Pattaya bridge Club News-sheets 2003 Index


News-sheet No.



1††††††† Map (to the Soi 4 and Amari locations).

††††††††† Playing conditions, standards etc.

2††††††† Manners and Etiquette at our Bridge Club.††

3††††††† Responses to a Strong (15-17) NT.

††††††††† Psychic Bidding (not allowed at our club).†††

††††††††† Controlled Psyches (absolutely not allowed at our club).

††††††††† A 1NT opening must have at least 2 cards in each suit.

††††††††† The most (in)famous controlled psyches in Bridge history? (Bermuda Bowl, 1966).

4††††††† Stayman.

††††††††† Thinking in defence.

††††††††† Requirements for Slam.

††††††††† Hand Evaluation.

††††††††† Your hand is worth less with just a doubleton in partnerís suit.

††††††††† Pre-empt with two aces?

5††††††† Game Tries and all that Jazz (help-suit, cue bid, splinter etc.)

††††††††† Help-suit game try as a slam try.

6††††††† No Trump Bids and Rebids.

††††††††† A Double of 1NT.

7††††††† Transfers over 1NT.

8††††††† The Negative (Sputnik) double.

9††††††† Strong or Weak NT?

††††††††† Two over One (2/1).

††††††††† Negative (Sputnick) Doubles.

10††††† Transfers and Super-Accepts.

††††††††† Worth an Opening? (deduct a point for 4333 type shape).

††††††††† Who should make the try?

††††††††† 4th Suit forcing.

††††††††† Negative doubles Ė the penalty pass

11††††† A Complete Mis-fit.

††††††††† Weak twos.

††††††††† The Opening 1NT Bid.

††††††††† A New Suit at the two level after RHO doubles is weak.

††††††††† DONT (Double OfNo-Trump Ė a defence to the strong NT opener).

12††††† Opening 1NT with a 5 card major?

††††††††† 7 down in a 1 level contract!

††††††††† The NT rebid.

††††††††† Opening 1NT with a 6 card minor?

††††††††† Blackwood.

13††††† Roman Key Card Blackwood.

††††††††† Raising Partnerís Minor.

14††††† Passed Out!

††††††††† Roman Key Card Blackwood.

††††††††† Responding to Partnerís 1 Opening.

15            Responding to Partnerís Pre-empt.

The prepared ♣.

††††††††† Hand Evaluation.

††††††††† Have they both (Chuck and Hans) lost their marbles?

††††††††† After Partner Reverses.††

††††††††† Multi Landy - A Defence to 1NT.

16††††† The reverse.

††††††††† Lebensohl after partnerís reverse.

††††††††† Pre-empt Only Once.

††††††††† Raising Partnerís Pre-empt.

††††††††† Spot the Correct Bid!††††

††††††††† Itís all about Shape.

17††††† Doubles.

††††††††† RKCB - A Matter of Logic.

††††††††† Responding to Partnerís take-out double.

††††††††† The 4-4 Major Suit Fit.

18††††† Take-out doubles.

††††††††† Responses to Partnerís take-out Double.

††††††††† NT rebid with a void?

††††††††† No Sensible Opening Bid (because no strong two or Benjamin).

††††††††† way too strong for a 1NT rebid.

††††††††† re-open with a double playing negative doubles?

19††††† Your 2nd bid having transferred.

††††††††† The Power of the 4-4 fit.

††††††††† double 1 with 3 small ís?

††††††††† Specific Types of Doubles.

††††††††† 4NT Quantitative.

††††††††† The 2NT Response to a suit bid.††

20††††† Raising Partnerís 1NT response.

††††††††† The 1NT Response.††††††

††††††††† Go For the Only Chance.

††††††††† Bridge magazines.

21††††† is AJ A86 AK94 AK83 a 2 opener?

††††††††† The 1NT overcall

††††††††† how many stops for a 1NT overcall?

22††††† Partner has a Huge Balanced Hand.

††††††††† RKCB Ė Asking about the trump Queen.

††††††††† playing RKCB the next bid up asks for the trump queen.

††††††††† The 2 Opening. Ė numerous options: -

††††††††††††††† The weak 2

††††††††††††††† The strong 2

††††††††††††††† Flannery 2

††††††††††††††† The Multi 2

††††††††††††††† Benjamin Twos.

††††††††† Support Doubles.

23††††† Deny a Four Card Major and bid it later?

††††††††† bid a 5 card minor before a 4 card major with a big responding hand?

††††††††† Stayman after intervention.

††††††††† Sitting under a Strong NT (be wary).

††††††††† The Jump Rebid in NT shows 18-19.

24††††† an opener?

††††††††† The Rule of 20 Ė 1st and 2nd seat openings.

††††††††† The Rule of 15 Ė 4th seat openings.

††††††††† Open aweak NT in 3rd Seat?

††††††††† AKQ10865 is too good for a 3opener.

††††††††† a 4♠ opener?

††††††††† Raising Partnerís Pre-empt?

††††††††† NT rebids after a Two-level Response.

††††††††† Respond to Partnerís Opening if Possible.

††††††††† Leading Against NT.

25††††† A double of RHOís 1NT response is take-out of the suit opened.

††††††††† Stayman/Transfer Sequences.

26††††† A strong 1NT opener?

††††††††† Axx Axx Axxx Axx is a 1NT opener?

††††††††† Extended Stayman? Ė nobody plays it these days.

††††††††† a simple overcall guarantees 11+ points??

27††††† Donít make a take-out double with a two-suiter.

††††††††† Strong NT vs Weak NT.

28††††† To Stayman or not, that is the Question!

††††††††† Never deny a 4 card major!††

††††††††† Simple Math(s).

††††††††† A Strong (15-17) 1NT opener?

29††††† How Do You Expect Suits to Split?

††††††††† Scoring.

††††††††† A Take-Out Double is playable in the other 3 suits.

††††††††† Minor Suit Contracts? Ė NT is usually preferable.

††††††††† Keep the Dangerous Opponent out.

††††††††† Impossible? - A Magic Trick? (Chuck at his best!).

††††††††† How the Odds Change - Or do they?

30††††† The Jump Rebid, Jump Shift and Reverse.

††††††††† No Rebid?

††††††††† Eight ever, nine never Ė the odds.

††††††††† (Strong) 1NT Openers?

††††††††† Open 1NT with Two Doubletons?

††††††††† open 1NT or reverse?

31††††† The Law of Total Tricks.

††††††††† Ace-ask (Blackwood or Gerber), Natural, Splinter?

††††††††† Quantitative, Normal Blackwood, RKCB, Gerber, Splinter or what?

††††††††† You have a minor suit and Partner opens 1NT.

††††††††† How Greedy are You?

††††††††† Lead a trump when partner passes your take-out double.

32††††† A one-level Ďpenaltyí double?

††††††††† Raising Partnerís opening Major to Game.

††††††††† ĎSillyí Stayman? (1NT - 2 - 2NT).

33††††† Bidding Stayman When 5-4 (or 4-5) in the Majors.

††††††††† Top or Bottom from sequences?

††††††††† The take-out double and response.

††††††††† Double or overcall.

††††††††† When not to use Stayma

34††††† Alert ĎConventionsí that are not well know

††††††††† The Jump Shift (Jump Response in English).

††††††††† Always respond to partnerís opening with 6+ points.

35††††† DOPI (Double 0 Pass 1).

††††††††† Responding to Partnerís Negative Double.

††††††††† A new Suit at the Two Level.

††††††††† Denying a 4 card major.

36††††† A New Suit at the three Level.

††††††††† Game when Responder has 14 Points?

††††††††† A new suit at the three level by responder who has not limited his hand is 100% forcing.

††††††††† 4NT, Blackwood or Quantitive?

††††††††† 7 points opposite partnerís 1NT overcall.

††††††††† Bidding the opponentís suit.

††††††††† What do you open when 5-5 in the black suits?

37††††† No Game when Responder has 14 Points Ė Chuckís input.

††††††††† Bidding Opponentís Suit need not be alerted.

38††††† What is Acol? Ė Itís not Dutch.

††††††††† Overcalls and Jump Overcalls.

††††††††† 1 - 2 - 3is game forcing.

††††††††† Responding 1NT to partnerís 1 opening.

††††††††† Lead the A from AK?

39††††† Well Excuse Me for Bidding My Hand! (donít pass partnerís game try).

††††††††† Transfers over 2NT.

††††††††† Negative Doubles at the Two Level.

††††††††† Push íem Up and Double?!††††††††

††††††††† Play the big one you dummy!

††††††††† Redouble ! of 1NT.

††††††††† KQ3 9872 K92 A76 - Do You Open ?

††††††††† Open 1NT with a good 5-card major?

††††††††† Open 3 with AKQ10943?

††††††††† Pre-empt in 4th seat?

40††††† The Power of a Fit.

††††††††† A Two level response is 11+

††††††††† Inviting after a Transfer.††

††††††††† The Jump Rebid.

††††††††† Responder skips a 4 Card Major and bids it later?

††††††††† Open a 4 Card Major playing Acol?

41††††† Inviting After a Transfer.

††††††††† Redouble ? Chuck says I should Go back to Disneyland.

††††††††† That ® slam, well bid or lucky?

††††††††† The Rule of Eleven Ė itís only against NT.

††††††††† Cover an Honour With an Honour?

42††††† You need close to an opening hand to overcall at the 2-level.

††† ††††† Donít double when you can overcall 1NT.

††††††††† Super Accept? Ė a good game missed.

††††††††† A psyche followed by another (controlled) psyche! Ė gets you ĎChuckedí out!

††††††††† A Direct Cue Bid at the 4 level Ė A big Hand!

††††††††† Rebid a 6 card suit or a 4 card suit?

††††††††† Mini Roman 2 Anyone? (The Disneyland duo).

43††††† Chuck Chuck out?

††††††††† Donít bid 3NT with no stopper in their suit!††††††††

††††††††† Super acceptance of a transfer (breaking the transfer after opening 1NT).

44††††† Classic Garbage (Stayman).

††††††††† Worth an Invitation after partnerís 1NT?

††††††††† Low Level Penalty Doubles? Ė a comprehensive look.

45††††† Responding with game values.

††††††††† Passing partnerís take-out or Ďautomaticí double?

††††††††† Denying a 4 card major.

††††††††† A 1NT rebid does not promise all suits stopped.

††††††††† The 2NT and 3NT rebids.

46††††† Stayman with a weak hand?

††††††††† The Killing Lead.

††††††††† Donít get too high (or bid NT) on a mis-fit.††††††††

††††††††† Accept the Invitation?

††††††††† A Jump Rebid?

47††††† At King Arthurís Court Ė three golden sovereigns.

††††††††† Raise partnerís 1NT response to 2NT with a good 16+ points.

††††††††† Do not pass 12 counts with a good 5 card major.

††††††††† You need about 18+ points to raise responderís major to game.

††††††††† Bidding Over 1NT.

††††††††† Responding to Partnerís Overcall.

††††††††† When Do You Need 5 Cards to Bid a Major?

Passing a negative double?

††††††††† Playing Acol, I only open a 4 card major with a good 16+ points - read why.

48††††† At King Arthurís Court Ė Whirlwind, the hunting hawk.

††††††††† A Minor Suit Fit?

††††††††† Negative free bids are not standard.

††††††††† A Good Slam Missed by Nearly Everybody.

††††††††† Donít pre-empt with an outside 4-card major.

††††††††† Two(!)Chinese Finesses.

††††††††† Worth a Vulnerable Pre-empt?

††††††††† Is It Forcing? Ė Reverses, Jump responses and rebids etc.

††††††††† Bid Your Hand Just Once.

††††††††† An Endplay.

49††††† An Interesting Hand All Round.

††††††††† Raise 1 to 2 or 3 holding10753 KQ4 J94 A75 ?

††††††††† Discards in Defence - Lavinthal (aka McKenney).

††††††††† A Silly NT contract (two weak doubletons).

††††††††† Preference.

††††††††† Raising Partnerís Pre-empt Ė what is 3 - 5?

††††††††† Garbage Stayman.

50††††† At King Arthurís Court Ė the pet goldfish.

††††††††† The Power of the good 4-4 Fit (can be better than 5-4).

††††††††† Inviting after partner opens with a Weak Two (Ogust).

††††††††† When LHO Redoubles.

††††††††† How Many Points for Stayman?

††††††††† bid 1NT or 2 when patner opens 1 and you have 965 Q93 K964 A53 ?

††††††††† Overcall or Double or What? (bid 1NT).

51††††† Bid over partnerís 1 opening if you possibly can.

††††††††† How many ís?

††††††††† A dificult slam to Bbid? Ė play splinters.

††††††††† The Law of Total Tricks.

††††††††† Outgunned 5-1? Ė Maybe, but Iím not down and out! 1 - 1 - 3 - 3 is forcing!

52††††† At King Arthurís Court Ė what colour hat?

††††††††† Devalue a hand with a void in partnerís suit.

††††††††† Jump rebids show good six card suits.

53††††† At King Arthurís Court Ė two black pebbles.

††††††††† Unauthorised Information.

††††††††† Bid Your Hand Just Once.

††††††††† Balancing.

††††††††† Pass partner with a singleton?

††††††††† Raising partnerís 3 pre-empt to 4 is not ace-asking!

54At King Arthurís Court Ė which door?

††††††††† Raising Partnerís Pre-empt.

††††††††† 7 good cards Ė bid 4 opposite partnerís opener.

††††††††† 1 - 2 - 3 - 3 is invitational (3-card support) unless you play 2/1.

††††††††† Inviting to game in competition.

††††††††† Occasionally a 5-3 fit is better than 4-4 (when you can ruff with the short trump hand).

††††††††† When NT is better than a 5-3 Fit.

55††††† Passed Hand Bidding.

††††††††† Donít pass partnerís 1 with shortage.

††††††††† Your next bid after transferring.

††††††††† 1NT response must have a stopper in all the unbid suits??

††††††††† A new suit by a limited hand is weak.

††††††††† At King Arthurís Court Ė heís my son.

††††††††† Donít bid 4 and why 4 failed.

56††††† Bidding Game With No Support?

††††††††† Take advantage of the possession of the suit.

††††††††† When you know that the opponents are in an inferior contract, do not double.

††††††††† When RHO bids Your Suit.

††††††††† Your opening 1NTMUSTbe within your allotted range +-1 (and NO singleton).

††††††††† Raising Partnerís Pre-empt.

57††††† Once is Enough Ė donít bid your hand twice.

††††††††† Twice, OK. But three times?††††††

††††††††† Your Rebid Having Transferred.

††††††††† About Super-Accepts.

††††††††† Splinters really are worth mastering.

††††††††† When Partner Doubles.

††††††††† Raising Partnerís Pre-empt.

58††††† Find a forcing bid.

††††††††† A take-out double needs to be playable in the other three suits.

††††††††† 3NT is usually better than 5 of a minor.

††††††††† A two-level response after an intervening double (itís weak).

††††††††† A two-level response after an intervening double.

††††††††† Passing Partnerís Better Minor?

††††††††† Transfer with a weak hand?

59††††† 6NT scores more than 6 of a minor.

††††††††† One does not have to rebid if RHO intervenes.

††††††††† Stayman etc when RHO intervenes?

††††††††† Defending against RHOís take-out double.

††††††††† Opener is 5-4 and partner responds 1NT.

††††††††† You donít always have to bid as high as ĎThe Lawí allows.

60††††† That Law Again.

††††††††† All the Aces and all the Kingsmen.

††††††††† The strip and throw-in.

††††††††† Splinters really do work.

††††††††† Five of a Minor is rarely the best contract.

††††††††† 1- 1NT - 3is forcing.

61            The 2 opening.

The jump in partnerís major when he negative doubles.

††††††††† Double with 6 top Ďtrumpsí? No!

††††††††† The Strong Jump Overcall (playing traditional Acol).

††††††††† The Strong 2/ (playing traditional Acol).