Jump Shifts

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The Jump Shift - weak or strong?

Hand A Hand B Your partner opens 1, with which one of these hands
        would you respond with a jump to 2?
AK6 76 If it's Hand A then you play strong jump shifts.
KQJ1097 KJ7654 If it's Hand B then you play weak jump shifts.
K86 82  
7 732  

The Strong Jump Shift


The strong jump shift is absolutely game forcing and usually interested in slam. The suit should be robust and self sufficient, usually 6+ cards. If it's a major suit then the jump shift strongly suggests that suit as trumps, if it's a minor suit then a No Trump game/slam or a minor suit slam is the usual outcome.

Hand A  
AK6 Partner has opened the bidding with 1.

Hand A is a typical strong jump shift of 2. The suit is solid and will stand up opposite a singleton or void and you probably want to play in a game or slam.

Hand C Partner has opened the bidding with 1.

With Hand C you make a strong jump shift of 3. This does not necessarily fix 's as trumps but shows the suit as a source of tricks. The bidding could continue in any number of ways but if partner bids 4 then that is showing slam interest. RKCB should establish if partner has the K and you'll probably end up in a No Trump slam.


The Weak Jump Shift

This is the complete opposite, it is a pre-emptive bid. I play that a weak jump shift is a weak hand with a 6 card suit but usually insufficient values to respond at the one level (so about 2-6 points). If playing weak jump shifts, I only play them in major suits at the two level.

Hand D

Partner has opened the bidding with 1. This hand comes from news-sheet 240 and the holder responded 2.


This is a typical weak jump shift worse than a weak two opener and very often a lot worse.

54 For more about weak jump shifts, refer to that page.
Hand E Suppose you hold this hand and open 1 and partner responds 2.
    Do you go to game or not?

My answer is to play Ogust 2NT to ask how good partner's hand is and if his points are inside or outside the trump suit.

AKQ76 Ogust with weak jump shifts is explained on that page.

So which treatment is best; weak or strong jump shifts? It's probably up to your personal style. Strong jump shifts make bidding simpler for less experienced pairs and I would not recommend weak jump shifts to any but very experienced players. If you play two-over-one then there is a better case for playing weak jump shifts.

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