Lebensohl after partner's double of a weak 2 bid
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Lebensohl after partner's double of a weak two opening

West North East South Partner has doubled a weak two for take-out.
        How can you differentiate between weak, invitational and strong hands? Use Lebensohl.
2 dbl pass ?
Hand A Hand B Hand C With Hand A we bid 3, game forcing.
KQ64 K986 KJ42 With Hand B we bid 2, weak.
63 63 63  
AJ3 7532 A93

With Hand C we bid 2NT; followed by 3 over partner's expected 3 reply invitational.

K854 982 Q1086
  Things are a little different from the situation when partner has opened 1NT. If the opening bid was a weak major, then we do not use the cue bid as Stayman (partner is assumed to have the other major). Instead, it denies the other major and requests doubler to bid 3NT with stop(s). Remember, partner has not bid NT and you do not want to be declarer in NT with no stop.  
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