ASID - Advanced Stayman In Doubt
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This page is a brief summary of ASID, it is fully covered in the NoTrump bidding book.
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ASID - Advanced Stayman In Doubt

  Traditionally, if partner opens 1NT and you have a strong hand with a 4 card major and a 5 or 6 card suit then you bid Stayman and then bid 3. This treatment, however, is not really satisfactory and it's far better to transfer into 's and then bid your major (assuming that you play 4-way transfers). This is all explained in the NoTrump bidding book.  
  Thus the sequences 1NT - 2 - 2 - 3 and 1NT - 2 - 2 - 3 are not used when playing 4-way transfers and we them conventionally.  
  Some players use this 3 bid as Stayman In Doubt, stating that responder's shape is exactly 3433/4333 resp (i.e. totally flat with 4 of the major bid and asking opener to bid 3NT if the shape is duplicated). Now this works OK but the scheme can be vastly improved in order for responder not only to find out partner's shape more precisely, but also if he is maximum or minimum (a 3 or the major partscore, a game, or a slam are all possible after the 3 ask).  
  This page is just a brief summary. It is all fully explained in the NoTrump bidding book or in the pdf/doc link at the top of this page.  
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