When they interfere with your Multi 2
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When your Multi two diamonds in interferred with.

  What do you do when your multi 2 opening is interfered with? This page was provided my Mr. Michael Barel.  
  When I used to play the Multi 2 I used the following: -  
1) If RHO doubles
  (a) Pass suggests playing in 2 doubled. Showing 5+ 's and implying shortage in a major.
  (b) 2/♠ retain their meaning as if there were no double.
  (c) Redouble shows willingness to compete at the 3 level.
2) Over a 2/♠ overcall
  (a) Pass means you have nothing to say.
  (b) Double means ‘pass if that's your suit, otherwise bid your suit'. The solves the problem when they bid 2 and you have x KJxx Axxxx Kxx
3) 2NT after any intervention retains its ‘forcing-asking' meaning. Use your usual responses.
4) 3/ is perhaps best played as non forcing showing a good suit.

3/♠ is pass or correct as normal.


3NT is to play.

7) 4/♠ is to play.

Double of 2NT and higher is penalty.


Don't worry about opener having the strong types. Your responses should deal primarily with the weak major type.

Enjoy your Multi…
  Michael Barel
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