Club News Sheet – No. 197        12th Aug 2006






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Mon   7th 1st = Ivy & Phil    =     Dave & Marten                                                                  58%

Wed   9th  1st Ivy & Phil                  59%                             2nd    John & Kenneth                 58%

Fri    11th 1st Terry & Ian               57%                             2nd    Paul Scully & Chris             56%


Bidding Quiz                           Standard American is assumed unless otherwise stated.


Hand A           Hand B           With Hand A partner opens 1 and RHO overcalls 2, what

do you do?

64                 A53

1098732       Q10              With Hand B you open 1 and LHO overcalls 2. This is

K7                K7643          passed round to you, what do you do?

A109            AJ8


Hand C           Hand D           With Hand C LHO opens 2, partner doubles and RHO bids 3.

What do you bid?

AQ876         A632

AK64           K1032          With Hand D you open 1 (or 1 if you play a short ) and

85                 A65              partner responds 1NT. What do you bid?

Q6               K9


Hand E            Hand F            With Hand E RHO opens 1, what do you bid?


Q1086          AJ4               With Hand F you are North, what do you bid at ?      

AK643         74                 West          North(F)    East            South

63                 7543             -                 -                 -                 1            

AJ                A1074          dbl             1              1              1NT

2              ?


Bidding Sequences Quiz


G     1      pass pass   1NT     How many points for 1NT in the balancing seat?

H     1     2                          How many points for a weak 2, and how many ’s?

J      1     3                          How many points for a weak 3, and how many ’s?

K     1      2   pass   pass    

2                                    What is 2 and how many ’s?

L      1      pass 2      pass    

3                                    What is 3? Weak or invitational?

M    1      pass 2      dbl      

3                                    What is 3 after RHO has doubled? Weak or invitational?

N     1     pass 1      pass    

1      pass 1NT   pass

2NT                                 How strong is the raise to 2NT?

P      1     dbl   1      1       

1NT   2    2NT               How strong is the raise to 2NT?

Behavior at our club


As you probably know (it is in the club rules and frequently mentioned in the news-sheets), our aim is to keep Pattaya Bridge Club a friendly club. There was a meeting of regulars on Friday 11th and the consensus of opinion was that Chuck’s presence is inconsistent with that aim and that he should go. So Chuck has now received the long overdue life ban (third strike) and will no longer be playing on any day at the Pattaya Bridge Club.


Negative doubles – part 1                                   Board 20 from Monday 7th   


 What do you do with a weakish hand containing a long suit when partner opens but RHO overcalls at the two level?


Dealer:             AQ8                                           Table A

West                Q4                                              West          North         East(A)    South

Both vul            Q5                                              1              2             2    (1)    2

                        KQ7654                                    pass   (2)    pass           pass (3)   


K105                 N             64                         Table B

A5                  W    E          1098732               West          North         East(A)    South

A9832                S              K7                        1              2             pass (1)    2

J83                                     A109                    pass           pass           3    (4)    pass

                        J9732                                         pass           3    (5)      all pass    





Table A:     (1)  What did you bid with this East hand A in this week’s quiz? It’s not strong enough for a forcing 2 (10+ pts) and with just two ’s a negative double is unsound. So pass is the only option. If LHO passes and partner automatically re-opens with a double you can then bid 2.

(2)   West could have bid 2NT here but he is expecting another bid form partner.

(3)   But having already overbid, East decided to pass.

Table B:     (1)  This East correctly passed.

(4)   It’s one level higher, but the opponent’s have bid the black suits and partner is likely to have something decent in ’s. Having already passed this bid will not excite partner...

(5)   but it had the effect of pushing the opposition one too high (North unwisely decided to ignore the Law of Total Tricks).


And what happened? 2 makes, 3 goes one down. 3 (if left in) would go one down and score about average.

The bottom lines: -

-         If partner opens and RHO overcalls at the two level then you need 10+ points to bid a suit.

-         With a weaker hand, pass and come in later if you can.

-         Everybody plays negative doubles differently, but for a negative double in this situation (1 opening and 2 overcall) I would like to have both majors (one maybe a good 3-carder) and about 7+ points.

-         Note that this is a perfect example of ‘The Law’. Both sides have 8 trumps and 8 tricks is the limit for either side.

Negative doubles – part 2                                   Board 21 from Monday 7th  


The very next board and the same theme: -


Dealer:             108762                                      

North               876                                             West          North         East(B)     South

N-S vul            AJ108                                         -                 pass           1            2        

                        7                                                pass (1)      pass           2    (2)    pass

pass (3)      pass

KJ                     N             A53                     

K9543            W    E          Q10                     

52                       S              K7643                 

10963                                AJ8                     






(1)   This is exactly the same as the last page, West has no sensible bid but pass.

(2)   What did you bid with this East hand B in this week’s quiz? Normally one should automatically re-open with a double and I would not argue with that choice. But with these ’s it is unlikely that partner has a penalty pass hand and it may be best to defend, so pass. This actual 2 bid is a poor bid as it promises a hand with little defence to ’s and very long ’s. 2NT would show a much stronger hand.

(3)   West did not bid his ’s as partner has shown a weak hand with very good/long ’s.


And what happened? 2 made but scored a bottom. 2 would have gone 2 or 3 down for 200/300 to N-S and a top (it went for 300 at one table). 2 was bid and made at one table for an average.


The bottom lines.

-         When you open, LHO overcalls, and this is passed round to you then you should normally re-open with a double.

-         But there are the occasional exceptions. With length (3+) and strength in the overcalled suit it may be best to pass (as here).

-         With no defence and a good long suit you can rebid your suit (not as here).

-         Has East re-opened with a double then West would have bid 2, a decent spot.

Not everybody plays the same system!              Board 15 from Monday 7th  


At the Pattaya Bridge club, only bids that are unexpected need alerting. So when the opponent’s 2 opening and 2 response are alerted you should ask if you don’t know!


Dealer:             J3                                              

South               Q53                                            West          North         East(C)    South

N-S vul            AK3                                           -                 -                 -               2   (1)

                        109543                                      pass           2    (2)      pass         pass (3)

dbl   (4)      3              3    (5)    pass      

K1092               N             AQ876                 pass (6)      pass

J972               W    E          AK64                  

72                       S              85                        

A82                                    Q6                      






(1)   alerted

(2)   alerted

(3)   alerted

(4)   At this stage West asked the meanings of the bids and was told that South had a traditional weak two in ’s. So he doubled for take-out.

(5)   What did you bid with hand C in this week’s quiz? 4 I assume. But East was still completely amazed at what was going on and could not comprehend the situation, despite it being very clearly explained by everybody at the table that South simply had a weak 2 opener.

(6)   Nowhere near enough to bid game.


And what happened? 2 made +2. “Deep Finesse” says that 4 makes on any lead (presumably pin the Q).


The bottom lines.

-         Not everybody plays the same system.

-         A fairly common convention in Holland is that 2 is Multi and with a weak 2 opener you open 2 which is either the normal artificial strong hand or a weak 2. Responder then always relays with 2 unless he is strong enough to make a try for game opposite a weak 2 opener.

-         15 points and 5-4 in the majors is worth game opposite a double of a weak 2♦.

Lead Partner’s suit                                              Board 10 from Wednesday 9th  


 It is usually, but not always, best to lead partner’s suit against a NoTrump contract. When partner has bid his suit twice and then doubled 3NT it is mandatory. This is probably the worst example of somebody playing just his own 13 cards (and totally ignoring partner) that I have ever seen: -


Dealer:             AK87                                        

East                  Q3                                              West          North         East          South

Both vul            AJ84                                           -                 -                 1           dbl   (1)

                        864                                            pass   (2)    1    (3)      2           pass

pass           2              pass         3NT

Q642                 N             953                       pass           pass           dbl   (4)    all pass

1087542         W    E          A                         

7                         S              K1093                 

105                                    KQ973               






(1)   I would not double, but pass, with this South hand.

(2)   2 (weak after a double) is an option here.

(3)   Non-forcing and clearly a gross underbid.

(4)   Obviously East simply did not comprehend the bidding. With two entries and a reasonable suit which partner will obviously lead he decided to double.


And what happened?

West led a small ! Declarer played the Q from dummy and East won and led a small upon which declarer played the 2 and East’s 10 won the trick. Having just knocked out one of partner’s entries a return still beats the contract but West carried on with his devilish plan of “setting up his ’s” by leading a to declarer’s 9. 3NT doubled made! 3NT may have made on a lead but that really is not the point and a return at trick 3 definitely beats it.


The bottom lines.

-         When you hold 14 points opposite partner’s double you have to bid game or make a forcing bid.

-         In this situation 2 at (3) is probably best.

-         Against No Trump, lead partner’s suit. Especially if he has bid it twice and you have no hope of establishing anything in your hand.


Raising a 1NT response to 2NT                         Board 18 from Friday 11th  


 What was your answer to bidding sequence N? Two players got it wrong on Friday.


Dealer:             KQ4                                           Table A

East                  96                                               West          North         East          South(D)

N-S vul            KJ102                                         -                 -                 pass         1   (1)

                        10852                                        pass           1NT (2)      pass         2NT (3) 

pass           3NT (4)      all pass

J987                  N             105                      

J87                 W    E          AQ54                   Table B

83                       S              Q974                    West          North         East          South(D)

AJ63                                  Q74                     -                 -                 pass         1   (1) 

A632                                          pass           1    (2)      pass         1

K1032                                        pass           1NT           pass         2NT (5)

                        A65                                            pass           3NT           all pass



Table A:     (1)  Playing a short .

(2)   Whether you respond 1 or 1NT with this hand type is a matter of style/partnership understanding. One common treatment is to bid 1 with 6-7 points and bid 1NT with 8-9.

(3)   What did you bid with this South hand D in this week’s quiz? Assuming you have no understanding as above then partner’s 1NT is 6-9 and you need a very good 16+ to raise to 2NT. This hand should pass.

(4)   With a clear maximum, North accepts the invitation.

Table B:     (1)  Seems like most of the club play a short and I also prefer that to better minor.

(2)   This North chose 1, fine.

(5)  But this situation is exactly the same as (3) above and South should pass.


And what happened? 3NT was hopeless and went two down. Just one pair stopped in 1NT making exactly.

The bottom lines: -

-         You need a very good 16+ to raise responder’s 1NT to 2NT.


Raising a 1NT rebid to 2NT                                Board 4 from Friday 11th  


 We saw last deal that 1NT by responder is always 6-9 whenever it is bid in the auction. By the same token a 2NT bid is always 11-12, it is never ‘competitive’.


Dealer:             AJ4                                            

West                74                                               West          North(F)    East          South

Both vul            7543                                           -                 -                 -               1  

                        A1074                                        dbl   (1)      1    (2)      1    (3)    1NT (4) 

2    (5)      2NT (6)      pass         3NT (7)

K632                 N             Q98                      all pass

1095               W    E          KJ632                 

A862                  S              KJ10                    

52                                      86                           






(1)  I do not consider this strong enough for a double, I would pass.

(2)  1NT or 2 are alternatives.

(3)  Presumably East knows how weak his partner’s doubles can be, I would bid 2. A free 1 bid here shows about 6-9 points in most people’s style.

(4)  With great stops this is obviously fine.

(5)  Clearly this West evaluates his hands differently from me.

(6)  What did you bid with this North hand F in this week’s quiz. If you want to compete then 3 is the bid, 2NT here is not competitive but shows the usual 11-12 points and is invitational.

(7)  With an absolute maximum South obviously accepts the ‘invitation’.


And what happened? 3NT went one down. Others played in 2/3 making 9 tricks.

The bottom lines: -

-         You need a very good 16+ to raise responder’s 1NT to 2NT.

That abused Michaels Cue Bid again                 Board 12 from Friday 11th  


I’ve said it on numerous occasions, Michaels (and UNT) are the most abused conventions out there. Michaels is a pre-empt (or very strong). 14 points is not a pre-empt and is not strong enough for the strong type of Michaels (which I play as game forcing) with just 5-4 distribution.


Dealer:             Q1086                                       

West                AK643                                       West          North(E)    East          South

N-S vul            63                                               1             2   (1)      pass         2   

                        AJ                                              3             3    (2)      pass         pass (3) 


K74                   N             A9                       

2                     W    E          QJ9                     

AK72                 S              J854                     

KQ432                              10987                     






(1)  What did you bid with this North hand E in this week’s quiz? I prefer a simple 1 overcall although I would not argue too much if you doubled with the intention of pulling a 1 response to 1 (but the hand is a bit light for that action). The hand is totally unsuitable for Michaels; it has the right shape but is too strong (and not strong enough if you play that Michaels may also be very strong).

(2)  Bidding again having bid Michaels shows a very strong hand; this hand is nowhere near good enough.

(3)  Presumably South knows how weak his partner’s ‘strong’ Michaels can be. I would bid 4 if I trusted my partner.


And what happened? 3 went two down for a complete bottom. Letting E-W play in 3 (making +1) scored about average.

The bottom lines: -

-         If you bid Michaels (or UNT) and then bid again that shows a very strong hand – and hand with about 9 playing tricks.

Bidding Quiz Answers


Hand A:     Pass. You do not have enough for a 2 bid and you need another for a negative double. So pass and bid ’s next go to show a good suit without values for an initial 2-level response.

Hand B:      Pass or double. These are the only two sensible choices. Normally one should always re-open with a double in this situation but with AJx it is unlikely that partner has a penalty pass. Either is fine by me. Other options are out – the hand is nowhere near good enough for 2NT (which would be a silly bid anyway) and 2 would promise a much longer/stronger suit with no defense to 2.

Hand C:     4, obviously. 3 is pathetic but 4 (a Responsive Double, asking partner to pick the major) is probably the best bid as it will find a 4-4 fit if there is one.

Hand D:     Pass, of course. This may seem trivial but two players found 2NT on Friday. Partner’s 1NT is 6-9 and you need a good 16+ to bid 2NT here.

Hand E:      1, with double as a reasonable alternative. The hand is far too good for a Michaels Cue Bid and nowhere near strong enough for Michaels followed by another bid which shows a very strong hand.

Hand F:      3 or pass. 2NT would not be competitive but shows 11-12 points.



Bidding Sequences Quiz Answers


G     1      pass pass   1NT     1NT in the balancing seat is somewhere around 11-14.

H     1     2                          The weak 2 here is the same as an opening 2, so 6 cards and 6-9.

J      1     3                          The weak 3 here is the same as an opening 3, so 7 cards and 6-9.

K     1      2   pass   pass     Opener should normally re-open with a double. So 2 here shows

2                                    a miserable opener with long ♦’s and little offensive value.

L      1      pass 2      pass     Some play it as pre-emptive (to stop LHO coming in) but most

3                                    play it as a game try, usually with poor trumps.

M    1      pass 2      dbl       But after a double it’s different and 3 here is pre-emptive. Any

3                                    other bid would be a game try.

N     1     pass 1      pass     How strong is the raise to 2NT? 17+ or a very good 16, that’s

1      pass 1NT   pass     what you need to invite opposite 6-9.


P      1     dbl   1      1        How strong is the raise to 2NT? 11-12. 2NT by responder in

1NT   2    2NT               virtually every auction is an invitational 11-12.