The 3NT rebid
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The Three No Trump rebid

  This is a deal from the club: -  
West East West East
10 A542 1 1
A3 52 3NT pass
AKQ10953 872    
Q72 A1043    
  Simple, eh? Just one other pair out of seven bid 3NT. Other contracts were a miserable 2 or 3 and an optimistic 5 . I think that I've said it before, but if 3NT is a viable option, then bid it!  
  But seriously, what does the 3NT rebid at (1) mean? The best scheme is to play a jump to 2NT as 18-19 (17-19 if you play a weak NT) and to leave the jump to 3NT as a long solid or semi-solid suit – as in this example. It says ‘shut up' – politely of course, and partner is expected to pass unless he can envisage slam, it does not ask partner to seek an alternative game contract. Another advantage of this scheme is that after the jump to 2NT partner has more room to investigate a fit or even slam. Of course if responder's first bid was at the two level, then the jump to 3NT encompasses both of these hand types.  
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