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321      Final Results of the 2008 championships

When your hand improves during the auction

Dave’s column - K1073 AQ103 K63 86 opposite AQJ62 54 742 K7 in 4.

Dave’s column 2 – a tricky defensive problem.

A 1NT response followed by 2NT.

Double a transfer for a lead?

Doubling Mode – playing negative doubles

322      Exclusion RKC Blackwood

Never deny a 4-card major

Dave’s column – a bidding problem

Dave’s column 2 – 765 J863 10764 K6 opposite 9 AK1094 J9532 A8 in 5.

A director call – a long pause and double being pulled.

Play Namyats – what do you open with KQ AKQ109862 532 -

323      After a splinter – two articles on how to continue when partner splinters

A defensive problem – return partner’s suit or switch?

Dave’s column – a defence problem

Dave’s column 2 – Q106 AKQ42 87 864 opposite A83 - AKQJ1065 AK3 in 6

Playing negative doubles – the automatic re-opening double.

That infamous 4333 type shape again.

Better minor? A1 bid must be at least 3 cards and the better of the minors if 3-3.

324      A 2 opener with just 18 points - AK AKQ10754 - Q942

Open 1 or upgrade to a strong 1NT? - A1072 AKQ42 87 864

An Unassuming cue bid? – partner overcalls 1 and you have 11 points and 4 ’s.

Raising partner’s minor – you need 5 cards if playing better minor.

Dave’s column – a defence problem

Dave’s column 2 – A3 K104 KQ9862 96 opposite J10652 AQ32 A5 A7 in 3NT

Double a freely bid 3NT for a lead of dummy’s suit.

Double Stayman for a lead – but AJ42 may go for 1560! - 2**+2

325            RKCB mix-up, use Jacoby 2NT of similar to set a major suit as trumps.

Play Quiz – 8 ever 9 never or restricted choice?

Coping with their 4 opening

Dave’s column – AQ5 QJ98 J9 10987 opposite 64 AK10764 A4 A63 in 4

326            The triple – Janne has now become just the 11th person to achieve the elusive tripple.

The problem with Ogust – LHO may double the response.

The 2NT rebid – it does not deny a 4-card major.

An adjusted score – may apply if you give the wrong explanation of partner’s bid.

Dave’s column – K AJ842 74 10987 opposite AQJ10942 Q 82 963 in 5

Dave’s column 2 – AK9875 96 Q3 QJ8 opposite J106 A5 A75 A10975 in 4

Super Accept of a Jacoby Transfer – I suggest with 4 trumps and a non-minimum.

The Support Double and Support Redouble

Suit play Problem (with ample entries) - 9632 opposite KJ1074

A new suit opposite partner’s weak two opening – it’s forcing.

327      Bidding the opponent’s suit – it’s not usually natural

Don’t bid after partner redoubles on the first round – he may want the penalty.

Raising partner’s splinter (to the six-level!).

Another one bites the dist – rudeness will  not be tolerated at our club.

Dave’s column – QJ43 Q1083 K62 104 opposite 7 A QJ10984 AKQ85 in 5

Dave’s 2nd column – a defence problem.

Upgrade a good 5 card suit: A109 A2 KQJ52 KQ7 is worth a 2NT (20-21) opener.

Open 1NT with a singleton? K62 K AJ32 KQ976

5-4 in the majors opposite 1NT – Jacoby transfer, Smolen or Quest transfer?

328      2008 Championship presentation – Brian senior and Tom Hanlon join in the fun.

Cold for the Grand – using RKCB to locate the queen or extra length.

Exclusion Roman Keycard Blackwood – a (not very good) example.

A 1-level penalty can be more than a slam!

Interfering with their strong 2 opening. TWERB

Dave’s column – 63 A83 KJ983 AQ5 opposite K7 KQ1075 A106 KJ7 in 6

Dave’s 2nd column – 73 AKQJ964 84 63 opposite AKJ2 2 AQ63 AQ97 in 6

Open 1NT with a singleton? – two articles.

329      Double 1NT with AQ104 KQ K932 J103?

Raise a 4-card response with just three card support?

Raise partner’s weak jump shift?

Dave’s column – AK5 A72 AJ9 KJ95 opposite 643 5 543 a86432 in 3NT.

Dave’s 2nd column – what do you open with  63 J10 AKQJ AKQJ8

Don’t pass partner’s forcing bid –  1 p 1NT p 3 is game forcing.

When your 1NT gets overcalled – a comprehensive article about Lebensohl etc.

330      Don’t pre-empt and then bid again.

Raising partner’s 1NT response to 2NT – 15-16 points is not enough (Acol players note).

Dave’s column – 7632 J2 A43 AKJ opposite K854 AK9 852 Q107 in 4

Dave’s 2nd column – J5 K8732 A652 105 opposite AK1098 A5 4 KQJ95 in 4

Too many ’a – part 1: Don’t bid when you can get a huge penalty.

Too many ’a – part 1: With a long minor and a good hand, rebid 3NT.

331      Don’t be bullies into overbidding

Where are the ’s? – Don’t bid your hand twice.

Dave’s column – A87 65 QJ542 Q32 opposite K52 AK2 A963 A76 in 3NT

Dave’s 2nd column – KJ764 K43 AK84 K opposite 83 A65 72 AQ10983 in 3NT

0 or 3 keycards – how to solve the ambiguity – two articles

An impossible bid? - QJ1098542 9 110752 opposite a 1 opening.

After a 2NT jump rebid – play PARROT

332      Everybody bid the slam – and all but one found the good 6 save

Where are the ’s? – Don’t bid your hand twice.

Leading quiz – when partner passes your take-out double.

Good enough for a penalty pass? 1 - dbl -  pass - ? with Q9872 A86 102 532.

Rebid a 6-card suit or give false preference?

Super accept – you need 4 trumps.

Dave’s column – Q92 J6 KJ9 AKQ4 opposite K876 1032 AQ102 J7 in 4

Dave’s 2nd column – J7 53 865 J109876 opposite AQ9 KQJ2 KQ9 AKQ in 3NT

333            Stop them bidding Blackwood

Responding to RKCB with 5 keycards

Dave’s columns – two articles on defence

334      The 2NT response to partner’s 1/ opening.

Dave’s column – 8 AQJ9643 854 Q4 opposite AKQ954 K7 A A952 in 7

A note about RKCB 1430 (as opposed to 3014)

Dave’s 2nd column – QJ97 KQ7 J8 AK62 opposite AK A1042 K752 QJ5 in 6NT

A play problem – combining your chances

When the pre-empt has done the job (don’t bid again).

335            Hans wins the triple for a 2nd time.

Obey the Law – in competitive auctions, compete to the total number of trumps.

An interesting Multi Landy Auction.

Dave’s column – AK AKJ107 Q843 J5 opposite 5432 Q98 A95 432 in 4

Dave’s 2nd column – AQ K93 8653 9642 opposite 9843 AJ652 A KQJ in 4

Correct signalling – playing the 2 followed by the 3 is not the same as the 3 followed by 2

336            Is a 4-level pre-empt enough?

The Jordan 2NT when RHO doubled partner’s opening.

Dave’s column – KQ2 J1064 93 AQ102 opposite A4 AK985 AJ5 K43 in 6

Dave’s 2nd column – a defensive problem

Basic Signals when following suit – Pattaya Standard.

337            A 4th seat opening problem – two articles

Blackwood with a void? – two articles

Dave’s column – AJ986532 A J43 4 opposite Q10 Q1065 Q9 AQ52 in 4.

Dave’s 2nd column – AQ106 Q109 K8 9653 opposite J7 AKJ876 742 AJ in 4

Paul’s column – AQ82 AQ AKQ1075 10 opposite 976 K10875 6432 9 in 5

The huge balanced hand – use Benjamin, Multi or Kokish Relay.

An easy 6 slam.

338            Obey the Law in competitive auctions.

Too good for a major 5-4 fit.

Dave’s column – AKQJ42 10963 A5 K opposite 8 AKJ KJ87 A10653 in 7.

Dave’s 2nd column – QJ1063 K84 7632 5 opposite AK9852 - K854 AQ3 in 4

Paul’s column – an easy slam missed by everybody.

The problem with Roman Keycard Blackwood.

339            Introduction to the new partner checklist.

Nobody bids the grand; void responses to RKCB

Incorrectly blaming partner – 6 points is not enough for anew suit  two level response.

Dave’s column – 10 A9642 QJ109 AQ10 opposite AKQJ975 K3 A32 2 in 7.

Dave’s 2nd column – AKQJ1065 AJ103 - J8 opposite 9432  Q95 A3 KQ54 in 6

Using 4th suit forcing to set up a game forcing auction.

340            Support with support – support partner’s 5 card suit if you have three.

Dave’s column – a defensive problem.

Dave’s 2nd column – QJ5 A74 743 AKQ3 opposite A1073 1092 AJ6 1075 in 3NT

A profitable 1-level non-vul penalty – a trap pass.

Paul’s Column – Three poor bids in a row and then blame parner!

Paul’s Column 2 – The advanced balance

Another advanced balance

Double a cipher bid for a lead

Different styles – parts 1,2,3

341            The Western Cue Bid vs. the DAB

Dave’s column

Dave’s 2nd column

Lead quiz – lead low from Qxx against 3NT if partner overcalled in the suit.

That horrible 4333 type shape – deduct a point! – two articles.

342            Not a penalty double

Dave’s column – a defensive problem

Dave’s 2nd column – J1098 K1084 72 AQ3 opposite AKQ653 9 A65 742 in 4

Paul’s column – loads of bidding and play from the individual.

A re-opening double?

343            The sequence 2 - 2 - 3NT to show 25+ is horrible.

How to bid balanced 25+ point hands – Benjamin, Multi 2 or Kokish Relay all work.

Pearson’s rule of 15 – a nice example of passing a 12 count in 4th seat.

A tricky rebid – how good is 1 - 1 - 2?

Dave’s column – AKQ10432 K64 - 1087 opposite J865 8752 Q AKJ9 in 4

Dave’s 2nd column – a defensive problem.

344            Ogust responses to a weak two opening

4-4 is better than 5-3

After a redouble – all subsequent doubles are for penalties

A free bid – it shows values

Paul’s column 1 – do not overcall at the two level with a suit like A8732

Paul’s 2nd column – count the hand in order to know how to play a 2-way finesse.

Raise partner’s pre-empt with three card support

Dave’s column – a defensive problem

Dave’s 2nd column – AKJ852 Q5 K542 5 opposite Q1094 KJ63 J6 KQ4 in 4

345            No competition – don’t give the opponents a free ride if you have a suitable interference.

Applying the brakes – how to stop low when partner doubles a weak two opening.

Dave’s column – Q54 KQ87 AK4 AQ4 opposite A83 AJ943 853 106 in 4

Dave’s 2nd column – AKQJ 6 A10982 AQ6 opposite 102 KJ1075432 - K92 in 6

346            Balancing

The weak jump shift

Passing partner’s forcing bid

A strange 7 and 3NT, with 6 cold

An interesting pass-out

Dave’s column – 643 K72 Q62 K876 opposite KJ10872 84 AKJ3 A in 4

Dave’s 2nd column – QJ109 Q974 AQ AKJ opposite A5 2 J10982 109652 in 3NT

Respond 1 or 1 to partner’s 1 opening?

A responsive double

Paul’s column – A well bid slam with a combined 29 points

Paul’s 2nd column – bid a poor 4-card major or show support for partner’s 1 opening?

Trust partner – when he bids over a 1NT overcall he is long and weak

347            Stopping in 3M after 1m – 1M – 2NT; two articles featuring the PARROT convention.

A trivial 7NT missed at three tables.

Dave’s column – a defensive problem

Dave’s 2nd column – AKJ J103 K872 542 opposite Q109 Q8 AJ1094 KJ6 in 3NT

348            Royal Bangkok Sports Club outing to Pattaya – Sat 8th Aug 2009

Stay low on a mis-fit – and do not bail out into NoTrumps.

A silly take-out double

The re-opening double

That horrible 4333 shape again

Dave’s column – 82 6 AKQ AJ98752 opposite Q7 AKJ10843 J105 6 in 4

Dave’s 2nd col – 5 A109 9532 Q10432 opposite AKQ108743 K KQ A7 in 6

A silly redouble

Is it an opener?

349            A nice balance

A negative double

Dave’s column – AQ953 AQ8 K5 A85 opposite KJ86 1052 KQ6 6 in 4

Dave’s 2nd col – K97532 542 K3 J2 opposite - AK A754 AKQ9875 in 6

350            A support double

A constructive raise

A play problem

Lebensohl to show no stop

Dave’s column – a defensive problem

Dave’s 2nd column – 953 A32 765 AK42 opposite A42 KQJ109 AJ108 8 in 4

351            Worth a reverse?

Worth a grand slam?

Dave’s column – K4 AJ1096 K54 Q83 opposite 765 KQ83 A83 J6 in 4

Dave’s 2nd col – AJ3 A64 KJ972 A9 opposite 62 KJ9852 A83 J6 in 4

352            An ‘automatic’ re-opening double?

Splinter to slam – two articles.

Dave’s column – 3 843 A63 AQ8762 opposite AQJ Q Q8752 KJ53 in 5

Dave’s 2nd col – K10 765 QJ7 109862 opposite AJ62 AK A109 QJ53 in 3NT.

A Stayman super-accept

353            Pre-empt and bid again

Pull partner’s penalty double?

Super accept of a transfer

Too good for an overcall? – then double first.

Dave’s column – a defensive problem.

Dave’s 2nd col – an opening lead problem.

354            Always raise partner’s pre-empt with three trumps

Paul’s column – miscellaneous bidding from the club.

It’s not forcing – a jump in a previously bid suit.

Dave’s column – AK3 Q87 AKQ109 J4 opposite 984 KJ2 532 Q532 in 3NT

Dave’s 2nd col – A3 652 Q108 AJ654 opposite KQ3 A7 KJ953 K53 in 3NT.

The weak jump shift

355            Enough for the grand – a 4-4 fit and 35+ points?

A bad hand for Lebensohl

Paul’s column 1 – A responsive double

Paul’s column 2 – a 22 point 3NT making +1 after a bidding misunderstanding.

Paul’s column 3 – A simple squeeze.

Dave’s column – AKQ42 AK863 K K8 opposite 963 Q4 9843 6532 in 4

Dave’s 2nd col – A43 1063 A75 8632 opposite KQ7 AK842 K43 A5 in 4.

356            Systems on – systems off, when 1NT is overcalled/doubled?

Multi purpose transfers

Suit play quiz – J53 opposite A9876

Double with a 5-card major?

Dave’s columns – two defensive problems.

357      Weak or forcing?  1NT - 2 - 2 - 3

A poor overcall - K8742 at the two level!

A super-accept reaches a dodgy game.

Dave’s column – Q73 K2 AQJ873 J8 opposite K10542 10 K9542 107 in 4*

Dave’s 2nd col – A6 KQJ742 98742 8 opposite A1043 653 AQ J642 in 5*

3NT is usually better than 5/.

358      Raise into a Moysian fit?

Accurate bidding using Jacoby 2NT, a cue bid and RKCB

The power of a pre-empt

Dave’s column – K65 743 KQ KQ763 opposite AQJ109 AK62 AJ 82 in 6

Dave’s 2nd column – A defensive problem

359      A one-level penalty double

Dave’s column – AJ543 KQ7 K83 Q6 opposite Q109 A3 AJ642 J105in 4

Dave’s 2nd col – 8732 Q94 A873 72 opposite 95 AKJ103 K6 AQ109 in 4

360      The gambling 3NT – a classic example

Bidding after a reverse.

Play problem - A98 opposite Q10654 for just one loser.

Dave’s column – KJ102 AJ75 64 Q103 opposite AQ96 K4 K32 KJ82 in 3NT

Dave’s 2nd col – AQ7 K6 QJ8 109862 opposite K854 A5 K107 AQ75 in 3NT

Is it forcing? - 1 p 1 p 3 p 3?

361      After a jump 2NT rebid

Another classic Gambling 3NT

Dave's column – AK32 AQ10 J4 AQ54 opposite 854 763AKQ109K2 in 6NT

Dave's 2nd col – QJ KJ9 K972 AKJ3 opposite AK AQ8 AQ103 Q872 in 7NT

Paul's Column – responding to 1NT with a singleton

Paul's Column – the 2nd double is still take-out

 362     Passing partner’s 1-level take-out double.

Leaping Michaels.

The ‘automatic’ re-opening double.

Dave’s column – AK104 QJ83 87 K73 opposite 8532 AK1097 Q6 A8 in 4

Dave’s 2nd col – a defensive problem.

The gambling 3NT – yet another classic example

363      Bidding with a three count – two articles.

A good slam?

Bidding too high

Dave’s column – 95 KJ986 KJ65 Q8 opposite AQ7 AQ1074 84 K105 in 4

Dave’s 2nd col – KQJ76 K2 K743 85 opposite A43 AJ8754 65 J10 in 4

Qui Culpa?

364      Negative doubles how high?

Dave’s column – KJ1098 AK A1083 A2 opposite 7642 9643 J9765 - in 4

Dave’s 2nd col – KJ109542 AKQ A5 Q opposite 87 10984 Q876 754 in 4

Paul’s column – four articles including pseudo Vienna coup and some silly bidding.

Double a strong 1NT with A52 KQJ102 Q103 K3 ?

A good 4-4 fit

TWERB – a defense to a strong 1 opening.

365            Worth a raise? A bad 12 opposite a 12-14 1NT rebid.

Bidding over a 5-level pre-empt.

Negative doubles and the ‘automatic re-opening  double’

What are 4 and 4NT after a transfer is accepted?

Dave’s column – Q854 10962 832 KQ opposite A1062 AKJ3 K6 A43 in 3NT

Dave’s 2nd col – A6 73 KQJ10 107652 opposite KQ32 AK 8765 KJ4 in 4

365            2 Dave’s Columns

366            When partner pre-empts in a major, don’t play in 3MT

The power of aces, and KQ doubleton sucks

Mike Dorn Wiss comments on news sheet 366

Dave’s column – AJ852 1063 K9 J104 opposite Q764 AJ J43 AKQ5 in 4

Dave’s 2nd col – A53 98542 Q105 64 opposite KJ1062 A7 3 AKQ105 in 4

Paul’s Column – Guard against what you see.

365            Swiss teams of 4 to be held 12 Dec

Obey the Law? – look at the vulnerability

An ‘automatic’ re-opening double?

Dave’s column – A8 KQJ8 Q762 J85 opposite Q95 A1096 A AK742 in 6

Dave’s 2nd col – AJ9542 Q7 J63 KJ opposite 3 AKJ10985 AK4 A10 in 6

Play problem – KQ9 KQJ8 Q96 A84 opposite A764 A64 AJ KQ53 in 6NT

365            Swiss teams of 4 to be held 13 Dec and 26 Dec

Worth a strong 2 opener?

Dave’s column – A43 Q A104 KQJ1043 opposite J95 K10987 52 A92 in 5

Dave’s 2nd col – 4 KJ76 AKJ953 54 opposite A2 54 Q108 AJ7632 in 5

Paul’s column 1 – An “expert Defense”

Paul’s column 2 –  A counter-intuitive defensive play

Paul’s column 3 – The responsive double

365            Swiss teams of 4 to be held 13 Dec and 26 Dec

Worth a strong 2 opener?

Dave’s column – A43 Q A104 KQJ1043 opposite J95 K10987 52 A92 in 5

Dave’s 2nd col – 4 KJ76 AKJ953 54 opposite A2 54 Q108 AJ7632 in 5

Paul’s column

365            1 - 1 - 2NT – 4NT – quantitative or Blackwood?

Dave’s column – A6 QJ72 7532 Q75 opposite K984 1095 AK AKJ10 in 3NT

Dave’s 2nd col – AQJ8 A AK4 AK742 opposite 1073 J542 J653 Q8 in 3NT

The weak jump shift

372      Dave’s column – J74 K106 A9832 K10 opposite AQ105 A2 7 A98764 in 3NT

Dave’s 2nd col – a bidding problem

Paul’s column – Advance balance and a take-out double with 10 HCP

Paul’s 2nd col – borrow a king when partner opens and RHO pre-empts.

Borrow that king!

373            Final Championship results

Dave’s column – 75 K84 AKJ43 653 opposite A83 A10962 6 AJ82 in 4

Dave’s 2nd col – a defensive -problem