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Strategy Tips for Playing Online Blackjack

Online blackjack is a game that lends itself well to strategy. In fact, blackjack is one of the few gambling games where “perfect” strategy has been established. Furthermore, when you play online, no one can throw you out of your own house for playing too well or counting cards. There are a few things you can remember to take advantage of online blackjack strategy.

1. Basic Strategy Charts for Online Blackjack

Since basic strategy for blackjack has been established, your best bet is to print out a basic strategy chart and keep it with you as you play. While you can bring this chart to a live casino, you may feel uncomfortable doing so. In the comfort of your own home, this will not be a problem. Basic strategy charts are available at any online blackjack site.

2. Basic Strategy Ideas for Online Blackjack

Some players may feel that having a strategy chart at hand makes the game less fun or disrupts the flow. If you are one of these players, there are still some basics you can remember to minimize the house edge. Since there are more ten-point cards in the deck than any other value, assume the dealer has a ten underneath and that the most likely card you are next to receive is a ten. If you bust before the dealer, you lose, so you want to give the dealer the opportunity to bust. Therefore, if the dealer has a card that will make busting likely (a six is the worst, since 16 is the highest total that the dealer must hit, but a five, four and to a lesser extent three or two are also bad), you should usually stand if taking a card will risk busting. Against a four, five or six, you should be looking for opportunities to split or double.

3. Other Strategic Rules of Thumb for Online Blackjack

Always split As and 8s, never split 5s and Ts (any ten-point cards). Never take insurance, even to get even money on a blackjack. In the long term, this bet hurts you. Always double a ten-point total unless you are up against a ten-point card or an A, always double 11 unless you are against an A. Always stand on soft 19 or 20 (soft hands contain an ace, meaning you can hit them without risking a bust). Always hit or double soft 13 through 17. And if you play online, always clear a blackjack bonus when possible.

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