Club News Sheet – No. 1                                        16/9/2002  

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Welcome to Pattaya Bridge Club! There are two Bridge Clubs in Pattaya: -


The original club meets on Monday afternoon at 2.00 p.m. sharp (please arrive early). The venue is the coffee shop at Pattaya Beach Tower, Soi 4 in North Pattaya. Visitors (with or without partners) are welcome. The playing fee is 50 bht and the session goes on till about 5.30 p.m. I can usually arrange a partner for anybody who does not have one, but please arrive early. This Monday meet is a smoking session.

The second club meets on Friday morning, 10.00 a.m. at the Red Baron Bar in the Amari Orchid Resort. This session tends to attract less people (guess they’re tired after a strenuous night out?). Anyway, this session is non-smoking; the playing fee is just 20 bht and the session finishes before 1.00 pm. However, the Amari does not charge for the room, so players are expected to buy something to drink (a coffee with biscuits is 60 Bht). Also, this resort is one of the better ones in Pattaya, so decent attire please. Reasonable shorts and a shirt are acceptable – string vests etc are not (the same applies to the Monday session).





                 Naklua                                                  Playing Conditions

                                                                                                                                                      We have a very mixed standard, varying

                                                                              from excellent to virtual beginners, so

                                                                              come along whatever your standard is -

                                                                              If you have no partner, I can usually

                                                                              arrange one of a comparable standard.

                                                                                    Need lessons? Have a word with me.


                                                        Big C


Roundabout                                                                                                                             No 2 Rd




Dusit                   Orchid

Resort                                            Pattaya

                                                      Beach                                                          South Pattaya



                        _______________________________________________   Beach Road



In addition to the two regular clubs, some players also meet informally at other times. This generally depends on the time of year and how many players there are around. In the high season (Nov-Feb) we often get 10 or more tables on Mondays and up to 7 on Fridays.

In the low season it’s down to about 4 on Mondays and 2 on Fridays.

If you are part of a group of players and want to play more often, then let me know and I can arrange it. We sometimes have additional sessions at Soi 4 in the high season.