Jump Cuebid Overcall
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The Jump Cue Bid Overcall

42 You hold this hand and RHO opens 1, what do you bid?
A Even if you play strong jump overcalls this hand is too good.

To double with the intention of then bidding 's is possible but

AKQJ1095 you may well get in a mess, for example if responder raises 's
    and partner assumes that you have 's.

Suppose you double and the next player bids a modest 2, partner bids 3 and opener bids 3 - what now? Does partner have a stop?


The answer is that you can describe this hand perfectly at your first bid the jump cuebid overcall. A 2 bid would be a Michaels Cue bid (or Questem or Ghestem or whatever) and a jump cue bid shows a strong hand with a long totally solid minor with a stopper in both of the unbid suits it asks partner to bid 3NT with a stopper in the suit opened. With no stopper advancer would normally bid 4 or 5 (pass or correct) to play in your suit.

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