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  Crosswords for Fun
Crosswords for Fun is a site for those people who enjoy playing the amateur detective. Reading, learning and building your general knowledge and vocabulary in order to solve crossword puzzles keeps you mind sharp and logical and your brain active, as do other mind activities such as playing bridge.

Online Video Poker

If you like poker but prefer to play the house rather than face live opponents, you may want to opt for online video poker, which is one of the most popular casino games. There are a number of reasons why anyone interested in casino gambling might consider online video poker as an option.

Online Video Poker Has Rules Similar to Poker

If you can play five card draw poker, you can play online video poker. Five card draw poker occurs when you are dealt five cards and can replace as many as you want to form your best poker hand.

The only difference with online video poker is that you are playing against the house. There’s no need to worry about bluffing, calling bluffs or when you should bet or call. All that matters is making the strongest hand you can. The better your hand, the more you win.

Online Video Poker is Nearly Indistinguishable From Live Video Poker

Some casino games benefit from a live casino feel. Video poker is just you and a computer screen, whether you play it at Caesars Palace or your living room. This being the case, there is no reason to forego the convenience of online video poker for its live video counterpart. All you sacrifice by choosing to play online video poker is a trip out to the live casino and all the expenses that come with it.

You Can Earn Bonuses in Online Video Poker

Online casinos often offer cash bonuses for signing up or continuing to play on their site. You can earn these bonuses playing online video poker just as easily as any other online casino game.

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