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Ogust - A conventional response to Weak Two openings.


Responses to a weak two opening

  When partner opens a weak two (say 6-9 points and a 6 card suit) we have options.  
  A raise to the 3-level is pre-emptive, usually with 3 card support. This is the only weak bid (RONF Raise Only Non-Forcing).  
  A raise to the 4-level may be anything. I could be a pretty strong hand or it could be a very weak hand with 4 card trump support. Only the bidder knows and he is in charge if the opponents bid anything.  
  A new suit is natural and forcing.  
  That leaves 2NT. In America it is common that 2NT asks for a feature, but I prefer the Ogust convention. Playing Ogust, 2NT is artificial and asks opener to specify how good his weak two is. So in reply to 2NT we have: -  
3 min points, poor suit
3 min points, good suit
3 max points, poor suit
3 max points, good suit
3NT AKQxxx in suit

3NT as AKQxxx is rather rare as we have max 10 pts, but if we do have this holding,

  partner needs to know.
Hand 1 Hand 2 Hand 3 Hand 4 Hand 5
AJ8653 642 AJ9542 J8 1064
54 KQJ862 A3 AKJ653 AKQ653
62 76 762 76 76
953 J5 J9 J95 72
  With these five hands, after our weak 2/♠ opening partner bid 2NT and we rebid: -  
Hand 1 3 min points, poor suit
Hand 2 3 min points, good suit
Hand 3 3 max points, poor suit
Hand 4 3 max points, good suit
Hand 5 3NT AKQxxx in suit
  Once responder has used Ogust, he may have enough information to either sign off in a partscore, 3NT or 4 of the major. Other bids, which are slam probes, are common to other sequences (cue bids, RKCB etc.) and are specified elsewhere.  
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