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The Truscott defence to a strong 1 club opening


When the opponents open a strong 1 (say Precision, 16+) then it is desirable to compete with shapely hands. Truscott is a convention that shows all two-suited hands and may sometimes exploit the fundamental weakness of strong 1 systems that playing Precision etc. the first two bids are totally artificial (stating points and not suits/distribution).


As a defender, if you can find a fit quickly and pre-empt to the limit then that makes life difficulty for the Precision side as they have no idea what suit(s) partner has nor if there is a fit.


The scheme for Truscott is as follows: -


Over RHO 's 1 opening:

  dbl = 's and 's
  1 = 's and 's
  1 = 's and 's
  1♠ = 's and 's
  1NT = 's and 's
  2 = 's and 's

It is also possible to extend the convention to when the bidding has started 1 pass 1 : -


Then, after the negative 1 response we have, by the next player: -

  dbl = 's and 's
  1 = 's and 's
  1♠ = 's and 's
  1NT = 's and 's
  2 = 's and 's
  2 = 's and 's
  The way to remember these responses is that a suit bid promises that suit and the one above, a double promises the suit doubles plus the non-touching suit and 1NT promises the two suits that double denies.  

Any higher bids are natural, a long suit and pre-emptive.


With a strong hand the normal tactic is to pass to start with and then come in later.

Example You hold this hand and LHO opens a strong 1.

Partner bids 2, showing 's and 's and RHO double, passes or whatever to show his points. You should now bid 3 (or even 4, depending upon vulnerability) to make it difficult for them to find their fit at the correct level.


Truscott over a strong two clubs opening

It is also possible to play Truscott over a strong 2 opening, but obviously you need a very shapely hand as you are a level higher and 2 is usually very strong. But actually a good example did come up in news-sheet 218.
KQ10432 Playing Truscott over 2 the bids are the same but one level higher.

Over a 2 opening bid (or 2 response to 2) bid 2 with this hand to show both majors. Partner had 5 's and enthusiastic interference would have made it difficult for the opponents to reach their solid 7 or 7NT.

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