2-Way Game Tries
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Two - Way Game Tries


This article is written by Paul Quodomine.

  My partner and I play 2-way game tries after a major opening and raise to two. We also played constructive single raises (8-10) by an un-passed hand which fit well into the forcing NT system and makes these tries more frequent.  
  After a 1/ opening is raised to 2/ :  

New suit bids by opener are SHORT suit tries, singleton or void.  Responder evaluates accordingly.


2NT asks responder to bid the lowest ranking suit in which he/she would accept a long suit try.  If opener is not pleased with the response he/she can still ask in a specific suit below the level of 3 of the major. E.g.
1 - 2 - 2NT - 3 - 3/ asks for help in 's or 's

  The exception occurs with the sequence 1 - 2 - 2.  Opener is making a long suit try in spades.  This caters to a Flannery shape opening hand where responder may have bypassed a 1 response in order to show support for immediately. Responder can return to 3, bid 4, raise 's to 3 with an appropriate hand, or even bid 2NT to show a 2-3-4-4 maximum response with concentration in the minors.  
  There is no convenient way of making a short suit game try in 's after a 1 opening, but that is a small loss since opener will be able to get information in the minors from responder with a 2NT inquiry.  If responder simply returns to 3 over 2NT opener can assume wasted values in 's.  
  The loss versus natural bidding is 2NT natural by opener which is negligible if your partnership will open 1NT with a 5 card major and appropriate hand.  
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