Cappelletti or Multi-Landy?
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Cappelletti or Multi Landy defense to 1NT?


The only difference between Cappelletti and Multi Landy defences to 1NT is that the meaning of the 2/ bids is reversed.




Multi Landy

2 = single suited hand 2 = both majors (could be 5-4)
2 = both majors (could be 5-4) 2 = single suited hand

In Cappelletti 2 shows a single suited hand and the overcaller can show a single suited hand by bidding 2 and passing partner's 2 relay. Playing Multi Landy a single suited hand cannot be shown at the two level. Note that a single suited hand cannot be shown at the two level when playing either convention.


In Cappelletti the 2 bid shows both majors and advanced is totally fixed if he is equal length as he simply has to guess. Playing Multi Landy 2 shows both majors and advancer bids 2 when equal length so the best major suit fit is always found. This really is a HUGE advantage.


Now not being able to overcall a natural 2 (playing either convention) or 2 (when playing Multi Landy) may seem a big disadvantage, but is it? If you have a single suited hand then you can bid that with 2 playing Cappelletti and stop in 2 if the opponents let you. But with both systems you cannot compete with 's below the 3 level.

  But I think that there's no problem whatsoever, 2 and 2 bids have little pre-emptive value. Consider the next two hands, RHO has opened a strong NT. Suppose it's equal vulnerability what do you do?  
Hand A Hand B

With Hand A I would like to defend rather than bidding 's effectively at the three level.

982 9  
Q43 Q43

With Hand B I would not bid 2/ (single suited hand) I don't really see the point when the suit is a minor. I would simply bid 3 and make it more difficult for the opposition.

A4 Q4
AK963 QJ108742

So there we are, we don't need the Cappelletti 2 bid when our suit is 's and Cappelletti has no advantage over Multi-Landy whatsoever. Multi-Landy has the huge advantage of advancer being able to show equal length in the majors.

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