Advance Balance
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The Advanced Balance

  The Advance balance is used when partner has limited his hand and it is quite likely that a bid just made by RHO will be passed out. The example below is typical.  

You hold this hand and partner opens 1NT (15-17). You do not quite have enough to bid and so you pass. LHO then bids a Multi-Landy 2, showing a single suited major. RHO bids a forced 2 which you strongly suspect will end the auction.


So do you pass? hell NO, especially not at matchpoint scoring. Assuming that you play double here as penalties (i.e. showing 's - probably a similar hand with the 's and 's reversed) you cannot make a take-out double, so simply bid 2. Partner will know that you have only 4's (failure to transfer) and should realise that you have this hand type. Without support he will bid a minor, fine.


There are two good examples of the advanced balance in news-sheet 340.

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