Club News Sheet – No. 210        11th Nov 2006


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Mon 6th        1st N-S     Bob S & Jean-Charles    64%         2nd    Kenneth & Phil               54%

                    1st E-W    Lewis & Alan                 69%         2nd    Paul K & Rosemary       60%

Wed 8th        1st N-S     Phil & Tomas                 64%         2nd    Mike G & Wolfgang       55%

                    1st E-W    Derek & Gerard             66%         2nd    Alan & Lewis                 57%      

Fri 10th         1st            Lewis & Jean-Charles    62%         2nd    Derek & Gerard             57%


Bidding Quiz                           Standard American is assumed unless otherwise stated.


Hand A           Hand B           With Hand A partner opens 1NT. What do you bid?


1043             QJ1062        With Hand B partner opens 1NT and you transfer with 2.

7                   A7                Partner obediently bids 2, what do you bid?

AQ97           Q854

QJ753          98


Hand C           Hand D           What do you open with Hand C?


AK7             KQ9763      

J52               KJ9              With Hand D partner opens 1NT and RHO overcalls 2

K104            J10                (Multi Landy, showing a single suited hand). What do you bid?

AK62           92



Bidding Sequences Quiz       


E      1NT   2      2                    What is the 2 by responder?

F      1NT   2                             What is the 2 overcall – natural or conventional?

G     1NT   pass   2                   Does 2 promise a 4-card major?

H     1NT   pass   3                   What is 3 by responder?

J      1NT   pass   2     pass       What is the 3 bid?

2      pass   3

K     1NT   pass   2      pass       What is the 3 bid?

2      pass   3




Boards in the centre. There was a fouled board on Friday because the board was mis-placed on the table after play. The rules are very clear here, the board in play should remain in the centre of the table during play. All players at the offending table were penalized.

Late Arrivals. One of our persistent late arrivers did it again on Friday, blaming the traffic. It messed up the pairings and the movement. It is basic good manners to aim to arrive at the game 15 minutes early. “The traffic was bad” simply is not good enough when you have used the same excuse five times before. If you are delayed you can call my mobile 0867445386 but I will not change a movement or have a sit-out for anyone who is a habitual late arriver (I have three of them on my list in my little black book). If it’s not convenient they can go back home.

The Bridge Club Championship Races


The current standings for all competitions are in the results folder and on the web-site. There was a fair bit of movement this week. Phil has been moving up in all competitions and both Alan and Lewis have appeared in the silver and bronze standings. Jan has dropped out of the top 10 of both of these competitions. Clive is hanging on to top spot in both silver and bronze although he will doubtless lose this position if he does not play anymore. Jim and Bill are losing ground in the silver and bronze for the same reason. Apart from the top two places in the gold cup, everything else is very close, with experienced players like Alan and Lewis making their mark by playing more often.


We currently have 6 people qualified for contention (30 results above 53%) in the Gold Cup:


1    Dave Cutler                    1861.5

2    Bob Pelletier                   1795.8

3    Michael Guin                  1759.1

4    Phil Lovell                      1755.0

5    Bill Noe                          1747.5

6    Kenneth Johansson         1738.7


The top 10 for the Silver Plate (best 10) and Bronze medal (best 5) are as follows. For clarity I have removed Dave and Bob who are well established at the top of the Gold Cup.


Silver Plate                                                       Bronze Medal


3    Clive Bell                637.8                           2    Clive Bell                334.3

4    Bob Short              633.5                           4    Bob Short              328.9

5    Phil Lovell              633.0                           5    Phil Lovell              328.5

6    Hans Bijvoet           624.2                           6    Ruth Ibler               327.2

7    Alan Purdy             617.4                           7    Jim Wallington        327.1

8    Michael Guin          616.3                           8    Lewis Berg             325.6

9    Derek & Gerard     615.8                           9    Hans Bijvoet           325.1

10  Lewis Berg             614.1                           10  Alan Purdy             322.7

You can underlead an ace against 3NT              Board 6 from Monday 6th   


7 out of 9 tables landed in a hopeless 3NT on this board. The simple “4th highest longest and strongest” would have defeated it off the top.


Dealer:             1043                                           Table A

East                  7                                                 West          North(A)    East          South(C)

E-W vul           AQ97                                         -                 -                 pass         1   (1)

                        QJ753                                        pass           1              pass         2NT (2)

pass           3NT           all pass            

Q62                   N             J985                    

A643              W    E          KQ1098               Table B

J532                    S              86                        West          North(A)    East          South(C)

98                                      104                      -                 -                 pass         1NT (1)

                        AK7                                           pass           2   (3)      pass         2

J52                                             pass           3   (4)      pass         3NT

K104                                         pass           4             pass         6   (5)

AK62                                         all pass


Expert Table

West          North(A)    East          South(C)

-                 -                 pass         1NT (1)

pass           2   (1)      pass         2

pass           3   (5)      pass         3    (6)

pass           4    (7)      pass         6   (8)

all pass


Table A:     (1)  What did you open with this South hand C in this week’s quiz? I was South at Table B.

(2)   Showing a balanced 18-19.

Table B:     (1)  This is my answer to question C. Knock off a point for the totally flat 4333

type shape and it’s a 1NT opener.

(3)   What did you bid with this North hand A in this week’s quiz? With no agreement to the contrary bidding Stayman guarantees a 4 card major. With a suit you can bid 3 if you play that as forcing. However, this is not really a good suit and without a really good bidding system (see experts) I would bid 3NT.

(4)   Having gone past 3NT, South bid the slam.

‘Expert’      (1)  But our experts know how to find minor suit fits after a 1NT opening. 2 here

 Table               does not guarantee a 4 card major in their system.

(5)   This is SARS (Shape Asking Relays after Stayman). It is the most superior variation of Minor Suit Stayman around.

(6)   4 ’s and not 4 ’s; so exactly 3334 shape.

(7)   A quantitive raise agreeing ’s and showing a 5-4 fit. This may be a bit ambitious and a simple 5 is the equally good alternative.

(8)   With his maximum South bids the good slam.


And what happened? South was always declarer in 3NT. It went one down three times on a lead and made four times. 5 or 6 are clearly better contracts. 6 is 50% (get the ’s right).

The bottom lines: -  The vast majority of bridge players do not know how to find minor suit fits after a 1NT opening. SARS is explained on the web and in the No Trump bidding book.

Transfer and bid another suit                              Board 13 from Wednesday 8th  


We all know about transfers, but with game going values and 5(major)-4(minor) shape it’s best to bid the 2nd suit after transferring rather than 3NT.


Dealer:             K975                                          Table A

North               Q10                                            West          North         East(B)     South

Both vul            972                                             -                 pass           pass         pass

                        J753                                           1NT (1)      pass           2            pass (2)

2              pass           3NT (3)    pass

A83                   N             QJ1062                pass (4)      pass

J43                 W    E          A7                       

AKJ103              S              Q854                   Table B

A2                                      98                        West          North         East(B)     South)

                        4                                                 -                 pass           pass         pass

K98653                                      1NT           pass           2            pass

6                                                2              pass           3    (3)    pass

KQ1064                                    4  (5)        all pass



Table A:     (1)  Certainly at the top range for a 1NTopener.

(2)   Double looks good.

(3)   What did you bid with this North hand B in this week’s quiz? With two suits it’s usually best to mention the other minor. This warns partner about weakness/shortness in the other two suits

(4)   West decided to go for the NoTrump game.

 Table B:    (3)  This East wisely bid 3, game forcing.

(5)   And West had no problem bidding the superior 4 game.


And what happened? 3NT was bid 3 times and went down one time on a lead. Fortunately for the other two declarers in 3NT the ’s were blocked and they had no difficulty. 4 makes an easy overtrick whatever is led.

The bottom lines: -

-     With a 5 card major and a 4 or 5 card minor and game values opposite a 1NT opening, transfer and then bid the minor. This warns partner about shortness/weakness in the other two suits.

Systems on / systems off ?                                  Board 17 from Friday 10th  


Every partnership can have their own agreements, but without prior discussion systems (Stayman and transfers) still apply over a 1NT overcall by partner but all systems are off when a 1NT bid by partner is doubled or overcalled.


Dealer:             542                                             Table A

North               Q10                                            West(D)     North         East          South

Love all            K8542                                        -                 pass           1NT         2    (1)

                        863                                            2    (2)      pass           pass         pass


KQ9763            N             A108                    Table B

KJ9                W    E          82                         West(D)     North         East          South

J10                      S              A763                   -                 pass           1NT         2  (1)

92                                      AKQ7                  4    (2)      all pass







Table A:     (1)  Multi Landy: showing an undisclosed 6 card suit.

(2)   What did you bid with this West hand D in this week’s quiz? West meant this as a transfer but that is absolutely not standard. You can agree whatever you wish with a regular partner but with no prior agreement everything is natural after partner’s 1NT opening has been overcalled.

Table B:     (2)  This West kept it simple and obvious. 3 is forcing but there is no point with a 6 card suit and I think that the simple 4 is best.


And what happened? Most E-W’s were in 4 making 12 tricks. 2 went one down for a clear bottom.

The bottom lines: -

-         KISS, especially with a casual partner.

-         It is ‘standard’ to play systems off after partner’s 1NT bid has been interfered with.

-         My personal preferred treatment is to play systems on over a 2 overcall (double=Stayman) and to play Lebensohl over any higher overcall. Over a double any bid is a weak take-out and a double of any overcall other than 2 is for penalties.


Alert conventional bids – part 1                          Board 26 from Friday 10th  


Totally obvious conventions like Blackwood, Stayman and transfers in an uncontested auction do not need alerting at this club; but all other conventional bids require an alert. If an opponent opens 1NT and you make an overcall that is not natural then it needs alerting. Although I encourage the use of the Multi Landy convention, it still most certainly needs to be alerted.


Dealer:             872                                            

East                  AJ53                                          West          North         East          South

Love all            Q53                                            -                 -                 1NT (1)    2   (2)

                        AJ3                                            pass           pass           2    (3)    pass

pass           3   (4)      pass         3NT (5)

1093                  N             AQ                       dbl (6)        all pass

4                     W    E          KQ8                    

9842                   S              AK1076             

K10872                             654                     







(1)   A trifle strong for 1NT but the doubleton AQ is poor.

(2)   Showing both majors.

(3)   There was no alert and so East assumed that 2 was natural and so bid 2.

(4)   So clearly North thought that 2 was natural.

(5)   Obviously ridiculous; I am still looking for that stop. 3 must be the best shot.


And what happened? 1400 to E-W on a partscore deal. N-S then agreed that they played Multi Landy. I note that one N-S pair scored +730 for making 3 doubled.

The bottom lines: -

-         Overcalls of 1NT are natural unless you agree to play a convention such as Multi Landy.

-         All conventional overcalls of 1NT need alerting.


Alert conventional bids – part 2                          Board 13 from Friday 10th  


I decided to give an adjusted score on this board at table B; not so much because the ‘injured party’ were really injured (I think they simply messed it up) but because the opposition were the very same pair as previously who failed to alert the Multi Landy 2 bid again.


Dealer:             A6                                              Table A

North               1052                                           West          North         East          South

Both vul            K9632                                        -                 -                 pass         1NT

                        K105                                         pass           3NT           all pass    


KJ105               N             98432                   Table B

86                   W    E          QJ943                  West          North         East          South

Q874                  S              J                           -                 -                 pass         1NT

A32                                    84                        pass           pass (1)      2   (2)    pass

                        Q7                                              2    (3)      all pass      





(1)   There was some sort of bidding mix-up here; I believe that N-S were playing a weak NT and South had miscounted his points.

(2)   This was not alerted.

(3)   But partner did indeed know this time that it showed the majors.


And what happened? N-S missed their easy 3NT game and the director was called about the failure to alert. I cannot see that the failure to alert had any real consequences but since it was the same pair as before it was decided to average the board.

The bottom lines: -

-         Overcalls of 1NT are natural unless you agree to play a convention such as Multi Landy.

-         All conventional overcalls of 1NT need alerting.

-         If you fail to alert when you have agreed to a convention then you may be penalised. E-W were only penalised here because they were told that 2 needed alerting only about ten minutes earlier.


Bidding Quiz Answers


Hand A:    3NT. Without some sort of minor suit Stayman it’s best to simply punt 3NT. A 3 bid (whether you play it as invitational or forcing) would show a longer suit and lose a possible fit. If you play minor suit Stayman then use that; the best form of minor suit Stayman is SARS (Shape asking Relays after Stayman) and it is described on the web.

Hand B:    3. Show the 2nd suit. This is much better than 3NT, not because you are suggesting ’s as trumps but to warn partner about the shortage in the other two suits if 4 turns out to be better than 3NT.

Hand C:    1NT. Deduct a point for the totally flat 4333 type shape.

Hand D:    4. You could bid a (forcing) 3 but I don’t see the point with a 6 card suit. 2 here is not a transfer unless you have specifically agreed to play that. Standard is that systems are off after an overcall and more experienced players play Lebensohl.


Bidding Sequence Answers


E      1NT   2      2                    Without prior agreement to the contrary, 2 by responder is weak and to play.

F      1NT   2                             The 2 overcall is whatever you decide – playing Multi Landy it shows both majors. But if you decide to play it as anything but natural then it needs to be alerted.

G     1NT   pass   2                   Playing standard 2 promises a 4-card major. If you play 4-way transfers or SARS then it does not.

H     1NT   pass   3                   3 by responder is whatever you decide. Game forcing, slam seeking is popular. In SAYC it is an invitational (to 3NT) hand with  long ’s.

J      1NT   pass   2     pass       The 3 bid having bid Stayman is up to partnership

2      pass   3                   understanding. Standard is that it is forcing with a suit and a 4-card major. If you play 4-way transfers then that meaning is redundant and it’s best to play it as SARS.

K     1NT   pass   2      pass       The 3 bid is natural and forcing. I play that it may be just

2      pass   3                    4 cards as it is useful to warn opener about the shortage in the other two suits. He may well then opt for 4 rather than going down in 3NT.