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The Pattaya Bridge Club has a fairly decent library (over 150 books) and a few CD's, DVD's etc. Members are invited to borrow items free of charge. Please ask the director if you wish to borrow any particular book. If you own any books that you no longer need, we will always gladly accept donations.

Thank you Carol Combes, Ole Dam, Pedro Durao, Peter Lux, John Gavens, Richard Mullins, Bob Peletier,Brian Senior, Ron Small and Cheryl/Don who donated books and magazines.


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Terry Quested wrote reviews of many of the books in the library. You can read all his reviews by clicking here

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Bridge games, DVDs etc.

bridge DVD
(2 DVD set) - Running time: 4.5 hours. Experience the drama of the 2004 Bridge Olympiad in Istanbul. The double DVDs are packed with interviews, analysis, predictions and panel discussions, as well as featuring many key boards in the main matches. See how the English teams and the defending champions got on in this 4 1/2 hour epic production. Presented by ZIa Mahmood and Sabine Auken, with commentary on the play by David Bird. For use on any DVD player, produced in a multi-region format which can be played worldwide.
bridge Olympiad
PLAY BRIDGE with Zia - DVD   Based on the TV television series. An excellent DVD for beginners
BRIDGE Play Bridge with Omar Sharif in 3D! Fantastic enhanced imagery allows you to play exciting Bridge and really feel as though you are sitting at the table with the masters! Advanced artificial intelligence brings you strong opponents to pit your wits against. With an in-depth tutorial the game is suitable for beginners and experts alike. Allow yourself to be guided through the subleties of the world's most challenging card game. You are provided with 72 AI opponts. Play them in duplicate teamplay events in the club, and then go on to complete in the major Pairs tournament!
Features include:
- Internet play option
- Supports ACOL, 5-card majors
- Automatic scoring and explanations at the
. end of each hand.
- Load/save hand for later study.
- Suitable for beginners and experts.
Pattaya bridge library
bridge baron  
Bridge Baron is a five-time winner of the world computer bridge championship & the only program top-ranked by the ACBL. The Pattaya Bridge club has version 15 if you wish to borrow it. Click on the picture to learn about the features of Bridge Baron.
jack bridge program  
Jack is the four times World Champion Computer Bridge of 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. Bridge players from all over the world welcomed it's exceptional bidding and playing strength. Praised for it's user friendlyness and extensive possibilities.
Jack is developed by bridge players for bridge players. Jack's possibilities far exceed those of all other bridge playing programs. Since it's introduction, only a few years ago, Jack is welcomed by bridge players from all over the world for it's exceptional bidding and playing strength. To other bridge programs Jack is a source of inspiration in the search for new features.
counting at bridge
counting at bridge   An excellent interactive CD by Michael Lawrence
The Master Solvers' Club   Match your wits with a panel of the world's best bridge players as you solve hundreds of difficult bridge problems from the most popular bridge magazine in history.
bridge conventions

Bridge Books

    Title   Author  
  Lion of the North   Albert Benjamin  
    Better Bidding With Bergen vol 1   Marty Bergen  
  Better Bidding With Bergen vol 2 - competitive bidding   Marty Bergen  
  Marty Sez… Vol 2   Marty Bergen  
  Marty Sez… Vol 3   Marty Bergen  
  Understanding 1NT forcing   Marty Bergen  
    Negative Doubles for Acol Players   Marty Bergen with Tim Bourke  
    52 Great bridge Tips   David Bird  
    Beaten by the Masters   David Bird  
  bridge cardplay Bridge card play made easy   David Bird  
  Having Nun, partner?   David Bird  
  Robin Hood's bridge memoirs   David Bird  
  Bridge for Money   David Bird & Martin Hoffman  
    Secrets of Expert Defence   David Bird & Tony Forrester  

Famous bridge records

  David Bird & Nikos Sarantakos  

Blackwood on Slams

  Easley Blackwood  
    The 2 nd Bols book of bridge tips   Andre Boekhorst  
  Maastrict Challenge ( very advanced )   Tim Bourke  
    Imagination and technique in bridge   Tim Bourke & Martin Hoffman  


  Erwin Brecher  
    More Hocus-Pocus   Erwin Brecher  
    Focus on Hocus-Pocus (Bridge & Chess problems)   Erwin Brecher & Danny Roth  
  Bridge with Brunner - Acol Bidding for Improvers   Michelle Brunner  
  Bridge Quiz - Bidding   Bidding Raymond & Sally Brock  

Bridge Quiz – Club Player's quiz

  Raymond & Sally Brock  
    Bridge Quiz – Defence   Raymond & Sally Brock  
  Bridge Quiz – Slam Play   Raymond & Sally Brock  
  Expert Tuition for Tournament bridge   Raymond & Sally Brock  

The best of Gray (Country Life bridge)

  Raymond Brock  
  The complete book of Bols bridge tips   Sally Brock  

Defensive plays

  Sally Brock  
    Fit for a King   Sally Brock & Barry Rigal  
    No-Trump Bidding   Sally Brock & Mike Wemble  
    How to survive your 1 st bridge tournament   David Burn  
    Tales from the Bridge table   John Clay  

Following the Law

  Larry Cohen  
    Bridge below the belt   Larry Cohen & Liz Davis  
    Play Bridge With the Aces   Ira Corn Jr  
    Precision Bidding in Acol   Eric Crowhurst  
    Acol in Competition   Eric Crowhurst  
    Acol Index   Eric Crowhurst  

Right Through the Pack

  R Darvas & N de V.Hart  
  A classic title, this book consists of 52 hands, each one told by a different card in the pack. There are squeezes, trump coups and any number of ploys. Elegantly written and surprisingly advanced for its time. It underlines that while bidding has advanced by leaps and bounds in sophistication over the past 50 years, declarer play of the highest standard was very much in evidence half a century ago.  

Standard bidding with SAYC

  Ned Downey & Ellen Pomer  

The Winning Edge

  Jeremy Flint  
  Daily telegraph – winning bridge at home   Tony Forrester  

Bridge Players Bedside Book

  Tony Forrester  
    Secrets of success   Tony Forrester  
    Modern (?) bidding systems in bridge (1973!)   G.C.H Fox  

Bridge Conventions in Depth

  M & P Granovetter  
  At the Table   Bob Hamman  
  Standard Bridge Bidding for the 21 st Century   Max Hardy  
  Advanced Bridge Bidding for the 21 st Century   Max Hardy  

2 over 1 game force: Introduction

  Max Hardy  
    2 over 1 game force: Quiz Book Max   Max Hardy  
    Bridge Director's Companion   Larry Harris  
    Helgemo's World of Bridge   Geir Helgemo  

Easy Guide to bridge

  Alan & Maureen Hiron  
  Defence in Depth   Martin Hoffman  
  The Wei of Good Bridge The Wei to Good Bridge   Martin Hoffman & Kathie W-S  
    For Love or Money   Mark Horton & Brian Senior  

Learn from the STARS

  Mark Horton & Tony Sowter  
    Bridge Conventions - responding to 2NT   Sally Horton  
    Double Trouble   Sally Horton  
    Plan the Play   Dave Huggett & Stephen Cashmore  
    Building a Bidding System   Roy Hughes  

More bedside bridge

  edited by Elena Jeronimidis  
    Bridge Conventions   Edwin Kantar  
  Test Your bridge Play – vol 2   Edwin Kantar  

Topics in declarer play at Bridge

  Edwin Kantar  
    Roman Key card Blackwood – 4 th edition (advanced)   Edwin Kantar  
    Contract Killers   Phillip & Robert King  
    Farewell My Dummy   Phillip & Robert King  

The King's tales

  Phillip & Robert King  
  The new King's tales   Phillip & Robert King  
    Play it again, Slam   Phillip & Robert King  

The No Trump Zone

  Danny Kleinman  

Bid Better, much better after 1 No Trump

  Ron Klinger  
  Bridge Conventions for You   Ron Klinger  
    Cue Bidding to Slams   Ron Klinger  
    The Power of Shape   Ron Klinger  

Play with the champions

  Ron Klinger  
  Practical Slam Bidding   Ron Klinger  
    Ron Klinger answers your bridge queries   Ron Klinger  
    When to Bid, When to Pass   Ron Klinger  

Understanding the contested auction

  Ron Klinger & Andrew Kambites  


  Mike Lawrence  
  DONT - the Double Opponent's No Trump convention DONT - Double Opponent's No Trump   Mike Lawrence  
  The complete book on overcalls   Mike Lawrence  

Past Hand Bidding

  Mike Lawrence  
    The Lebensohl Convention   Mike Lawrence  
    Workbook on the Two Over One System   Mike Lawrence  

Bridge Classic and Modern Conventions :

  Magnus Lindkvist  
    vol 1 - Natural suit openings and continuations …      
    vol 2 - Strong , 1NT openings, and continuations …      
    vol 3 - High level opening bids …      
    vol 4 - Competitive bidding      

Bridge For Beginners (Acol)

  Zia Mahmood  
  Ask Zia   Zia Mahmood & David Burn  
    Common-sense Bridge   Rixi Markus  

Introduction to bridge Paul Marston

  Paul Marston  
    The language of bidding   Paul Marston  
    The principles of card play   Paul Marston  
    Bridge for Complete Beginners   Paul Mendelson  

Bridge in the Menagerie

  Victor Mollo  
  First of the famous series of humorous tales featuring the cast of characters invented by the prolific bridge author Victor Mollo. The stories revolve around bridge at the Griffins Club, and feature the doings of the hapless but fortunate Rueful Rabbit, Papa the Greek and his permanent nemesis, the odious but brilliant Hideous Hog. Still funny and instructive 40 years after its first publication.  
  Bridge in the 4 th Dimension   Victor Mollo  
  Bridge in the 5 th Dimension   Victor Mollo (with the Kings)  

Destiny at bay

  Victor Mollo  
  Murder in the Menagerie   Victor Mollo (with the Kings)  
  Winning Bridge in the Menagerie   Victor Mollo (with the Kings)  

You need never lose at bridge

  Victor Mollo  
    Diamonds are the Hog's best Friends   Victor Mollo  
        (Edited by Ole Dam)  
  Card Play technique   Victor Mollo & Nico Gardener  

This was one of the first books to explore in depth the secrets of declarer play. Written by the founder of the London School of Bridge and the prolific author Victor Mollo, it is a clear and lucid guide to the main principles of card play. By definition card play technique hardly dates, so the book is as valid today as it was when it first appeared in the late 1950s. Often mentioned as an influential source of inspiration by leading European players in the 1960s and 1970s.


Step by Step Pre-empts

  Alan Mould  
    Major Suit Raises – the Scanian Way   Nilsland & Wirgren  
  Conventional Bidding Explained   Freddie North  

Masterpieces of Declarer Play

  Julian Pottage  

The Golden Rules of Constructive Bidding

  Julian Pottage & Marc Smith  

The Golden Rules of Declarer play

  Julian Pottage & Marc Smith  
  No Trump bidding, Stayman and transfers book        
  The definitive guide to (Strong)...   Terrence Quested  
  ... No Trump bidding, Stayman and transfers      
  "The Definitive to (Strong) No Trump Bidding, Stayman and Transfers". The most advanced bridge book on No Trump bidding ever written by Terry Quested. It's 260 pages and every conceivable sequence in an uninterrupted sequence starting with 1NT is covered. All of the common conventions such as 4-way Jacoby Transfers and all of the sequences after Stayman are described in detail. It also contains many new conventions including Quest transfers (these supersede Smolen), Shape Asking Relays After Stayman (SARS), Stayman Super Accepts, Advanced Stayman In Doubt (ASID), Ambiguous Splinters, Broken Suit Transfers and many, many more. A must have book for anyone from club to advanced level.  
    Pattaya Bridge Club Yearbook 2003   Terrence Quested  

The expert game

  Terence Reese  
    The successor to Reese on Play , The Expert Game takes the reader further into the byways of advanced play. Among other sections, it features one of the first expositions of the Principle of Restricted Choice, the counterintuitive notion that the odds in certain suit combinations can change dramatically if a player plays a touching card from two honours.  Like all Reese's books, it can be read and reread for profit.  
    The game of bridge   Terence Reese  
  Play bridge with Reese   Terence Reese  
  One of a series of “over the shoulder” books in which Terence Reese, whom many would still regard as the most incisive bridge author of all time, describes his thinking as he bids and plays a succession of hands. Will open the eyes of any player who is looking to progress from the status of average to more advanced player. Recently reissued in a new edition.  
    Story of an Accusation   Terence Reese  

All you need to know about PLAY

  Terence Reese & David Bird  
    Doubled and Venerable (Monks of St. Titus)   Terence Reese & David Bird  

Famous Bidding Decisions

  Terence Reese & David Bird  
    Make a start at bridge   Terence Reese & David Bird  
    Naturals v Scientists   Terence Reese & David Bird  

Squeeze play made easy

  Terence Reese & P Jourdain  
    Precision System   Terence Reese & C.C.Wei  

Deception in defence

  Barry Rigal  
    Deceptive declarer play   Barry Rigal  
    Test Your bridge Judgement   Barry Rigal  
  Bridge, Zia and Me   Rosenburg  
    Godfrey's Stairways to the Stars   George Rosenkranz & Philip Alder  
    The Expert Improver   Danny Roth  
    Focus on Bidding   Danny Roth  
    Groundwork in Play and Defence   Danny Roth  
  Why Women Win at Bridge   Danny Roth  

Amazing Book of bridge

  Brian Senior  
    Balancing after 1-level openings   Brian Senior  
    Conventions Today   Brian Senior  
    Directing a Club Duplicate   Brian Senior  
    43 rd Generali – European Championships 1997, Montecatini   Brian Senior  

Hand Evaluation in bridge

  Brian Senior  
    It's Your Call   Brian Senior  
    Play these hands with Brian Senior   Brian Senior  
    Practice Your trump Copups   Brian Senior  
    Raising Partner   Brian Senior  
    Roman Key Card Blackwood   Brian Senior  
    Spice Up Your Two Bids   Brian Senior  
    Weak Two and Three level openings at the World Championships   Brian Senior  
    47th European Championships, Malmo, 2004   Brian Senior  
    8th World Junior Team Championships, Brazil, 2001   Brian Senior  
    9th World Youth Team Championship, Paris, 2003   Brian Senior  
    1991 European Championships, Killarney , Ireland   Brian Senior & John Elliott  
    Bermuda Bowl – All the best deals   Brian Senior & Henry Francis  
  The Times book of Bridge 2   Robert Sheehan  
    Het Moderne Acol   Cees Sint &  
    [Dutch Acol (strong NT)] written in Dutch   Ton Schipperheyn  
    Improve your defence   Tony Sowter  

Opening leads in bridge

  Tony Sowter  
    The Takeout Double   Tony Sowter  
    Contract Bridge Card Play Technique   Norman Squire  
    25 steps to learning two-over-one   Paul Thurston  

Practical bridge endings

  Chien-Hwa Wang  
  The Play of the Hand   Louis H. Watson  
    The Official Encyclopaedia of Bridge 1984      

The Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge 1987

    World bridge Championships 1990 – Geneva      

World bridge Championships 1991 – Yokohama

    EBU Yearbook 2002-2003      
    EBU Yearbook 2003-2004      
    The how to play bridge series: -      

It's Your Lead

  Brian Senior  
    No Trump Play   Raymond Brock  
    Plan Your Defence   Freddie North  
    Simple Conventions   Mark Horton  
    Playing With Trumps   Sally Brock  
    Your First 20 Deals   Tony Sowter  

Competitive Bidding

  Brian Senior  
  NoTrump bidding It's Your Bid   Tony Sowter  
No Trump bidding
    The Bridge Plus Series, Practice Your ...      

Benjamin twos

  the Hacketts  
    Cue Bidding   Brian Senior  
    Forcing 1NT   the Hacketts  

Fourth Suit Forcing

  Bernard Magee  
    Law of Total tricks   Paul Mendelson  
    Pre-emptive bidding   the Hacketts  
    Reverse bidding   Derek Rimington  

Roman Key Card Blackwood

  the Hacketts  
    Splinter Bids   Mike Swanson  
    Stayman 2   Tom Townsend  

Transfer Bidding

  Dave Huggett  
    Trial Bids   Marc Smith  
    Weak twos   the Hacketts  

This ‘Practice your' series of bridge booklets are generally pretty good.


Dutch Language Bridge Books

    Gids voor biedconventies   G.D.R Förch  
    Het Moderne Acol - Dutch Acol (strong NT)   Cees Sint &  
        Ton Schipperheyn  
    Van Start tot Finish - 2   Cees Sint &  
    Officiele leermethode van de NBB   Ton Schipperheyn  
    Hoger Op - deel 2   Berry Westra  


No Trump bidding and conventions
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