Stayman Super-accepts
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  This page is a brief summary of Stayman Super Accepts, they are fully covered in the NoTrump bidding book. If you wish you can view the pdf file or download the Word Doc file for viewing or printing.

Stayman Super Accepts

  Playing Garbage Stayman, it is generally considered that the seqence 1NT - 2 - 2NT is not needed and is unsound (because partner has not guaranteed any values for his 2 bid).  
  However, there is actually a sound use for this 2NT bid (and even 3♣, 3, 3 and 3!) and they are collectively called Stayman super-accepts. I know that it does not seem possible, but check it out. It's in the No Trump bidding book or else in the pdf/doc link at the top of this page.  
  There is an excellent example of a Stayman Super-accept in news sheet 352  
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