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269      Bidding again having doubled – two articles

Dave’s column - J73 K2 872 107432 opposite AKQ1084 6AKJ A65 in 4.

Dave’s column 2 - AJ5AKJ1096 54 K6 opposite 762 Q5 AK963 A74 in 6.

Bridge Cryptogram

4333 type shape – two articles.

270      When Your Hand Improves

Qui-Culpa? – Obey the Law.

Doubling mode – two articles.

Missing the 4-4 major suit fit – two articles

A classic Gambling 3NT

Dave’s column - AJ84 K743 AKQ AQ opposite 75 A10986 J65 K86 in 6.

Dave’s column 2 is an article about the Law of Total Tricks

Cheating? – three articles

Bridge Cryptogram

271      A two-level overcall? - 98 74 Q96543 KQ10, overcall 2 over 1??

Defending against the Multi – wait and see.

When partner’s 1NT is overcalled at the three level

An adjusted score – ‘strong’ is no a good enough explanation for a Benjamin 2♣.

Dave’s columns – two articles about doubling a response to Blackwood

Impossible to go down? – Eight ever nine never.

272      The Tripple – congratulations to Olaf Ries on winning three times in one week

Open 1NT with a 5-card major? - AK374 K42 A6.

Pass  LHO’s 1 opening with 25 points (fav vul)? - AJ AK AK KQJ9643.

Dave’s column - AJ98642K76 A 92 opposite KQ103 843 J1097 A5 in 4.

Dave’s column - KJ7 A54 AJ94 K82 opposite A64 KQJ1063 10 A74 in 6.

This week’s silly double. Dbl 1 holdingKQ86J10953 QJ5 9.

Bridge Cryptogram

273      The automatic re-opening double – two articles

Is it forcing? – 1NT - 2 - 2 - 3?

Dave’s column - AKJ109 2 A764 KQ3 opposite Q32 A1065 KQ3 AJ2 in 6.

Dave’s 2nd column - KJ7 A54 AJ94 K82 opposite A64 KQJ1063 10 A74 in 6.

The suit split calculator and suit play program on the website.

If partner doesn’t like 1NT, he won’t like 2NT - 1 - 1 - 1NT - 2 - 2NT!

Bridge Cryptogram

274      The non-automatic re-opening double? – an example of when not to re-open with dbl.

Bridge Cryptogram

The long Pause – pausing and then passing causes more problems than anything else.

Pass a forcing bid? 1 - 1NT - 3 is forcing.

Dave’s column - 92 9 86 AKQJ543 opposite AJ10 103 K742 10876 in 5.

Dave’s 2nd column - AJ10 73 A10965 K43 opposite K874 52 KQJ87 A2 in 5.

Missing the AK of trumps – The Josaphine Grand Slam Force.

Negative Free Bids.

275      The automatic re-opening double – yet another example

Silly bids by both sides – a ridiculous double and a failure to re-double.

A help-suit game try by the intruding side.

Dave’s column - AJ102 97 K2 AQJ104 opposite KQ9873AJ A53 72 in 6.

Dave’s 2nd column - KQ2 K643 AQ7 432 opposite AJ6 A72 KJ105 AKJ in 6NT.

Is it forcing? – two sequences where partners disagreed.

A 3rd seat opener may be light – but 5 points really is not enough.

Bridge Cryptogram.

276      Never deny a 4-card major – two articles

Dave’s column - J876 4 AKJ1098 A3 opposite A543A8632 Q4 KJ in 4.

Dave’s 2nd column - 32 A942 AJ1083 A10 opposite KJ9 K3 K952 K653 in 3NT.

Cards on the Table – leave the cards played on the table until the score has been written down.

Stay low with mis-fits.

Bridge Cryptogram.

Don’t pass partner’s take-out double without excellent trumps.

Do NOT open 1NT with a singleton – it is not allowed at our club.

277      Never deny a 4-card major.

            An entertaining hand – fairly sensible bidding lands in a 4-2 fit!

Dave’s column - A 10987 AQ32 KQJ5 opposite QJ109876 A65 4 86 in 4.

Dave’s 2nd column - A107 A86 AJ65 KQ10 opposite 43 52 Q10983 AJ2 in 3NT.

Bidding 1NT having doubled shows a big (18-20) hand.

Another re-opening double missed.

278      Failing to open a Gambling 3NT is a real gamble. 1094 42 Q AKQJ942.

Open 1 or 1 with Q3 KJ3 Q875 KQ107? 1 was 1400 point disaster!

Dave’s column - AJ10876 J54 J76 K opposite KQ9 AQ32 A4 AJ105 in 6.

Dave’s 2nd column - 3 AJ864 AKQJ2 KJ opposite KQ64 3 765 A8764 in 3NT.

Who overbid? AK1073 542 965 65 opposite 94 Q9 KQ82 AKQ93 is a hopeless 4

279      It’s not forcing – 1 - 1 - 1 - 2 is invitational.

Who is to blame – a comfortable 4 missed playing Acol.

Co-Operate with partner – three articles on going for the penalty.

Dave’s column - AKQ10973 9 AKJ AQ opposite J82 A7532 765 KJ in 7.

Dave’s 2nd column - 84 AKQ1053 AJ3 A2 opposite AK2 64 KQ1062 K83 in 7.

Notes about the trump queen ask using Roman Keycard Blackwood.

280      Play in the 4-4 major suit fit

Dave’s column - 7 AKJ109742 32 65 opposite K83 Q853 AQJ105 A in 6.

Dave’s 2nd column - Q954 QJ76 A83 J5 opposite AK832 - KQ104 AKQ10 in 7.

Go for the penalty – two articles.

281      Play in the 4-4 major suit fit, the answer to last week’s strange biddings.

Dave’s column - Q 843 AKQJ98 874 opposite A873 AKQ7 65 AK3 in 6.

Dave’s 2nd column - QJ10 652 QJ1076 43 opposite K54 AK8 K93 AK72 in 3NT.

282      Doubling a weak NoTrump – you still need the normal 15-17 or18 points.

4-4 is better than 5-3; look for the good 4-4 fit, especially in slam.

Dave’s column - AQ95 J8 J865 973 opposite KJ A542 AK92 AQ8 in 3NT.

Dave’s 2nd column - 865 A532 KQ75 QJ opposite A4 KJ10 A10986 AK3 in 6.

283      Double of a cipher bid (including a strong 2 opening) shows values in the suit & is for a lead.

Cover an honour with an honour? – not always.

A Multi Mix-up; 3 in the sequence 2 p 2 p 3 shows a strong hand.

Worth a jump? You open 1 with 9 J93 AKQ43 AQ105 and pard bid 1. 2 or 3 now?

Raising Partner’s major suit overcall; 3the sequence 1 1 p 3 is weak.

Worth 3NT? Is AJ8 AQ52 AKQ AJ2 worth an effective 3NT opener?

Dave’s column - 103 Q109 AJ1097 Q43 opposite K5 AK2 Q543 AK62 in 3NT.

Dave’s 2nd column - 962 AKJ1043 KJ A5 opposite 875 62 AQ652 KQ10 in 4.

284      Double of a weak 2 followed by 3NT shows around 20+ points, not 16!

Don’t bid when a pre-empt has done its job.

Missing the 4-4 major suit fir (two articles).

The automatic re-opening double yet again

If partner doesn’t like 1NT he won’t like 2NT.

Dave’s column - QJ43 J4 AQ753 32 opposite K102 A763 J10 AKQ5 in 3NT.

Dave’s 2nd column – this week it’s a double dummy problem.

285      When a pre-empt is not a pre-empt (jumping to 3 when vulnerable over a 1NT opening.)

17 points is worth a try (AQ32 A108 5 AK642)1 - 1 - 1 - 2 - ?

With a solid minor (AKQ1074) do not remove partner’s 3NT.

Obey the Law – two articles about ignoring the Law (vulnerable) and going for 200.

When partner redoubles – two articles about going for the penalty.

Dave’s column - J52 J109 A942 Q87 opposite 963 AK875 3 AK32 in 4.

Dave’s 2nd column - KQ6 QJ6 Q63 AK42 opposite AJ3 AK10 AK42 Q65 in 7NT.

Don’t ask unnecessary questions – with no intention of bidding, wait ‘till the end of the auction.

286      Going past 3NT – only if slam is a realistic proposition.

Too high and no fit – J98 AQ8 1053 AJ64 is not worth a 1st seat opener.

Dave’s column – AK5 QJ98 KQ4 AQ3 opposite 643 32 J1065 K1075 in 3NT

Dave’s 2nd column – KQJ6 6 AK8743 95 opposite A542A109543 2 K4 in 4

Dave’s 3rd  column – this week there’s another double dummy problem.

Trusting partner -1 – If partner doubles Stayman, then lead a , especially holding KJx

Trusting partner -2 – If you open 1NT, LHO overcalls and partner doubles, then pass.

287      2NT over partner’s weak two – Ogust or asking for a feature?

Double followed by a new suit – single suited or two-suited?

The 1NT overcall – holding KJ9 QJ74 AK6 K95 1NT is obvious over a 1 opening.

Criticising the opponents – it’s impolite, especially if you are wrong!

Dave’s column – 8742 A65 83 AJ74 opposite AQ6 KJ4 7 KQ10985 in 5

Dave’s 2nd column – 1094 AKQ7 876 954 opposite AKQ876 - A532 A76 in 4

288      Don’t abuse Michaels and the UNT.

An Unusual NoTrump

A Benjamin 2 or 2 opener?

The wrong slam.

Don’t double with nothing in trumps.

Dave’s column – A2 J65 AKJ1098 62 opposite Q3 Q1072 2 AKJ1043 in 3NT

Dave’s 2nd column – J107 K73 K1043 A75 opposite Q A54 AQJ976 KJ2 in 5

Suit play problem – K9876 opposite A1064. An honour drops, do you then finesse or not?

Restricted choice – an article about play missing QJxx in a suit.

1NT response to a 1-level overcall

A director call – a 2 overcall of 1NT holding a suit when they play it as both majors.

289      The weak jump shift.

Obey the Law of Total Trumps

Dave’s column – 4 AQ10 AK2 AKQJ42 opposite A532 987 94 10983 in 6

Dave’s 2nd column – 7653 KQ8 A42 753 opposite QJ1098 72 KQJ AK9 in 4

290      A poor Moysian Fit

Understanding the law of Total Trumps

Dave’s column – A2 J87 KQ1076 653 opposite QJ10987 AK AJ3 107 in 4

Dave’s 2nd column – AJ1098 765 AJ K43 opposite KQ5 J32 KQ A10982 in 4

291      Michaels, double or overcall?

Looking for slam - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Double a freely bid 3NT for a lead.

Dave’s column – 6543 J94 Q98 AK3 opposite AK10987 32 K105 32 in 4

Dave’s 2nd column – AKQ QJ10 32 KQJ109 opposite J106 A42 AKJ104 5 in 7NT

Restricted Choice – four missing the QJ and an honour drops on the first round.

292      Go for the Moysian fit?

Don’t let the opponents in, open 4 with A2 KQJ10984 J3 42

A Missed opportunity. If RHO overcalls 1NT, double with 10+ points.

Dave’s column – AQJ108 KJ5 93 43 opposite K6 A32 AQ542 J52 in 4

Dave’s 2nd column – KQ98 A9876 3 AKQ opposite AJ107 4 A9874 432 in 6

Another play problem – how to play this suit, Q1087643 opposite A92

Restricted Choice – the three doors problem.

293      Hand Evaluation – KQJxx in partner’s 1st bid suit is worth more than 6 points.

Don’t pass partner’s take-out double without excellent trumps.

11 points and 3-card support is worth no more than a limit raise

A AK7432 4 AK964 is 10 playing tricks and worth more than a 1 opener.

Right strain and level – the art of accurate bidding.

Dave’s column – A KJ1065 AJ AJ1052 opposite 84 AQ987 K65 843 in 6

294      Hand Evaluation – what do you open with A542 A43 9873 AK?

Don’t bid Blackwood with a weak suit.

40% slams are against the odds; use RKCB to find out if partner has the trump queen.

A new suit after RHO has overcalled your partner’s opening.

Dave’s column – 43 AKQ65 876 742 opposite AKQJ10 32 AK9 AJ6 in 6.

Dave’s 2nd column – with KJ1072 5 A92 AQ63 you open 1 and p bids 2, what now?

295      Let it be, leave opponents in a poor contract if they have a better spot.

The 1NT and 2NT bids opposite partner’s overcall.

Too strong – - J1098632 K7642 4 is far too good for 2 opposite partner’s 1 opening.

Not for take-out – bid a 5-card major in preference to a 5-card minor.

Change of suit over partner’s overcall – it’s not forcing, cue bid with a good hand.

Standard French? According to Jean-Charles a 1 response to a 1 denies a 4-card major.

Walsh – this is slightly different and a 1 response may have a major suit if strong.

An Awkward bid – you have K106 KQ954 - AKQJ8 and RHO opens 1.

Dave’s column – K1032 J32 QJ93 84 opposite AJ54 Q76 AK82 AK in 4

Dave’s 2nd column – K76 KQ75 QJ32 A3 opposite AQ32 A3 AK64 K54 in 7

Play Problem – how do you play KJ7 opposite A10942, plenty of entries everywhere.

296      Is it a psyche? Overcall 1 with 1NT holding K106 KQ954 - AKQJ8

Bid that slam – just one pair bid a slam with 7 and 7NT cold.

Go for the penalty? – RHO overcalls partner’s 1 with 2, you K94 K963 KJ6 AJ96

Dave’s column – QJ108 AKJ AQ2 KQ3 opposite 9764 Q1075 K93 54 in 4

Dave’s 2nd column – 763 AJ9832 J K65 opposite KQJ K54 AK74 432 in 4

Play Problem – how do you play A109 opposite KJ873 in dummy, plenty of entries.

297      Too High – do not let an overcall bully you into bidding too high, use a negative double.

Dave’s column – AQ3 1083 73 AQ654 opposite KJ42 KJ4 AJ5 J109 in 3NT.

Dave’s 2nd column – AKQJ92 107 6 AQ105 opposite 543 J982 J74 J92 in 4

Play Problem – how do you play 6 opposite KQ1098543, plenty of entries.

No pre-empts in 4th seat. After 1 p p  bid 2 with AKQJ96 108 1054 QJ

Worth a jump to game 1 - 1 - ? with 63 AKJ6 AK7642 9.

298      The long pause – do not make a long pause and pass – it causes ethical problems.

Rebid a 6 card suit or a 4 card suit?

Dave’s column – K2 J2 5432 K7432 opposite AJ1095 AKQ105 10 A5 in 4.

Dave’s 2nd column – A4 843 KJ104 AKQ opposite K976 K2 A53 J742 in 3NT.

The re-opening double nets a 1100 penalty.

299      Support for partner’s minor: play inverted minors or bid the other minor.

A negative double – partner opens 1 major and RHO overcalls in the other; dbl shows values

Dave’s column – A7 K432 9876 AQJ opposite KQJ1098 AJ5 K10 K3 in 6.

Dave’s 2nd column – K6543 5 10985 AKJ opposite 2 AKQJ1098 J432 2 in 4.

That 4333 shape again - AQ3 A64 932 AJ76 is nor worth a 1NT opener.

Not playing Benjamin twos any more?

It’s penalties: 1 1 p 2 p p dbl; responder had a penalty pass initially.

Both sides bid 3NT

Stay low on a mis-fit

It’s forcing: 1 - 1 - 3 - 3; 3 is forcing over partner’s strong jump.

300      Look for the 4-4 fit, with A864 AJ 1074 KJ104 bid 2 opposite partner’s 1NT.

Raising partner’s overcall – understand the Unassuming Cue Bid.

Asking about a short . It is unethical to ask during the auction.

Dave’s column – 543 864 962 AK74 opposite AKQJ10 AK75 QJ 62 in 4.

Dave’s 2nd column – 5 A93 KQ92 AKJ96 opposite 7632 KJ2 AJ10 Q102 in 6.

It’s not forcing: 1 - 1 - 1 - 3 is invitational.

Upgrade with good shape; after 1 - 1NT bid 3 with AK10864 A76 7 A64

301      Lucrative low-level doubles – four articles.

Don’t double when a NoTrump overcall describes your hand perfectly.

Dave’s column – A106 AKQ 9873 K85 opposite 93 1065 AKQ42 742 in 3NT.

Underlead an ace of you want a ruff?

302      It’s Stayman – when partner overcalls a weak two with 2NT, then 3 is Stayman.

A Stayman super-accept: You open 1NT AQ AJ863 Q93 A42 and partner bids 2.

Dave’s column – 864 J5 QJ65 A832 opposite Q93 AKQ1098 A K74 in 4.

Dave’s 2nd column – KJ87 AQ10 32 A986 opposite A1096 K983 A9 542 in 4.

303      It’s acceptable to open 2NT (or 2 - 2 - 2NT) with AKQ8 AK54 3 AQ32.

Play problem: 1032 AQ108432 A 3 opposite A75 97 K832 KQ85 in 4.

LHO opens 2 Benjamin and RHO relays with 2. You hold KQ107632 K9852 - 93.

The Truscott defence to a strong 1 (or strong 2).

RHO opens 1, what do you bid with QJ10986 42 7 A976?

What do you open with KQ108 AKQ82 9 AQ5?

Take-out or penalties? - 1 p 1NT p p dbl

A poor double – a T.O double should be short in the suit(s) bid and playable in the others.

Don’t double with a 5-card major – overcall (unless very strong).

Dave’s column – AJ6 AJ5 QJ9 K543 opposite 84 K32 A10832 AJ2 in 3NT.

Dave’s 2nd column – A542 A109543 2 K4 opposite KQJ6 6AK8743 95 in 4.

304      Pass a forcing bid? – two articles.

            Raise of an overcall is weak – use the Unassuming Cue Bid with a decent raise.

            Bid your hand in one go: AKQ8532 - AJ52 102 open a Namyats 4

You need trumps for a penalty double – is K109x good enough?

Bid a 6-carder or overcall 1NT over 1? - AQ 42 AK9642 J63

Open 1NT with a singleton? – A singleton A or K is now allowed.

Upgrade a hand with 4-card trump support.

Dave’s column – J52 J109 A942 Q87 opposite 963 AKQ75 3 AK32 in 4.

Dave’s 2nd column – K752 QJ4 AK3 A102 opposite AJ8 10732 Q1084 96 in 4.

305      The infamous Multi 2 - defensive bidding mix-up

Dave’s column – QJ5 864 J109 K987 opposite AK109 3 A43 AQJ103 in 4.

Dave’s 2nd column – QJ1098 QJ108 J52 8 opposite A76 K95 Q107 A532 in 3.

Playing Inverted Attitude Signals – play low from a doubleton if you want a ruff.

The Jordan 2NT and inverted Jordan 2NT over a minor suit opening.

Understanding take-out doubles.

Bid what your hand’s worth.

306      Too high – three articles on overbidding.

Not too high – AJ1097 is worth far more that 5 points.

Distributional hands – two wildly distributional deals and how to bid them.

Balancing – two articles on balancing in 4th seat with the suit.

Dave’s column – 32 AKQ987 KJ 532 opposite AQ106 10432 432 KQ in 4.

Dave’s 2nd column – K102 K96 Q65 QJ92 opposite AJ4 J32 AKJ 10875 in 3NT

307      Don’t bid your hand twice – double and bid game shows a very strong hand.

A couple of basic play errors in one hand.

Covering a J when holding Qx?

A silly penalty double – don’t double a freely bid 3NT without a surprise.

Dave’s column – 103 Q109 AJ1097 Q43 opposite K5 AK2 Q543 AK62 in 3NT

What’s the 2nd double – an interesting article about whether a double was penalties or not.

An Overbid. You double a 1 opening and partner bids 1, how much do you need to bid 4?

Double or overcall – you hold  Q9842 A53 A 8543 and RHO opens 1.

A mis-bid: 2 - 2 - 2 - 3 is not 4th suit forcing.

308      That 4333 type shape again

Dave’s column – AQ95 J8 J865 973 opposite KJ A542 AK92 AQ8 in 3NT

Dave’s 2nd column – AQ10 J105 1093 AQ62 opposite K8 AKQ9 J876 1054 in 3NT

Do you open with Q10953 AQ652 Q2 5 ?

309      Editorial about club rules, movements and Dave’s column.

Check on aces – three pairs bid a slam missing two aces off the top!

5-3   fit or play in 3NT?

Is it a psyche? – a free bid holding 1062 J953 95 J1043

Double and bid game – shows a very strong hand indeed.

No points for a transfer?

It’s a weak bid – when pard opens and RHO overcalls 1NT then a new suit by you is weak

Dave’s column – A4 KJ10 A10986 AK3 opposite 865 A532 KQ75 QJ in 6

Dave’s 2nd column – KJ9 A5 542 AK754 opposite AQ10754 3 K63 632 in 3NT

310      A silly double – a take-out double should be short in the suit opened.

Avoid minor suit games – two articles

That terrible 4333 type shape – deduct a point?

Dave’s column – KQJ109 543 876 75 opposite 73 AKQ6 AKJ109 AQ in 3NT

Dave’s 2nd column – KJ1083 86 6 K10975 opposite Q94 74 AQJ2 AQ63 in 4

311      That 4333 type shape again – two articles

Open with three quick tricks – two articles

The automatic re-opening double

Dave’s column – involving a defensive play.

Bad maners

Fourth suit forcing – it needs alerting.

312      That 4333 type shape again deduct, but add on for good intermediates.

Michaels cue bid can be very strong.

Dave’s column – J75 K73 A2 87542 opposite KQ1096 A864 54 AK in 4

Dave’s 2nd column – J32 7654 AQ Q765 opposite KQ765 A8 K32 KJ4 in 4

Bid game of use a help-suit game try?

313      Fast arrival – in a game forcing auction a jump to 3NT shows a weakish hand.

Qui Culpa? – an easy 27 point game missed.

Inverted minors – they really make bidding easy after a 1/ opening.

Dave’s column – A4 63 10642 AK653 opposite K6 AJ72 AK75 1074 in 3NT

Dave’s 2nd column – J108 KQ2 K763 Q63 opposite AQ97 74 A54 AK42 in 3NT

Don’t pre-empt then bid again – with Q86 AJ9432 J92 85 if you open 2, do not bid again

A lucky misunderstanding – 1NT - 2 - 2 - 4NT is quantitive, not an ace ask (4).

A director call:  part 1. You are allowed to pass partner’s conventional 2 Landy bid

A director call:  part 2. A long hesitation followed by a pass or double causes problems.

314      Deduct a point for the terrible 4333 type shape.

Deny a 4-card major? - AJ2 Q987 K32 753 opposite a 1NT opener

Deny a 4-card major? - AKJ3 KJ65 KJ6 Q8 opposite a 1NT opener

Dave’s column – - AQ1098 A107532 103 opposite AK86 J AQ986 AK65 in 6

Dave’s 2nd column – KJ4 Q984 K93 AJ9 opposite A9 AJ1072 AJ1084 4 in 6

Responding to partner’s overcall – two articles.

315      The 2NT response – it denies a 4-card major.

A Psyche? – responding 1 to 1 with A943 A952 864 76

Dave’s column – what do you open, vul against not –AQJ10432 65 863 8

Dave’s 2nd column – AKQ64 A94 Q652 8 opposite J532 KQJ AK3 A64 in 7

316            A nice hand for Muiderberg

Double 3NT for a lead of dummy’s first bid suit

Penalties galore!

Missed penalties galore.

Opening 3 does not guarantee a 7-card suit.

Redouble is out for blood – usually looking for a penalty.

Dave’s column – 103 J876 AJ8 Q1085 opposite AKQJ96 K2 3 AKJ9 in 6 or 6

Dave’s 2nd column – A654 J932 A KJ43 opposite K72 KQ10654 93 105 in 4

317            Play of the Suit – 9873 opposite AJ1065.

RKC Blackwood with a void – asking and responding.

Balancing in the pass-out seat.

Dave’s column – AQ8 KQ1053 Q9 10625 opposite KJ964 A74 AKJ5 Q in 6 or 6

Dave’s 2nd column – a lead and defensive problem.

A huge two suited (2 loser) hand; open 2 or take it slowly?

The 4NT opening – it asks for the suit of partner’s ace.

Chicken! You have J9 AK3 A6 AK10652, open 1 and partner bids 1, what now?

318            Christmas bridge party details

Dress code – no sleeveless T-Shirts or string vests please.

AK A62 A1052 5432 is nt good enough for a 1NT opener – see what happened!

            Puppet Stayman

The Negative double and re-opening double

The Unassuming Cue Bid

Dave’s column – AQJ109 J2 AK AQJ10 opposite 82 964 Q652 K653 in 4

Dave’s 2nd column – 1075 Q1063 Q1075 KQ opposite AJ964 8 KJ9 A1074 in 4

Defence Quiz – suit preference when dummy can win the 2nd trick

Obey the LAW – compete to the total number of trumps

Wrong sided – use 4th suit forcing if you have no stop in the 4th suit.

319            Christmas bridge party details

The 3NT overcall

Dave’s column – J1043 KQJ K983 AQ opposite A64 A72 87 K653 in 6

Dave’s 2nd column – a defensive problem.

320            Christmas bridge party teams of 4 report

The Gambling 3NT

Dave’s column – 109765 2 A1073 AJ opposite K82 AK743 K862 5 in 6

Dave’s 2nd column – AKQ AKQ94 3 J964 opposite 65 J1086 AKQ4 K107 in 6

That infamous 4333 type shape yet again.