Odds and Evens
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Odds and Evens - A discard signalling system.

  When you are defending and cannot follow suit, then you have to discard something. It is often best to convey some sort of information to your partner with this discard and there are various schemes. One of the best and most commonly used is Lavinthal (also known as McKenney) but another popular scheme is Odds and Evens.  
  Playing Odds and Evens, your first discard again gives information about the suit that you would like led. An odd card indicates that you like that suit and an even card says don't lead that suit. Also, an even card may have Lavinthal connotations.  
  Odds and Evens is a good scheme (possibly better than Lavinthal) but I don't generally play it as I like to get inexperienced players in the club to play the same systems and so suggest Lavinthal. Also, I prefer to play Lavinthal when defending against a No Trump contract as it is rarely a good idea to discard from a suit that you like when defending against NoTrumps.  
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