Breaking the Lebensohl puppet
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Breaking the Lebensohl puppet


What is a Puppet?

  A puppet is different from transfers, Stayman, Blackwood etc. Stayman and Blackwood ask, Lebensohl does not. A transfer tells, Lebensohl does not. The Lebensohl 2NT bid says nothing, but ‘demands' a 3 response (the puppet) so that the Lebensohl bidder can start telling! It may seem a bit complex, but you soon get the hang of it.  

Breaking the Puppet.

  Now we all know about breaking transfers, the situation here is somewhat different. Responder to the Lebensohl 2NT will normally always reply 3, but there are a few possible exceptions worthy of consideration. Basically, you must bid 3 in case partner has a very weak hand with long 's. Usually, the responder to Lebensohl has already limited his hand (a 1NT opener or overcall) and the Lebensohl bidder is in charge. But there certainly are exceptions. For example, when we have doubled a weak two bid. If we have a huge hand and will on no account play in 3, then don't bid it! Also after reversing, if your hand is game going or cannot stand to play in 3, then bid something else.  
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