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A2LI - A defence to a strong 2 club opening


This convention was sent to me by Daniel Likar. I personally use to same defence to 2 as I do to a strong 1 . i.e. the TWERB convention.


Defence to strong 2 club opening:


Dbl = Clubs + Major

2D = Diamonds + Major       

2H/S = Natural

2NT = Minors, weak

3C/D = Natural

3H = Majors, weak

3S/4H = Preemtive

3NT = Minors, strong (something like: x  x  K,Q,x,x,x   A,J,x,x,x,x)

4C = Preemtive

4D = Majors, strong


Two suiters should be at least 5-5, but you can interference like this also: 

2C -pass -2D - pass - 2H - Dbl = 5 minor + 4 spades 


After 2C - 2D:


Dbl = Lead directing (could be only K,J,x,x,x  in diamonds)

2NT = Minors

2H/S = Natural

3C = Natural

3D= Majors

    Daniel Likar
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