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The Baron Two Spades Convention


When partner opens 1NT most people these days play transfers, so the 2 bid is ‘spare'. I explained many of the various options for the bid in “The 2 response to 1NT”. This document outlines the Baron 2 convention which is fairly popular in the UK and is part of the Standard English Bidding System.

  2 = either a balanced raise to 2NT with no 4-card major.
    or a game forcing hand with slam interest and usually no 5-card major.
  There are two treatments as to what opener does with a maximum:  

a) Opener bids 2NT with a minimum and with a maximum bids a 4-card suit (up the line).

  b) There is alternative set of responses when opener has a maximum:  
3 = no 5-card suit
3 = 5-card 's
3 = 5-card 's
3 = 5-card 's
3NT = 5-card 's

With an invitational hand responder will pass 2NT with a minimum or bid 3NT over a suit bid by opener.

  With a slam seeking hand a 4-4 or better suit fit will always be uncovered if there is one when using treatment (a).  
  Treatment (b) is an improvement that enables both 4-4 and 5-3 fits to be located. With no 5-card suit opener bids 3 and then responder will bid 4-card suits up the line.  

When playing Baron 2, the direct 2NT response is used when responder has a weak hand with a long minor and wants to play in 3 or 3 .

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