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62        Responding to Partner’s Negative Double.

            Double for Penalties? – With AJxx sitting over the bidder, double!

            A new suit response at the two level is a good 10+ points.

            Responding 2 to partner’s 1 opening.

            A Pre-emptive opener?what do you open with 106 98 6 AKJ108643 ?

            An Opening Bid?points in the long suits are good.

            An Opening Bid in 4th seat?      (rule of 15).

            A Bad Hand for the Weak NT?

            A Poor 6NT – to make 6NT you generally need about 33 points.

63        Is it Strong, Weak, Forcing or whatever? – a few sequences to test you.

            Double 1NT?it’s for penalties, generally 15-18.

            A Solid Overcall! – don’t simply overcall with a two-loser hand.

            What’s Your rebid? – you can lie in ’s if you can support partner’s ’s.

            1 - 1 - 3 is game forcing – opener had  - KQ9852 AQ987 A8

            Game with 20 points?a good 4-4 is better than 6-3.

            Pass partner’s opening 1¨? Not me with 2 small ’s and 5 points.

            What is that 4 bid? – a cue bid (showing 1st round control).

            What is that 4 bid again? – this time it’s confusion.

            Trust partner? – if opponents bid and partner bids NT, then he has a stop(s).

            A re-opening Double? – a nice penalty playing negative doubles.

            Fast arrival – a jump to game in a game forcing auction is weak.

64                Just doin’ my ‘job’? – the cavemen think not too well.

      Questions and Alerts – what’s alertable or not at this club.        

            Calling me a liar! Don’t say I’ve lied when others can back me up.

            That Law again – my nemesis says I should explain – but he ignores it anyway!

            Explaining What I Say! – why a 2 response to a 1 opening promises 5 ’s.

            Responding to Partner’s Double – bidding the opponent’s suit is not natural.

            A Mis-fit – with 2 A AK98764 J1062 pass partner’s 2 opening.

            Another Mis-fit? – don’t open 2 with two-suiters.

            Don’t open 1NT way out of range – 19 pts, 22(!) pts, seems one member has no clue.

            Stayman, transfers etc after a 2NT opening? – play the same after 2 - 2 - 2NT.

65-78   The Beginner’s Page (Basic Standard American)

65        If you don’t open 1NT… then rebid 1NT?

            Never deny a Four Card Major.

            Support with Support (1 - 1 - 2) with 3 ’s?

Hand Evaluation ‘good’ 15 counts and ‘bad’ 15 counts.

How do you play the suit? – make the opponents play it! (an end-play)

            Virtually always re-open with a double when playing negative doubles.

            Who should bid? – Balancing, or protection.

            Finding a fit? – you can play in 5/ with a singleton each!

66        Support with just 3 cards? – the jump to 3 is normally 5 cards(1 - 1 - 3?).

            1NT - 4NT = quantitative.

            A Tangled Web – when you don’t play inverted minors.

            The 3NT rebid – usually a good long minor.

            If you really want to play 4-card majors, the open 1 when 4-4 (up the line).

            Nice Bidding – a good 5-2 fit is playable and is preferable to NT if a suit is wide open.

            A Word About the Scoring – when you sit out you get your average (not 50%).

            How do you bid slam? – Splinters really are worth mastering.

            Overcalls are 5 card suits – and if partner bids it’s not forcing.

67        Stayman with a flat hand? – 1NT – 3NT with a 4 card major?

            How many points for a Stayman? – Garbage Stayman promises no points.

            How many points for a negative double? – only enough to compete to the next level.

            When not to play in the 4-4 fit – with a weak suit in slam.

            A word about Qx – it’s better in declarer’s hand.

            A terrible pre-empt pre-empts are 7 card suits.

            A slam with a void – exclusion Blackwood.

After an intervening double, redouble with 9 or more points and a mis-fit for partner.

Responding to partner’s take-out double – usually  bid your cheapest 4 card suit.

Rebid another suit or pass partner’s 1NT response? – with 5-4, bid.

Rebid a 5 card suit? do not pass 1NT with an unsuitable shape.

A tricky 2nd bid? 2NT by responder is 11-12 points.

68        A Tactical Double – KJ103 sitting over the bidder in an invitational auction.

            Don’t open two-suiters with 2 open 1 withAKQ65 QJ10865 KQ -          

            Invitational (+) values for Stayman – unless is ‘Garbage’ shape (short ’s).

            Don’t double/overcall with rubbish – keep quiet with  A974 J73 3 K9832

            Enough for Slam? – You need 33+ points for 6NT but just 31 with a good 4-4 fit.

            The Forcing Pass – do not pass a forcing pass!

            4 scores more than 5 – the 6-2 fit scores more than the 6-4 fit.

            Super-Accept of a transfer – showing a non-min and 4 trumps.

69                Splinters – 3 pages of explanations.

            An Easy Top – deduct a point for a completely flat (4333 type) shape.

            You then need 11 points for a new suit at the two level or for 2NT.

            Bad Bidding from Books?play books frequently have bad bidding!

            A Double of 1NT is penalties - you need 15 + points (or a good long suit).

70                Void in partner’s weak two! Pass partner’s 2 holding  - Q10864 AQ1085 KQ9.

            A tricky bid – preference by partner may easily be just two cards.

            Systems on, Systems off.

            3¨ after Stayman?it has to be agreed with your partner.

            Trust Partner – do not remove partner’s  penalty double because you have overbid.

            A one-level penalty double? – don’t bid 2NT if you can penalise them.

            Pre-empt Just Once - having pre-empted, never bid again unless partner invites.           

            Tea and Cucumber sandwiches (a flat 11 enough to raise a weak 1NT to 2NT?)

            A 5-3 fit or 3NT? – with points outside, go for 3NT.

            Raising partner’s major directly to 4 is weak – it is most certainly not a slam invitation.

71        Obey The Law – be content with having pushed them up.

            A 5-3 fit or 3NT? if it’s a close decision think about who is declarer and the opening lead.

            1 or slam! – don’t pass partner’s opening with 6 points.

            Responding to Partner’s 1/ Opening (1NT does not promise a balanced hand).

            A word about the weak NT – with Acol you can respond at the 2-level with 8 points.

            Overcall or double? – A simple overcall is often best in preference to a double.

            Worth a raise?partner overcalls 2 and you have: J10964 J98 Q10943 -.      

            A 2 opener or what? – balanced 25 point hand, then Benji works.

            The 3NT opener (either directly or via 2) with 25+ points sucks.

            A 2NT opener or what? A7 K8 KQ2 AKQ984    is too good for 2NT.

            Good enough for slam?  the jump suit response shows a good long suit.

            Good enough for slam?  – 16 opposite a minimum hand is not enough.

72                About Bulls and China Shops   (1 - 2 - 2 - 6NT).   

            Raise 1NT to 2NT? – deduct a point for totally flat (4333 type) shape.

            Raise 1NT to 2NT?not with 7 points, especially if the opponents compete.

            Benjamin Twos – a couple of pages.

            The Problem with Playing Tricks.

            A Jump to 3 after a Benjamin 2?some play it as 9 playing tricks.

            A Straightforward Benjamin Two  AKQ986 K32 3 AK7 is not worth 2.          

            A poor pre-empt:  - A75432 J10965 A3 opened 4!

            Worst bid of the year? Bid 5 over 4 with: AJ7 10 AK42 QJ1075 !

            A 6-2 major suit fit is fine.

            Support partner or 1NT? – 1NT with 4 card support for partner’s major is silly.

            When the 4-4 fit is not best – when it’s weak and there’s an 8-2 fit!

            What is a 3 level opening in 4th seat?

            When Partner Pauses and Passes – the most popular director call!

73        The two-level response – the strength of your opening NT has repercussions elsewhere.

            A 4 Opening? – I prefer Namyats.

            A 4 Opening? – If you think that the 5 level is a good bet then open five.

            Quacks – 4 queens and two jacks are not worth 10 points.

            Go to Jail, do not pass Go – deduct a point for totally flat 4333 type hands.

            Another deal which is just another example of how badly flat 4333 type hands play.

            After partner’s 1NT opening has been overcalled double is 100% for penalties.

74        Responding to 1/ with 5 ’s and 4 ’s – Checkback or NMF.

            A 1NT opener?two doubletons, fine if they are Qx or better.

            When an opponent bids your suit…it’s usually best to pass.

            Too strong for a 1 opener? - a 3514  21 count.

            A 3NT rebid? – do not lie about your points with either your NT opening or NT rebid.

            A 3NT rebid? – the jump to 2NT shows 18-19 points so don’t bid 3NT.

            4 Card Majors – Dutch Acol is not Acol.

            Respond with 6 points! Don’t pass partner’s 1-level suit opening when you have 6 points.

            ‘I would object’! – If you play complex/non-standard conventions then you must alert.

75                A nice sequence – a free bid promises values (about 6-9, could be less with good shape).

            When they interfere with our big bid – pass unless you have something definite to say.

            Bid game or double? – AK of the opponent’s suit are good cards, declaring or defending.        

            Beware of favourable vulnerability? Don’t sacrifice against contracts that are not making.

            Perfect partners? Be sensible and upgrade for long major suits, singletons, aces etc. etc.   

            The sequence 1x – 1NT – 2NT shows 17-18 points. This is true whatever system you play

            A poor Pre-empt – do not pre-empt with a 4 card major.

            An Easy Game Missed – don’t make an invitational bid with a game-going hand.

76        Does the 2nd  bid in these sequences show extra values (i.e. is it a reverse)?

            Using 4th suit forcing – raising partner or rebidding one’s own suit after 4th suit is forcing.

            Bid that 4 card major – do not go past 3NT without due thought.

            Don’t rebid a 2 card suit – Jeff psyching again.

            Sense and (Non)sensibility – do not overcall with 4 card suits.

            Do not generally overcall with 4 card suits, remember the 1NT overcall (15-18 points).

            Don’t bid your hand twice – bidding your hand twice makes it easy for the opponents.

            Return to Disneyland (what Chuck thinks I should do).

            Bidding the Fourth Suit (after LHO opponent’s overcall) – is it a reverse?

            For those inexperienced ears – is it a reverse?

            That 3NT rebid yet again – it a good long minor.

77        Humble pie – is 3 in the sequence 1 - 1 - 3 - forcing?

            Don’t hit me with those negative waves - (Finding and) losing a 4-4 fit.

            4-4 is better than 5-3 – because you get discards on the 5-card suit.

            How much is an honour worth? – a few Marty Bergen tips on hand evaluation.

            Overcall with a big hand? – A 4/ overcall is a weak bid.

            How many points for a negative double of 1? - 4 or more ’s and 6 or more points.

            When an opponent bids your suit… it’s usually best to pass.

            Be wary of doubling opponents with length and strength in partner’s suit.

            Pass partner’s take-out double? – QJ96 in trumps is nowhere near good enough.

            Bid again with a distributional hand: 1 - 1NT- pass with AJ65 KQ82 KQ864 -

            The 5-3 fit is usually better than NT.

            Raising partner’s overcall – cue bid the opponents suit to show a limit raise or better.

The Reverse – for those inexperienced ears  ‘read and weep’

            Cucumber Sandwiches (Good?) old fashioned Acol.

            Body Language – doubling a 1 opening with just 3 ’s?

            A Poor Slam – you need 11 points for a new suit at the two level.

78        No idea about pre-empts – with a strong hand make a strong bid!

      ‘The ideal pre-empt is topless with a good body’ – Marty Bergen.

            The Big Guns Disagree – Hans and Chuck at odds over Jeff’s atrocious bidding.      

            That 3NT rebid yet again – the 3NT rebid is a good hand with a long (semi) solid suit.

            Is 4NT over partner’s 3NT natural or Blackwood?

            A Moysian Fit. A 4-3 fit is fine if you can ruff in the hand with short trumps.

79        Nobody finds the 4-4 fit – everybody in a hopeless game and not even in the 4-4 fit.

            That 3NT rebid – don’t make a non-forcing (2NT or 3¨) rebid with 8 tricks in hand!

            No Sensible bid? – open 1NT and you have no rebid problems.

            No Sensible rebid? – open 1NT 96 AKQ8 764 AK75.

            5-3 fit or NT? 3NT if most of  the points are outside the suit.

            Splinters – an easy 6 missed because of no splinter.

            Worth a jump raise? 1 - 1 - 3  12 points from opener is not enough.

            Bid a 3 card suit when partner doubles for take-out? – it’s usually not a good idea.

80        Deny a 4 card major? – respond with a 4-card major in preference to 1NT.

            Deny a 4 card major? – Stayman applies over 2NT as well as 1NT openings.

            The Gambling 3NT.

            A strong opener?open 2 if one trick short of game.

            Don’t open 1NT out-of-range - A74 KQ9 K9 KQJ95 is far too good for 1NT.

            Is 4NT natural or ace-ask?  Gerber, Blackwood or quantitative 4NT?

            3NT is usually better than 5 of a minor.

            Overcall or double? – don’t double 1 holding – KQ1092 Q10 J6 KQ32

            NT bids are limit bids – 2NT by responder is virtually always 11-12 points.

            Obey the Law – with 9 combined trumps, compete to the 3 level.

            When the 5-3 fit is better than NT – 3 trumps and a singleton.

            When NT is better than the 5-3 fit – 3334 with points outside ‘trumps’.

            You don’t need support with a self-sufficient suit.

            Defenders can finesse! – an honour in dummy.

            Don’t pass partner’s take-out double (without an excellent defensive hand).

81                Hans defends Jeff’s atrocious bidding, psyches etc.

            What’s the rebid?  1 - 1 - 3 is game forcing.

            Blackwood with a weak suit? -don’t use Blackwood with a void or weak suit (no A,K)

            Does it show 4 or 5 cards? – play CBS or NMF.

            Bidding in the balancing seat – no such thing as a weak bid in the pass-out seat.

            Opening twos in 4th seat – they are strong.

            A Comfortable Slam Missed – 1 - 4 is weak.

            Lead top of a (near) sequence. Against NT lead the J from AJ108.

            Transfer with a weak hand and a 5 card major.

            Count your cards before you look at them.

            Over the top – playing Acol I only open a 4 card major with 17+ points.

82                Too high after opening 1NT Quacks are bad cards, 5 quacks are 5 bad cards.

            An Opener?for 4th seat openers apply the rule of 15 – points + length. 

            An Opener? – deduct a point for 4333 type shape.

            Raising Partner’s Weak Two – RONF, Raise is the Only Non Forcing bid.      

            How high should you go? – Obey The Law, you need 11 trumps for the 5 level.

            Stop ASAP with a mis-fit – and win the competition.

            You need a good 8 or 9 points to invite partner’s 1NT opening.

            Two Pairs Too High – a void in partner’s suit is not an asset.

            Six-Five come alive, so what about Six-Six?

If you pause it’s best to bid – partner cannot bid after your pass unless it’s obvious.

            5-4 (or 4-5) in the Majors opposite 1NT.     

            Nice one, Dave – a certain trump loser disappears.

            With a long minor, think 3NT.

            The best  slam? – 5-4 fits play better than 5-3 fits.        

83        John Gavens defends his rudeness and so bites the dust.

            Be polite to partner – sometimes you have to lead into dummy’s tenace.

A take out double? 1 - pass – 1NT – dbl is take-out of ’s.

A 4 level pre-empt? 108 AKQ8632 - AJ95 is too good for 4.

            5-4 (or 4-5) in the Majors opposite 1NT.     

            Balance in 4th seat? – there is no such thing as a weak bid in the pass-out seat.

            Acol Bidding Quiz – Open a 4 card major when playing Acol?

            A rebid in a lower ranking suit promises 5 of the 1st suit.

            No Jacks – Jacks are the most over-rated cards in the deck.

            Nobody bids game! – A reverse is forcing in Standard American.

84        Obey the Law – when you overcall with a 5 card suit don’t bid again if partner raises.  

            Obey the Law – in competitive situations points are not the point.

            Support Doubles – they help with The Law (showing how many support cards).

            Pass out – apply the rule of 20 in 1st or 2nd seat.

            Raise a 2NT opener? – add on for intermediates.

            Double and bid again shows a big hand.

            2NT is too high – if you have a balanced hand within your NT range, open 1NT.

A reverse promises greater length in the 1st bid suit.

            The play’s the thing   get losers away as quickly as possible.

            The play’s the thing  don’t go down in 4 with 11 cold tricks!

All NT responses to partner’s opening are Limit bids.

            4th suit forcing? – use 4th suit forcing if you are doubtful about a stop for NT.

            When you have the balance of points and they bid NT, Double!

            Weak or Forcing? – 3 cannot be both weak and strong, play Lebensohl.

85        A Moysian Fit – great when you have a void and 3 card support for partner.

            After partner redoubles any pass is forcing.

            Don’t open a weak two with 12 points and a rubbish suit.

            A con-trick?

            RONF (Raise Only Non-Forcing).

            A Competitive Deal? Support partner with 4 cards, even if your opening was light.

A Negative Double – and K10973 is worth more than 3 points.

            Play in a 4-3 fit? don’t go out of your way to play in Moysian fits, especially in /

            Nine cards in the majors opposite 1NT – 4504 shape is very powerful.

            An easy slam?you do not necessarily need an ace yourself to bid Blackwood.

            Dig up a minor – very occasionally you may have to invent a 3 level bid in a minor.

86        Locating a specific king with RKCB.

            Is it forcing? – 1 - 1 - 2NT - 3?

            Is it forcing? – 1 - 1 - 2NT - 3?

            Is it forcing? – 1 - 2(overcall) - 3?

            When 1NT is doubled – the only strong bid by responder is redouble.

            Obey the LAW – with 4 cards opposite an overcall, compete to the 3 level.

            Worth a go at slam? – 30 or 31 points is usually only enough for slam if there is a fit.

87        The play’s the thing – if dummy has a 6 card suit, think about setting it up.

            Way too high – A singleton king in the opponent’s suit may well be worthless.

            Raise partner’s major to 4 with 5 card support.

            What’s best, a 5-2 or 4-3 fit? – a 5-2 fit is usually better than a 4-3 fit.

88        Which is the best slam? 6NT or 6? - 56% may be better than 82% at pairs scoring.

            The play’s the thing – a safety play.

            What’s Your Rebid? – 1 - 1NT - 3 is invitational but non-forcing.

            What’s Your Rebid? – 1 - 1 - 1NT - 3 is invitational but non-forcing.

            A 2 opener is 22+ points or one trick short of game. So  A8 AJ AQJ108753 K?

89        How many pts for slam? - with 2 balanced hands you need a combined 33 for 6NT.

            An unusual Unusual NT (1147).

            The prize has gone! – a classic Michaels Cue bid.

            Asking for a stop (bid the opponent’s suit).

            Who should bid NT? – It is fine to by-pass a 4 card major to overcall 1NT.

            Only double a freely bid game if you have a surprise for the opponents.

            If 3NT is an option, bid it! – Long minor suit(s) usually play well in NT.

            A jump to 3NT means that you want to play there!

            Shortage in partner’s suit is bad - half the players (literally) in the club overbid!

90        Bid Stayman? – K107 9863 QJ54 107

            A sound pre-empt. I opened 3 in 1st seat with QJ10987

            That unusual Unusual NT again – don’t abuse the UNT and Michaels conventions.

            Open 2/ with a 5 card major and a 4 card minor – Dutch style?

91        The Devil’s Advocate (Chuck) – Don’t open 3 in 1st seat with QJ10987

            4NT quantitative – 4NT after partner’s 3NT is always quantitative.

            A reasonable slam – If you’re playing in ’s (gone past 3NT), then bid slam!

            A Moysian Fit - Moysian fits play well when it is the short hand that gets the ruffs.

92        The Devil’s Advocate (Chuck) – 3/ over partner’s 1NT to show 5-5 in the minors.

            Good enough for slam? – with no fit you usually need 33 points for 6NT.

            Suit quality (important for pre-empts) – KJ7653 is very poor, QJ10987 is excellent.

            With a long solid minor, think 3NT – learn inverted minors – 1 - 3 is not forcing.

            Sound Defence – try to help partner.

93                The Devil’s Advocate (Chuck)   1 - 2 - 3NT  = how many points?

            Ping-pong (His Master’s Voice) – answering the Devil.

            How many ’s? 1 - 2NT - 3 - 3NT - 6?  How many ’s does 6 show?

            Obey the LAW – with a weak hand, get to the level quickly.

            That abused UNT again – the UNT is 5-5 in the minors, 0454 is ridiculous.

            A Weak two opener?by West and North at the same table!

94        The Devil’s Advocate (Chuck) – transfer with zero points.

            Chuck is finally chucked out.

            Chuck’s final shot – what he really thinks of Terry.

            Who’s an expert? A Chuck quote from an ‘expert’ who had no idea!

            Don’t jump straight into Blackwood – and don’t lie with your responses.

            Explore other options before resorting to the Moysian fit.

            Thinking in defence – cut communication with dummy?

            Bidding after a 2NT opening – Stayman and transfers still apply after a 2NT opening.

            Help Suit game Try after a Jacoby Transfer – 1NT - 2 - 2 - 2NT - 3/?

            Balanced hand bidding – you can jump rebid 2NT even if it ‘denies’ a 4 card major.

95        Separating fact from fiction (the Chuck – Terry conflict).

            Benjamin Twos – a detailed page.

            Is Hans right? Play in 3 with A62 QJ10962 QJ Q3 when partner opens 1!

            Too good for a pre-empt? 3 with A43 QJ106543 K Q8?

            Stayman after 2NT – Stayman and transfers still apply after a 2NT opener.

            A reverse?a reverse shows a big hand (16+).

            A 3 opener with a 6 card suit?   J K10 J1072 QJ9876?

            A 2opener? Don’t pass with K65432 K62 2 A73 – it’s either 1 or 3.

            Add up the points! RHO opens 2NT, with 73 AKQ532 K KQ85 pass!

96        How do you make a non-forcing bid forcing? – go via 4th suit forcing.

            Transfer and bid a new suit – it’s natural and game forcing.

            Pass partner’s 1 opening? – I won’t with 109762 QJ92 J 1052

            A grand slam on a repeating squeeze? – watch partner’s discards.

            Who wants to play in 5? – If 3NT is a sensible option, it is usually better than 5.

            Who wants to play in 5? – a 5-5 fit is nice, but a 4-4 major suit fit scores more.

Who wants to play in 5? – with  Q9854 opposite AJ32 3NT is still better!

Who wants to play in 5? – with  a freak distributional hand I will.

A Negative double – is unlimited in strength and promises 4 cards in the unbid major.

Bid 1NT or raise partner’s minor? – only support partner’s 1/ with 5+ card support.

            Big hand bidding – it’s best to always relay over 2/ playing Benjamin.

            Obey the LAW – once you have said your hand, that’s it.

            Double and bid again – a hand that is too strong for a simple overcall.   

97        Responding up the line? – respond respond 1 or 1 to a 1 opening when 3442?

            Open 1NT and keep the opposition quiet.

            The play’s the thing – keep the dangerous hand out.

The play’s the thing – Try all your options, play on your long suits first.

Who wants to play in a minor (instead of 3NT)?

Multi misunderstandings – East has AK8432 and N-S play in 4!

Multi misunderstandings – 3NT with a singleton in each hand

The power of the weak two opener – great when opponent’s points are split 13-13!

98        Finding the 5-3 fit (after a 1NT rebid): Checkback Stayman or New Minor Forcing.

            Worth a 1NT overcall?not if both opponents have bid, you’ll give a huge penalty.

            A quickie, 4333 shape – A32 KQ3 Q973 A92 is not worth a strong 1NT.

            Poor slam bidding – 28-30 may be enough for a small slam if you have a fit.

            Poor slam bidding – Raising partner’s 1/ opening directly to 4/ is a weak bid.

            Poor slam bidding – Aces and kings are good cards, quacks are not.

            Cuebid the enemy suit to show a sound raise.

Pre-empt with 6 ’s? K85 4 J95 AQ9765?

            Don’t bid again after pre-empting unless invited

99          A Quickie – AK4 J108 K7 AQJ73 is much too good for 1NT.

            Stayman or transfer with weak 5-4’s? – 1NT - 2 - 2 - 2/   are weak bids.

            Discards and signals etc in defence: leads, HELD, Lavinthal.     

            Good enough for an invitation? 82 Q1052 Q8654 A9 opposite 1NT?

            Nobody in slam Everybody was in 4 and everybody made 13 tricks.

Pairs tactics – Be wary of competing with a flat hand when vulnerable.

            4th Suit Forcing is forcing, whether by a passed hand or not.

100      3 by whom?   – West and South are both in 3!

            5-3 is better than 6-2? – a 5-3 fit is better than a 6-2 fit if the 6 card suit is solid.

            Responding to 1NT with a shortage play 3/// as splinters? most people don’t.

            Responding to 1NT with a shortage bid Stayman and then splinter over 2/.

About our club and how I bend the rules? - Not everybody in this club is an expert.

Strong Hand Bidding 1 - 1 - 3 is not forcing, 1 - 1- 4 is strong.

Strong Hand Bidding 2 - 2 - 2 is game forcing.

Strong Hand Bidding 1 1 pass pass 1NT is strong (18-19).

Strong Hand Bidding 1 - 1NT - 2NT is a good 16+

            Strong Hand Bidding – 1 - 2 - 2 - 3, responder may have ‘dug up’ the ’s.

            A plug for 2/1 – Strong hand bidding is easy as it’s game forcing after 1 - 2

            Strong Hand Bidding – do not bid Blackwood with a wide open suit.

            Pass a take-out double? KQ8752 should be good enough.

            A weak sequence – 1 - 1 - 1NT is 12-14, A10 KJ4 109653 AQ10 is too good.

            Raising the pre-empt Raise partner’s pre-empt with 3 (or more) card support.           

            1 passed out? - do not bid in 4th seat over with a mediocre balanced hand.

101      Way too high? – The sequence 1x – 1NT – 2NT  shows 17-18 points.

            Way too high? – 2NT in response to an overcall is much more than 11-12.

Third hand plays high – with no high card in dummy 3rd player plays high.

Who should bid? – You need a decent 15+ points to double a 1NT opening.

            28 points enough for slam? – you can play splinters after Stayman has found a fit.

            If partner doesn’t like 1NT, he won’t like 2NT 1 - 1NT - 2 - 2NT is silly.

Opener’s 2NT rebid – it’s 12-14 and a jump is 18-19.

102      Unauthorised Information – hesitation by partner or partner’s explanation of questions

            Rebidding a suit is not forcing – you can often go via the 4th suit.

            Does opener always need to rebid? – not if RHO interferes.

            Points for Stayman?you need invitational values unless it’s ‘Garbage Stayman’.

            Bid 1NT or support partner’s minor? – always opening 1 when 3-3 in the minors.

            Bid 1NT or support partner’s minor? – 2245, 1345 or 3145 is problematic over 1.

            Worth a 2NT invitation? deduct a point for 4333 type shape.

            Stayman or Transfer?with 5-4 or 4-5 in the majors, bid Stayman.

            Counting Points – 36 points is enough for 7NT if there’s no ace missing.

            A big hand – but how big? AJ9632 AQ53 K AK is not good enough for 2.

103      Slam played in 1 twice! KQ743 AKQJ AJ102 -   is worth a 2 opener.

            Increasing the odds – by inducing an inexperienced player into making a mistake.

            Responding to partner’s take-out double – 3 deals where it went wrong.

            Overcalling 1NT with one (or both) majors is acceptable.

            Don’t deny a 4 card major – bid a major in preference to 1NT when partner doubles.

            A weak jump shift?if you play this KQxxxxx is far too good.

            Pre-empt only once pre-empt to the limit 1st go.

            4-4 or 5-4? (a good 4-4 fit may well be better).

            The Jump shift explained – Strong or weak, you choose.

104      A World Champion’s opinion of my 3 opening with QJ10987…

            and what they think of Chuck’s 4 raise.

            Don’t bid your hand twiceonce you have pre-empted then do not bid again.

            Who should make the effort?be aware of balancing.

105      You can overcall at the two level with 11-17 points.

            You must do something (double) when holding four aces.

Bidding the opponent’s suit – when partner opens 1NT it’s Stayman.

            Pre-empt to the limit (and then keep quiet).

            Worth a raising partner’s 1 opening to 3?  843 KJ QJ986 K32 is not.

            Worth an invitation? – invite with  Q2 J652 J10963 A4  opposite 1NT?

106      Overcall or Double, which is the stronger bid? – Time for a Terry lecture.

            Overcall  or double? – if you have a 5 card major, then overcall.

            Overcall  or double? – with a fairly balanced 15-18 points, overcall 1NT.

            Bidding worth waking me up for? – know how to stop in 4NT after Blackwood.

            Stay low with a mis-fit – if partner does not like 1NT, then he won’t like 2NT.

            Stay low with a mis-fit – bail out ASAP with mis-fits.

            Sticking your neck out if you open and LHO bids 1NT then he has the power.

            Don’t pre-empt your own side! 9 Q7 AQJ108753 K5 opposite a 1 opener.

            The help-suit game try – after 1/ - 2/, any non jump is a game try.

            What do you open? Pass or 1 or 2? I open 1 with K82 KQ10654 J1065 -

            Namyats (4 and 4 openings).

107      The re-double - a re-double does not show strength in partner’s suit.    

            Worth a Jump Shift rebid? 1 - 1 - 2 is game forcing and typically about 18+

            A 2-level major suit response is 5+ cards 1 2(overcall) 2    promises 5 ’s.

            A new suit at the 3 level is a good hand 1 2(overcall) 3    is a big hand.

            Preference with a singleton! – preference does not promise support.

            Alerting Stayman? – maybe it’s different in France?

108            Understanding Blackwood and Gerber – a few notes on quantitative, cue bid etc.

            When you have used 4§ as the ace ask, 4NT is to play.

            Partscore or slam? – downgrade a hand with just 3 card trump support.

            If 3NT is a sensible option – then bid it.

109      Understanding Gerber even more.

            Lonely queens – is Q63 AKQ7 Q52 Q98 worth a 1NT opener?

            About Qxx. it’s bad, touching honours are good.

            Points Smoints KQxxxx is worth far more than 5 points.

            Don’t bid again after pre-empting partner is the captain.

            3NT is too high deduct a point for the totally flat 4333 type shape.

            Bid a Two card suit? it’s our dynamic Belgian psyching again.

            Understanding Gerber responses to Gerber – 0/4 – 1 – 2 – 3

            Count Your Cards (face down) – or get a zero.

110      Michaels abused again – 2 over 1 with KQJ754 3 K5 K952

Responding to partner’s take out double - a jump shows an invitational hand.

That 4333 shape again – When equal length in the minors (33 or 44) open 1.

Lead a Trump – With solid trumps (1098763), lead them.

Bid game with 12 trumps? – if it doesn’t make then it’s a good save.

Cheating? – Alex and Jeff at it again.

A Sign-off – simple preference is not support.

Our 1NT opening is overcalled, stolen bid – Systems on after dbl, 2, even 2?

111      Passing Partner’s take-out double – KQJ75 may not be good enough.

            Truscott 2NT – 1/  dbl  2NT = sound raise to 3/

            Bid their suit to ask for a stop – in many/most auctions, the cue bid asks for a stop.

            A 4 level opener – with an 8 card major and a weakish hand, open at the 4 level.

            Don’t penalty double a freely bid game with no surprise.

            Is a reverse forcing? – Generally yes, but up to you after a 1-level response.

            Don’t psyche a reverse if partner may pass it – Jeff theatrics from news-sheet 110.

            5-5, bid the higher ranking – bid the lower ranking with 4-4.

            Pass 1? – don’t pass partner’s 1§ opening with shortage if you can ‘dig up’ a bid.

            Against the odds? who need maths – sometimes the 50% line fails & 10% line works

            Don’t pre-empt and then bid again – not 4 then 5 with  4 4 AQJ106532 A73

            How to penalise the opponents when playing negative doubles. 

112      Never deny a 4 card major? – an overcall does not deny a 4 card major.

            Don’t pre-empt and then bid again – 4/  are poor pre-empts,  play Namyats.

            Regular psyching? another Thorlief psyche, or did he pull the wrong card?

            Cheating again? – Alex took a strange view opposite Thorlief’s ‘psyche’.

            An Easy game missed – use Jacoby 2NT as a forcing raise of 1/.

            Jacoby 2NT explained.

            2 by whom? – don’t bid Garbage Stayman with 9863 K1094 83 Q96.

            Is a reverse forcing? 1 - 1 - 2 is surely forcing?

113      Look for the 4-4 fit – 1 is natural in  1 - 1 - 1 - 1 unless you agree it’s 4th suit.

            Support Doubles – differentiate between 3 and 4 card support.

            Double is still take-out by a passed hand.