Responding to RKCB with a void
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Responding to Roman Keycard Blackwood with a void.

  If your partner bids Blackwood (or RKCB) and you have a void which is probably useful that he does no know about then you need to let him know. What you most definitely should not do is count the void as an extra ace. There are various scheme, probably the best one is: -  
  The responses with a void are somewhat more complicated than normal as they need to be at a higher level. We use the same sort of philosophy as normal in that the responder shows two possible numbers of key cards. Unfortunately, because of the lack of space, the numbers differ by only two (instead of three). So asker is expected to be able to distinguish between 0 or 2 and between 1 or 3 key cards. This is normally possible after considering the previous bidding. Note that you should only use these void responses if the void is likely to be useful, so probably not in a suit that partner has bid.  
  The responses (with a void) to 4NT are as follows: -  
5NT =

0 or 2 key cards + a useful void.

6* = 1 or 3 key cards + a void in * suit if * is lower ranking than trumps.
6 ‘trumps' =

1 or 3 key cards + a void in a higher ranking suit.

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