The Flannery 2 opening
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The Flannery Two Diamonds Opening

AJ76 Popular in the States. 11-15 points and specifically 4-5 in the majors. For some reason, some Americans seem to find this hand shape difficult. I simply don't see the problem, open 1 and partner will bid 1 if there is a fit there. Agreed, a 2 opening is very specific and enables responder to enquire about your strength and minor suit distribution, but this really is squandering an otherwise very useful useful opening bid.

Flannery is defined as 11-15 points with 5+ 's and exactly 4 's.

  Responder can sign off in 2 or 2 , raise (pre-emptively) to 3/ or 4/ or relay with 2NT.  

The responses to the 2NT relay are: -

3/ = 3 card / suit
3 = min, 4522
3 = 46xx where x = 0,1,2 or 3
3NT = max, 4522
4/ = 4 card / suit
There are variations of the above replies.
For more detailed information, read the book by the inventor of the convention.

Defense to Flannery


There are a few possibilities, one popular one is: -

dbl = 15+ balanced
2 = three-suited take-out
2 = natural (5+ card s suit)
2NT = minors
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