Defence Against Weak Twos
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Defense to weak twos


When RHO opens with a weak two you have various options. Double is generally played as take-out these days and the usual scenario for the next hand is: -


Pass. This could be anything, it is usually weak but it could well be a hand worth a penalty double (but cannot double as that is for take-out).


A simple overcall. Typically a good five of six card suit. As you are at the two/three level this need to be at least opening strength.


A jump overcall. This should be a six+ card suit. It is strong but not forcing.

  Note that a jump is not pre-emptive but strong there is no such thing as a pre-empt over a pre-empt.
4) Double. This is a take-out double and shows shortage in the suit bid. It generally shows 4 cards in the other major (over 2/) but not necessarily if very strong.
5) A cue bid of 3/// over a 2/// opening asks partner to bid 3NT with a stop. The hand usually has a long running minor.

2NT. This is natural, around 15-18 with decent stop(s) in the suit bid. It may or may not contain 4 cards in the other major (if a 2/ opening).

7) 3NT. About 20+ with good stops, it may be somewhat less with a long minor.

4NT. This is not Blackwood. It is a strong two-suited hand in the lowest two unbid suits (so in fact the same suits as the UNT but very strong).


Leaping Michaels is a jump overcall to four of a minor after a weak 2/ opening.


Leaping Michaels


The leap shows five cards in the unbid major plus five or six cards in the minor bid. Leaping Michaels is not a pre-empt but a strong playing trick hand.

For example, with 4 AKJ54 A KQJ987 jump to 4 over a 2 opening. The bid is not strictly forcing but there usually is game (or slam) in one of the suits.




If LHO opens a weak two and this is passed round to you, then all of the above holds except that you do not need such a strong hand (partner has values). But be aware that partner may well have passed because he has a stack of the suit opened and cannot penalty double. So be inclined to double with just about any hand with shortage in the suit opened.


For example, LHO opens 2 and this is passed round to you holding: -


64 AJ54 8 J98743. You should balance with a double.

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