Journalist Leads
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Journalist Leads


Journalist leads are a complete set of leads for the opening lead against a NoTrump contract. They are really best left to advanced pairs.

1. Lead the Ace

Usually, from AKJx or more, or from AKQ10x or more, or from AK109x or more. Partner is requested to unblock a high honor, such as the Queen or Jack from if the partner has such a card when partner leads an ace, otherwise he should give a count signal.

2. Lead the King

From AK or more or KQ or more if leader feels that a high honour needs to be led.

3. Lead the Queen

From QJ10 or from KQ109. Partner has the Jack then he should unblock it

4. Lead the Jack

From J10 or more. A lead of a Jack always denies a higher-ranking honor.

5. Lead the Ten

From A109, or from K109, or from Q109, or from AJ10, or from KJ10. Leading the Ten guarantees at least the Ace , the King or the Queen.

6. Lead the Nine

From 109. Any lead of a Nine promises the Ten, but no higher honor. From a sequence of 987, the lead of the 8 is correct.


Lead of lower cards


Normally, lead a low card from a long suit headed by one or two honors not covered by any of the above possibilities. It's up to you if you play 4 th best, 3 rd and 5 th or whatever.


The main advantage of Journalist Leads is to eliminate the ambiguity of leading from the top of an interior sequence such as KJ109. Leading the Ten guarantees any honour from the Ace, King or Queen and leading the Jack denies a higher honour.
More details of Journalist leads are beyond the scope of this short page. They are covered in detail, with many example hands, in the book "Journalist Leads" by Lawrence Rosler and Jeff Rubens.

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