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Chicago - an alternative to rubber bridge

  Chicago is a popular alternative to rubber bridge. With rubber bridge the length of a rubber is indeterminate, it could be as short a two quick games in succession or up to hours! until one side has successfully bid and made two games. To overcome this varying time span we have Chicago . There are simply 4 deals. Vulnerability and dealer are as follows: -  

It is possible to play Chicago with partscores, but normally the scoring is similar to duplicate (50 for a partscore, and 300 or 500 for games).

And the tactics at Chicago ? Exactly the same as teams. It really is a different game to rubber bridge

Hand No. Dealer Vul
1 N none
2 E N-S
3 S E-W
4 W both
chicago silbermann

Chicago Bridge

Shirley Silverman
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  For more rules and tips about playing Chicago, read Shirley Silverman's book "Chicago Bridge: How to play four-deal contract bridge".
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