Club News Sheet – No. 182   29th  April 2006


Mon 24th    N-S   1st    Chuck & Ian                    63%       2nd    Tomas & Phil                     53%

                  E-W   1st    Dave & Kenneth              60%       2nd    Linda & Mieke                   52%

Wed 26th              1st    Chuck & Hans(Hol)         63%       2nd    Bill & Mike                        62%

Fri    28th   Indv.   1st    Phil Lovel                         60%       2nd    Dave Hurst                         57%


Bidding Quiz                           Standard American is assumed unless otherwise stated.


Hand A           Hand B           With Hand A partner opens 1NT, what do you do?   


864               106

Q63              J974             With Hand B partner opens 1NT and RHO overcalls 2,

AQJ643        A53              what do you do?

4                  Q632


Hand C           Hand D           With Hand C partner opens 1NT, what do you do?


A109            KQ43           With Hand D you open 1NT. (a) What do you do when LHO

73                 QJ108          overcalls 2 and it’s passed to you?

10765           AQJ              (b) What do you do when LHO overcalls 2 and partner pauses

A973            J4                 for a long time and passes? What do you think of 2NT?


Hand E            Hand F            What do you open with Hand E?


AKQ            KJ873                                 

AJ84            K10              With Hand F RHO opens 1NT, what do you do?

98                 KJ1062        

Q932           5


Hand G           Hand H           What do you open with Hand G?


KQ2             K1072

AQ87           10865           With Hand H partner opens 1, what do you do?

10                 J109

AK752         53   


Hand J            Hand K           What do you open with Hand J?


AQ4             A7                (a)  What would you open with Hand K?

KJ4              AK10           (b)  Suppose that RHO opens 1 in front of you, then what do

642               KQ432               you bid with Hand K?

AKJ4           852


Hand L            Hand M          What do you open with Hand L?


A94              J96

AK52           A97              With Hand M RHO opens 1, what do you bid?

10985           QJ62

A4                A42 
Bidding Sequences Quiz


N     1     dbl   1      1        what is the dbl by opener?


There is no interference in the following sequences: -

P      2♣ -   2♦ - 2                  is 2forcing?

Q     2♣ -   2♦ - 3                  what is 3?

R     1♠ - 1NT - 2 - 2         what is 2? Weak, invitational or forcing?


Leading Quiz

952                    RHO opens 1NT, you pass and LHO bids 3NT. (a) What do you lead?

K109                  (b) Suppose you choose a , then which one?




A 1NT opening – so is it a 1NT overcall?          Board 20 from Friday 28th


What would you open with East hand K(a) in this week’s quiz? 1NT is pretty obvious. But what was your answer to question K(b) after North has opened 1 in front of you? : -


Dealer:             K108                                          Table A

West                Q654                                          West          North         East(K)    South

Both vul            A5                                              pass           1             1NT (1)    all pass  


                                                                              Table B             

543                    N             A7                        West          North         East(K)    South

J92                 W    E          AK10                   pass           1             1    (1)    1

J10987                S              KQ432                 2              2              3            all pass  

K9                                     852                     






Table A:     (1)  What did you overcall with this East hand K(b) in this week’s quiz? Now a 1NT opening would have been fine, but with no stop a 1NT overcall is dubious. It may work out, but a simple 1 overcall (about 7-16 points) is probably best.

Table B:     (1)  This East chose to bid his suit.


And what happened? 1NT was bid twice and went two down on both occasions. 3 made exactly.

The bottom lines: -

-         A 1NT overcall is 15-18 but also promises a stop in the suit opened.


What do you lead from AK1075?                        Board 2 from Monday 24th  



Dealer:             864                                            

East                  Q63                                            West          North(A)    East          South(E)

N-S vul            AQJ643                                      -                 -                 pass         1NT (1)

                        4                                                pass           3NT (2)      all pass    


952                    N             J1073             (1)  What did you open with this South hand E in

K109              W    E          752                       this week’s quiz? 1NT is correct, don’t worry

102                     S              K75                      about the weak doubleton.

AK1075                             J86                 (2)  And what did you bid with this North hand A

                        AKQ                                          in this week’s quiz? In these sort of situations

AJ84                                          you don’t bother to mention the suit and

                        98                                               3NT is certainly the best bid.



But this hand is not in print because of the bidding, but the ‘defence’. What did you lead in this week’s leading quiz? Against a suit contract the A is fine, but against 3NT lead the (4th highest) .


And what happened? West led the  A. He then led the K and East ‘unblocked’ the J on this. A continuation then presented South with two tricks and 3NT made +1 when it was going one or two down at other tables.


The bottom lines: -

-     Against NT it’s fine to lead away from an ace (or even AK).



And while we are looking at this hand, another defensive tip: -

When declarer gets in he will finesse a . It is good technique for East to duck this. Declarer will then return to hand and finesse another and when East wins this declarer cannot get to dummy for the rest of the (established) ’s before E-W get all of their tricks. E-W will get 4’s, 1 and 1.

Who should bid 3NT?                                          Board 4 from Monday 24th


Dealer:             KQ43                                         Table A

West                QJ108                                        West          North         East          South(C)

Both vul            AQJ                                            pass           1NT           pass         2NT (1)

                        J4                                               pass           pass (2)      pass

7652                  N             J8                        

9654               W    E          AK2                     Table B

9                         S              K8432                  West          North(D)    East          South

Q1086                               K52                     -                 1NT           2            pass (3)

                        A109                                          pass           2NT (4)      all pass    


                        10765                                         Table C

                        A973                                          West          North         East          South

pass           1NT           pass         3NT   (1)

all pass


Table A:     (1)  What did you bid with this South hand C in this week’s quiz? I was South at table C.

(2)  Should North accept? It’s close but that QJ108 are likely to be two tricks in NT and I would bid 3NT.

Table B:     (3)  Pass here is feeble. Double and 3NT are the sensible options (I would double against vulnerable opponents).

(4)   What was your answer to this North hand D(a) in this week’s quiz? When you have opened 1NT you have said it all and pass is automatic.

And what was your answer to question D(b) in this week’s quiz? 2NT is totally unethical here after partner has paused (indicating values).

Table C:     (1)  This is not 8 points. Aces are great cards and two tens and two nines easily make this hand worth a jump to 3NT                


And what happened? Three pairs ended up in 2NT and 3 pairs ended up in 3NT. Everybody made 9 tricks. If E-W would have a better score for playing in 2 then I would have adjusted the score at table B but since it would have been at least 200 to N-S I let the score stand and did not penalise North. If South had gone on to bid 3NT at table B then I would have re-set the score to 2NT+1.

The bottom lines:

-         Once you have opened 1NT you have said it all. If LHO comes in and you have a good suit then it may be acceptable to bid it, but to bid 2NT is silly.

-         You are not allowed to take advantage of partner’s hesitation.

-         If you open 1NT, LHO bids, partner pauses and you elect to bid 2NT then this is simply not allowed (some may call it cheating?) and the result will be adjusted if necessary.

-         Upgrade a hand with a couple of tens.

-         Upgrade a hand with a couple of aces.

A very big hand                                                    Board 18 from Monday 24th


Dealer:             1065                                           Table A

East                  Q102                                          West          North         East          South

N-S vul            A9763                                        -                 -                 pass         pass

                        104                                            2   (1)      pass           2    (2)    pass

AKQ98             N             J432                     2    (3)      pass           pass (4)    pass

AKJ8             W    E          543                      

KQ                     S              854                       Sensible Table

AK                                     982                      West          North         East          South

                        7                                                 -                 -                 pass         pass

976                                             2   (1)      pass           2    (2)    pass

                        J102                                            2    (3)      pass           4    (4)    all pass



Table A:     (1)  A huge hand and it’s up to you what your opening bid is with a balanced 29 count. In SAYC it’s 2 followed by 3NT. I don’t particularly like that as it makes transfers and Stayman dodgy when partner has a very weak hand. So Benji (2) is best, but I guess that we have to accept that the majority of the bridge playing world do not play Benji.

(2)   Again, it’s up to you what you respond to 2 with nothing. The ‘2negative’ scheme described on the web-site (and copies in the conventions folder) is undoubtedly best if you (or your partner) are not enlightened enough to play Benjamin.

(3)   Forcing. 3NT is a reasonable alternative.

(4)   Obviously East cannot (should not) pass a forcing bid. He said that he passed because he considered that West should jump to 3 with such a big hand. That is incorrect – see what I say about bidding sequence Q.

Table B:     (4)  fast arrival – saying no interest in slam. Good bidding.         


And what happened? Two pairs played in game. Two pairs reached slam going down. Note that 6 is reasonable (it’s on the finesse) but 6NT was hopeless and two down.

The bottom lines:

-         Bidding sequence P (2 - 2 - 2) is forcing, and generally considered as game forcing unless you have a specific agreement to the contrary.

-         Bidding sequence Q (2 - 2 - 3) shows a self-sufficient suit which this West hand does not have.




You are not allowed to open 1NT with a singleton         West hand 20 from Monday 24th   


KQ2             KQ72           The first hand here is Hand G (West hand 20) and the correct

AQ87           A987            opening is 1, you can then show your power and shape with a 2

10                 A                  bid next go. The 2nd hand is difficult, and in some competitions

AK752         K752           a 1NT opening is allowed with this type of hand. But at this club we keep it simple – you are not allowed to open 1NT with a singleton. But note that the rules for a 2NT opening are different. Add 4 points to the 2nd hand and 2NT would be a very reasonable opening bid.

Don’t bid your hand twice                                    Board 19 from Wednesday 26th


Dealer:             52                                               Table A

South               A8652                                        West          North         East          South(F)

E-W vul           97                                               -                 -                 -               pass

                        K1087                                       pass           pass           1NT         pass (1) 

106                    N             AQ94                   pass           pass

J974               W    E          Q3                       

A53                    S              Q84                      Table B

Q632                                 AJ94                    West(B)     North         East          South(F)

KJ873                                        -                 -                 -               pass

K10                                            pass           pass           1NT         2    (1)

                        KJ1062                                       pass (2)      pass           pass        


Table C

West(B)     North         East          South(F)

-                 -                 -               pass

pass           pass           1NT         2    (1)

2NT (2)      pass (3)      pass         3    (4)

dbl             pass (5)      pass         pass


Table A:     (1)  What did you bid with this South hand F in this week’s quiz? Pass is a bit feeble with this shape.

Table B:     (1)  1 is fine, and if you play Multi Landy or Cappelletti where the bid shows 5 ’s and a 5 card minor (rarely a good 4) then it’s even finer.

(2)   What did you bid with this West hand B in this week’s quiz? You do not have anything in ’s and the hand simply is not worth a bid. I guess that double may be tempting for some at pairs scoring but pass seems the only sensible bid to me.

Table C:     (1)  This pair play Multi Landy or Cappelletti and 2 is clear (’s and a minor).

(2)   But this is a very poor bid. I’ve said it before – don’t let the opponents ‘push’ you into 2NT with inadequate values. This bid is especially poor with nothing in ’s.

(3)   North was quite happy with the turn of events, he assumes that South has ’s and ’s and with no suit breaking 2NT will be doomed.

(4)   But South came to the rescue. This poor bid is on a par with West’s. West has shown 8-9 points and values in ’s and South bidding here is … unprintable. He has already shown his hand exactly and has ‘pushed’ E-W into an unmakeable contract.

(5)   North simply gave up in despair.


And what happened? At Table A East got a good score for making 1NT exactly. At Table B N-S got a good score for going one down in 2 (so just 50 away). At Table C 3 doubled was two down for an easy top to E-W, 2NT would have been 1 down for a top to N-S.

The bottom lines: -

-         Don’t bid your hand twice; Multi Landy (and Cappelletti) is a 5 card major and a 5 card minor (rarely a very good 4 card minor).

-         If partner opens 1NT you need 8-9 points for 2NT, this is even more true if RHO bids.

-         Converting tops into bottoms is not a sound philosophy for good results.

2NT was one too high – who’s fault?                  Board 13 from Wednesday 26th


2NT was too high. Should South have passed 1? Or was the opening 1 bid incorrect?


Dealer:             AQ4                                           Table A

North               KJ4                                            West          North(J)     East          South(H)

Both vul            642                                             -                 1   (1)      pass         pass (2)

                        AKJ4                                         pass    


85                      N             J963                     Table B

Q92                W    E          A73                      West          North(J)     East          South(H)

AKQ5                S              873                       -                 1   (1)      pass         1  (2)

10876                                Q92                     pass           2NT (3)      all pass    


10865                                         Table C

                        J109                                            West          North(J)     East          South

53                                              -                 1NT (1)      pass         pass (4)



Table A:     (1)  What did you open with this North hand J in this week’s quiz? I guess that most will open 1 with a 2NT rebid (18-19) in mind? I was North at Table C.

(2)  Did you bid with this South hand H in this week’s quiz? I am not inclined to let partner play in a possible 2-2 fit and I would always bid – I go along with South at Table B.

Table B:     (2)  I agree with 1 here. With these intermediates the hand is easily worth a bid (and a chance at finding a 4-4 major suit fit). But that’s my style – I do not like to pass a 1 opening with shortage if I can scrape up a bid but this hand is far better than scraping in my view.

(3)   And this was North’s intention when he opened 1NT.

Table C:     (1)  I was North at this table and if you have read a few news-sheets you know all about how bad the 4333 type shape is. It has little trick making potential and I consider a 1NT opening correct with this North hand J.

(4)  My partner did toy with the idea of bidding Garbage Stayman. I’m not going to calculate the odds here (of finding a 4-4 major or 5-3 fit) but the resultant 2 contract with a 3-3 fit would not have been a success. I agree with pass.


And what happened? 2NT went one down for a bottom, 1 made exactly for a poorish score. 1NT made exactly at two tables to share the top.

The bottom lines: -

-         Deduct a point for the completely flat 4333 type shape (especially with no intermediates)…

-         it has no trick making potential. This deal demonstrates that – N-S have 22 points and loads of intermediates in the South hand but 2NT does not make – because declarer has nothing to set up.

-         In my opinion N-S got too high at table B not because South responded but because North failed to devalue his hand and open just 1NT.

Open 1NT or get in a mess!                                Board 6 from Friday 28th


Dealer:             QJ85                                         

East                  Q873                                          Table A

E-W vul           A43                                            West          North         East(L)     South    

                        KQ                                            -                 -                 1    (1)    pass

1              1NT (2)      2    (3)    pass

K762                 N             A94                      2    (4)      pass           3            pass

64                   W    E          AK52                   pass (5)

KJ7                     S              10985                  

J963                                   A4                        Table B

                        103                                             West          North         East          South

J109                                           -                 -                 1NT (1)    pass

                        Q62                                            2             pass           2            pass

                        109875                                      2NT           all pass              


Table A:     (1)  What did you open with this East hand L in this week’s quiz? I know it’s trivial, but somebody did fail to find 1NT.

(2)   This is extremely dangerous. You should not play 1NT here as a balanced 15-18 as it’s in the ‘Sandwich’ seat and the opponents probably have the balanced of power. Against an experienced pair you will get doubled and go for a number.

(3)   Fortunately for North this East could not work out that with his 15 points and partner’s 6+ then 1NT by North would have gone down. So he instead told partner that he had an unbalanced big hand.

(4)   I guess that 2NT may be better, but understandably West was puzzled by partner’s failure to pass or double the 1NT overcall.

(5)   Again, West had no idea what was going on and so reasonably passed.

Table B:     (1)  This East simply opened the obvious 1NT and a good contract was reached


And what happened? 3 made for an average. As the computer says that E-W make 9 tricks in NT then 1NT doubled by North would presumably have cost 500.

The bottom lines: -

-         Do not overcall a natural 1NT in the ‘sandwich’ seat…

-         ... and if an opponent does, then look for a penalty - either double or pass and allow partner to double if he wishes.

-         With a balanced hand within your 1NT opening range – open 1NT!

-         If you are not an expert bidder (so 99% of our club) then open 1NT whenever you sensibly can as you never then have to think about rebids.

-         A reverse promises 5+ cards in the first bid suit.

Too high                                                                Board 5 from Friday 28th


Dealer:             K1074                                        Table A

North               K62                                            West          North         East          South

N-S vul            A1093                                        -                 pass           1    (1)    pass

85                                              1NT (2)      pass           3   (3)    pass      

3              pass           3            pass

2                        N             AQ853                 pass (4)      pass

QJ8543          W    E          10                        

K74                    S              85                         Table B

J109                                   KQ763                West          North         East          South

                        J96                                             -                 pass           1    (1)    pass

A97                                            1NT (2)      pass           2   (3)    pass

                        QJ62                                           2    (5)      pass           2    (6)    pass

                        A42                                            3              all pass


Table C

West          North         East          South(M)

-                 pass           1   (1)    dbl   (7)

1              1              pass (8)    pass

2    (9)      all pass


Table A:     (1)  It’s up to you what you open when 5-5 in the black suits. I prefer 1 but then I prefer to play 2/1 and I never have a rebid problem.

(2)   This is correct – not enough points to bid 2.

(3)   But this (in my view) is way over the top. It is generally played as game forcing.

(4)   Presumably this West knew his partner? (Friday was an individual)

Table B:     (3)  This East correctly bid just 2.

(5)   And this is correct – it show a weakish hand with 5+ (usually 6) ’s.

(6)   But East fell from grace here – he has already shown 5 ’s and he should simply pass.

Table C:     (1)  This East chose 1 - I have no problem with that, especially with a weakish hand if you do not play 2/1.

(7)   What did you bid with this South hand M in this week’s quiz? I have mentioned on numerous occasions that doubling to show a flat opening hand went out in the stone age. Seems we still have a few cavemen around. Pass is very clear.

(8)   East wanted to double but was not sure if it promised ’s or not (what was your answer to sequence N in this week’s bidding quiz?). Anyway, he passed and hoped that partner would double (an action double) which he could then pass for penalties.

(9)   But West has a clear 2 bid (and the computer says that North can make 1 anyway).


And what happened? 2 was just one down and scored a top for West at Table C. The other contracts went two down.

The bottom lines: -

-         Don’t double with flat hands.

-         Sequence R (1 - 1NT - 2 - 2) is weak with long ’s and opener should normally pass.

Bidding Quiz Answers


Hand A:     3NT. This suit is great and it’s not worth mentioning minor suits over 1NT.

Hand B:      Pass. 2NT would be invitational and is a very poor overbid with just 7 points and nothing in ’s. Double (penalties) is a perhaps reasonable option at pairs scoring (far better than 2NT) but I prefer pass.

Hand C:     3NT. 8 points is normally an invitation, but two 10’s and two 9’s make this worth game.

Hand D:     (a)  Pass. You have said you hand and the knowledge that LHO has a good hand and the K does not improve your hand.

(b)   Pass. The above still applies and if you bid after partner has paused (thus showing some values) that is using unauthorized information and is most definitely not allowed. 2NT is illegal, some would call it cheating.

Hand E:      1NT. Don’t let a weak doubleton deter you from opening 1NT.

Hand F:      2. If you play this as showing ’s and a minor (such as with Cappelletti or Multi Landy) then it’s even better. Pass with this shape is a bit feeble.

Hand G:     1 with a 2 bid later to show the shape and strength. One player opened this hand with 1NT – opening 1NT with a singleton is not allowed in this club.

Hand H:     1. I don’t like to pass partner’s 1 opening with shortage (especially if playing a short ) and with these intermediates the hand is easily worth a bid. The strange looking 1 is also reasonable (so that you can pass a or rebid from partner). I believe that 1 here is a little Chuck trick – note that it is not a psyche, it is simply a fairly descriptive bid trying to get to the best spot cheaply.

Hand J:       1NT. Knock off a point for the totally flat 4333 type shape.

Hand K:     (a)  1NT, obviously.

(b)  1. The hand has the values for 1NT (15-18) but one should have a stop in the suit bid. 1 here is about 7-16 points and is fine. Double would be a poor choice as a subsequent bid would show a stronger hand.

Hand L:      1NT. Obvious I know but somebody did open a poor 1 and then reverse.

Hand M:     Pass. A double should be short in the suit opened and playable in the other 3 suits. It is a really poor bid with a flat hand with 3 cards in each major.



Bidding Sequences Quiz Answers


N     1     dbl   1      1        what is the dbl by opener? I play this as showing good ’s.


There is no interference in the following sequences: -

P      2♣ -   2♦ - 2                  is 2forcing? Absolutely, and most play it as game forcing.

Q     2♣ -   2♦ - 3                  what is 3? Game forcing with a self-sufficient suit.

R     1♠ - 1NT - 2 - 2         what is 2? Weak with long ’s, and opener is expected to pass.


Leading Quiz Answers


(a)7, (b)7    4th highest longest and strongest. The A or K could be very costly if partner has something like Jx or Qx and another suit is not constructive and could well be costly.