Reverse Rosenkrantz
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Reverse Rosenkrantz


This occurs only when partner makes an overcall of one in a suit and the next opponent competes with a negative double or a bid of a suit below 2 of overcaller's suit. You have two ways to tell partner that you have values to compete to 2 of partner's suit. Playing Reverse Rosenkrantz he immediate bid of 2 of partner's suit shows values to compete including the A, K or Q of partner's suit. A redouble or a double of opponent's suit shows values to compete to two of partner's suit, but without a top honor in partner's suit. A cue bid is game invitational or stronger (the Unassuming cue bid). A jump raise is preemptive. A new suit is generally played as constructive and non-forcing.


Case one - you overcall 1 with a hand that includes AQxxx, a side ace and a singleton, third hand competes and partner bids 2. Eventually you end up on lead and find that your side ace is the ace of their trump suit and you have at least one other trump. So you lead your singleton. Now when you step up with the Ace on an early round of trump, you can lead a small spade from your suit


- with confidence -- and get your ruff.


Case two - You are not playing any version of Rosenkrantz and have no agreement about raising partner's overcall. You overcall 1 with a hand containing at least 5 spades to the KJTxx and some other high cards, 3rd hand competes and partner bids 2. Eventually you end up on lead against a No Trump contract! You have a fair suit and partner has raised your suit! What is your lead?


Playing reverse Rosenkrantz partner would have doubled or redoubled to shows values to compete without a top honor in overcaller's suit but some high cards elsewhere, so you would lead another suit. Before long partner gets the lead and leads a spade through declarer's AQ doubleton. You continue spades and sooner or later you or your partner regains the lead again to allow you to run the rest of the spades.


It is more preemptive than the original Rosenkrantz. (1)-1 - (Dbl - neg, probably the red suits or maybe just 's) - 2 instead of redouble to show a high honor in overcaller's suit. If opener has a rock bottom minimum hand, he may be reluctant to bid 3 of a red suit or regret it if he does.

    Verne L Smith
  Terry Comment: Thanks for this input Verne. I guess it's swings and roundabouts as to whether this is better than standard Rosenkrantz - playing standard you can get the 'pre-emptive' raise of partner's suit when you have just three small whereas here you need three to an honour.  
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