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The Namyats Convention for 4 hearts and 4 spades openings

Hand 1 Hand 2 Consider these two hands. 4 is a very sensible opening
        with either of these hands, but how do you let partner know
QJ1087642 AKJ109876 that Hand 1 is purely pre-emptive whereas Hand 2 would
K3 - not be adverse to an advance towards slam?
3 K93


92 Q9 The answer is Namyats.
  Playing Namyats we use the 4 and 4 in addition to the 4 and 4 openings to differentiate between 'good and 'bad' 4/ openers. The 'good' one is about 8-8½ playing tricks. The complete scheme is: -  
4 a 'good' 4 opening
4 a 'good' 4♠ opening
4 a 'bad' 4 opening    
4 a 'bad' 4♠ opening
  For more detailed information on Namyats, refer to the pdf or Word doc file.  
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