  
  6 complete books, free! Including 2/1 bidding. And lots more...  
  Make your own neatly typed ACBL convention card for free.  
  A site dedicated to loads of bridge conventions.  
  Loads of theory about bridge odds, statistics and mathematics by Peter Cheung.  
  ecatsbridge Simultaneous pairs results. Includes various other sections including  
    World bridge news and links to other sites (including this one). Excellent.  
  Bridge news, book reviews and loads of articles.  
  What you would expect, with links off to various sites. It also contains  
    a bridge news section. But the links to other worldwide sites are very limited (for example, none listed for Thailand - despite being requested!). But we have eventually been listed in the 'New Links' section.  
  Carl Dickel's site. A great collection of bridge articles.  
 An Italian site with lots of information about bridge.  
  An interesting site for the unusual.  
  A comprehensive collection of well described conventions. Split into  
    categories - beginners, advanced etc. This really is a good site.  
  Eddie Kantar's site. Includes a large number of articles, problems,  
    quizzes and tips. Well worth a visit.  
  Bridge lessons, forums, discussions etc.  
  Larry (The LAW) Cohen's site. Contains a few interesting articles, book reviews and links to other sites.  
  Browse Marty Bergen's bridge books, software, bridge cruises, lessons and more.  
  Mastering Bridge An instructional site for teachers and students to meet.  
  Mike Lawrence's site. Includes a good number of articles; and Mike  
  also runs this site that give two quizzes a day (one bidding, one play).  
  Loads of interesting links.  
  Aydin Rami's site. This book is great for conventions and interesting hands.  
  Blogs by members of the Pattaya bridge club and others.  
  A great site which includes hundreds of Bridge column articles.  
  A general site, it's basically a hand generator.  
  Richard Pavlicek's site. Includes numerous qiuzes etc for beginners to  
    experts. And there's loads, loads more; including a great list of recommended links. Highly recommended.  
  Ron Klinger is one of the best bridge teachers in the world and at he puts his decades of experience with the game at your disposal, so you can learn to play bridge at your best.  
  The bridge section of Ron Small's site.  
  Richard 'Two Jacks' Sampson's site.  
  An interesting general bridge site.  
  Recent bridge columns by Andrew Robson  
  An interesting South African site.  
  Squidoo bridge lens One of my squidoo sites  
  A neat site containing articles, quizzes etc.  
  If you are a bridge novice or complete beginner, then here's a course with a step by step guide that will take you from bridge novice to competent player in just a matter of weeks!  
  WBF teaching.  
  An interesting site for a large bridge club. 32 boards are prepared every week with hand printouts etc. and a great write-up of all the hands.  
  Loads of general information.  
  For a list of Bridge Clubs that have linked to Pattaya Bridge, refer to Bridge Clubs Worldwide.  
    And here are a few official sites: -  
  World Bridge Federation  
  Australian Federation  
  Bridge Great Britain  
  English Bridge Union  
  Northern Ireland Bridge Union  
  Scottish Bridge Union  
  Welsh Bridge Union  
  Contract Bridge Assciation of Ireland  
  European bridge League  
  Canadian bridge Federation  
  Indonesia Contract Bridge Association  
  Malaysian Contract Bridge Association  
  Singapore Contract Bridge Association  
  New Zealand Contract Bridge Association  
There are numerous sites where you can play bridge online, but they do generally
charge a fee. e.g. : -
Bridge. Play bridge card game online with a 30 day free trial!  You can play online bridge with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when you like, for as long as you like and we provide a real Bridge card game that you will enjoy. A British site, so excellent for Acol players.
     On this site you also get live commentary from current international events and loads, loads more; including a great links section. Try it!  
  . .Another popular site.  
    . .  
  . . This one if free