Tartan twos
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Tartan twos - conventional 2/♠ openings


Tartan twos a multi-purpose openings of 2 and 2; they are either weak (7-11) or very strong. There are a few variations but the basic idea is: -

2     Tartan two, either weak or strong; forcing
  2   relay
    2NT 20-21 balanced (or whatever range you choose)
    3 weak with 5 's and 5 's
    3 weak with 5 's and 5 's
    3 strong
  2NT   relay
    3 weak with 5 's and 5 's
    3 weak with 5 's and 5 's
    3 weak with 5 's and 5 's
    2 strong

I don't like Tartan twos. They are generally abused (there is a classic case in news-sheet 253) and one rarely the correct shape and/or suit quality (hence the frequent abuse). One problem is that they are generally weak and you are up at the three level with just a five card trump suit. I note that some players suggest that the 2 nd suit (or even the major opened!) may be just 4 cards now that really is being silly, isn't it?


Another major disadvantage is that if you happen to have the strong hand type then you are up at the three level (with presumably an Acol-type strong two). Don't ask me if the strong 3/ bids are forcing. The convention is simply ridiculous.


Defense to Tartan twos


It's generally best to sit back and then double them at the three level!

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