DONT - a defence to 1NT
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DONT - a defense to 1NT

What is DONT? Yes, I know it's a 1958 Elvis hit (Don't, baby don't say don't) but it's also a bridge convention for defending against an opponent's 1NT opening.
  the DONT convention
  When the opponents open 1NT it is best to overcall only on shapely hands (especially over a strong No Trump). Since you are already at the two level, you really need something more sophisticated than simple natural overcalls in order to show two suited hands. There are numerous different defences to 1NT around, but one which is fairly popular against the strong NoTrump is DONT - Disturbing Opponent's No Trump.  
  This defence is not common in Europe and is not very effective against a weak NT as double is conventional.  
  Playing DONT, over a 1NT opening by opponents the bids are :-  
dbl A single suited hand. Partner is expected to bid 2 and you either pass this (with 's) or correct into your suit.
2 's + another suit
2 's and either 's or 's
2 's and ♠ 's
2 's
2NT undefined, but best used as unusual (5-5 or better in the minors) but being pre-emptive in nature and wishing to raise the level more than a 2 bid would.
  3-level bids are natural and pre-emptive (more destructive than double).  
  It's up to you if you want to define 2 as something else as a single suited hand can also be shown via double.  
  The main drawback with DONT is that you lose the penalty double. However, a penalty double is not very common in 4th seat (especially under a strong NT bidder and not on lead) and one fairly popular treatment is to use Cappelletti (I prefer Multi Landy) in the direct seat and DONT in 4th seat. This sometimes allows for a penalty when 4th seat shows some values with dbl (single suited hand) and his direct seat partner can pass for penalties with a decent hand.  
  For more details, refer to the comprehensive booklet on DONT - Distrubing opponents' no trump by Mike Lawrence.  
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