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Mon 4th          1st  Jan & Espen                      63%       2nd     Gus & Enzo                         58%
Wed 6th          1st  Terje & Per-Ake               60%       2nd     Gus & Linda                        55%
Fri 8th             1st  Arne & Svein                    59%       2nd     Roger & Mike                      56%



Bidding Quiz Standard American bidding is assumed unless otherwise stated.


Hand A           Hand B           With Hand  A RHO opens 1♦ and you overcall 1♠, LHO passes
                                                and partner bids 1NT, what do you do?
♠ AQ984         ♠ A76           
♥ K95              ♥ J3                 With Hand B partner opens 1♥ and you bid 2♣. Partner then bids
♦ A107            ♦ A96              3♥ (forcing), what do you bid?
♣ Q3               ♣ A10843                              

Hand C           Hand D           With Hand C partner opens 1♠ and RHO overcalls 2♥, what do
                                                you bid?
♠ 53                 ♠ J763
♥ J104             ♥ 83                 (a) What, if anything, do you open with Hand D in 1st or 2nd seat?
♦ QJ943           ♦ KQ643         (b) What, if anything, do you open with Hand D in 3rd seat?
♣ KQ9            ♣ A5


Bidding Sequence Quiz 

E      1♦     1♠      pass   1NT      How many points is 1NT?   6-9 or something else?

1NT opposite an overcall                                    Board 23 from Wednesday 6th July

Dealer:             ♠ J763                                    
South               ♥ 83                                               West          North(D)   East(A)      South
both vul           ♦ KQ643                                       -                 -                 -                 pass
                        ♣ A5                                             pass           1♦     (1)     1♠    (2)      pass
                                                                              1NT  (3)     pass           pass (4)      pass
♠ K5                      N             ♠ AQ984                
♥ AQ62             W    E          ♥ K95                     
♦ J2                        S              ♦ A107                   
♣ J9764                                 ♣ Q3                      
                        ♠ 102                                            
                        ♥ J1074                        
                        ♦ 985                                      
                        ♣ K1082                                              

  1. What did you do with this North hand D(b) in 3rd seat in this week’s quiz? Opening 1♦ in 1st or 2nd suit would be silly of course, but it’s fine in third seat – you probably want a ♦ led if defending and partner is on lead. And opening may just put off the opponents from finding the best contract.
  2. 1♠ here is fine. With 1NT an equally good alternative, depending upon style.
  3. 1NT here opposite a 1-level overcall is about 10-12, but I would prefer a bit more in ♦’s.
  4. What did you do with this East hand A in this week’s quiz? Assuming that partner is 10-12, then East should bid 3NT.


And what happened? 1NT made +3, everybody else was in 3NT making 9 or 10 tricks, but then I guess that not everybody opened the North hand?
The bottom lines:

  1. It is quite common and acceptable to open light in 3rd seat, especially with a decent suit.
  2. 1NT opposite partner’s 1-level overcall is 10-12 (not 6-9 as opposite an opening bid). This is because a 1-level overcall may be as few as 7-8 points.


Play Quiz

♥ K98654            ♥ J3

This suit is trumps and you have plenty of entries everywhere, how do you play this suit?

or 3NT?                                                          Board 16 from Monday 4th July

Dealer:             ♠ K                                                Table A
West                ♥ K98654                                      West          North         East           South(B)
E-W  vul          ♦ KQJ                                            pass           1♥              pass           2♣
                        ♣ K96                                           pass           3♥     (1)     pass           3NT  (2)
                                                                              pass           pass  (3)     pass
♠ Q9842                N             ♠ J1053                  
♥ Q7                  W    E          ♥ A104                    Table B
♦ 1074                   S              ♦ 8532                     West          North         East           South(B)
♣ Q75                                    ♣ J2                        pass           1♥              pass           2♣
                                                                              pass           3♥     (1)     pass           4♥    (2)
                        ♠ A76                                            pass
                        ♥ J3
                         ♦ A96                                     
                         ♣ A10843                                            

Table A:    (1)  3♥ here is forcing, with 4♥ an alternative.
                 (2)  What did you bid with this South hand B in this week’s quiz? This South hand does have the unbid suits stopped, but I don’t like this bid.
                 (3)  North could bid 4♥, but this is perhaps inconsistent with his bidding last go.
Table B:     (2)  This is the best answer to question B. ♥Jx is good enough support after partner has made a jump bid,
                        especially as you have just one stop in both of the unbid suits.

And what happened? Two pairs ended up in the inferior 3NT, one just making and one going down.
There were four pairs in 4♥, two making exactly and two making +1

Play Quiz answer.
The trick to making an overtrick in 4♥ is the play of the trump suit. The correct play is to lead the ♥J from dummy and run it if it is not covered.

The bottom lines:

  1. If partner jump rebids in a major, it’s usually best to support with a doubleton rather than bid 3NT.

More about negative doubles                             Board 20 from Monday 4th July

I mentioned negative doubles last week, and here is another example where a pair were on different wavelengths.

Dealer:             ♠ KQ72                                         Table A
West                ♥ Q862                                          West(C)     North         East           South
Both vul          ♦ 1076                                           pass           pass           1♠              2♥
                        ♣ 106                                            dbl   (1)      3♥   (2)      4♣   (3)      all pass

♠ 53                       N             ♠ AJ1094                Table B
♥ J104               W    E          ♥ 9                           West(C)     North         East           South
♦ QJ943                 S              ♦ A85                      pass           pass           1♠              2♥
♣ KQ9                                  ♣ A832                   pass (1)      3♥              pass (4)      all pass
                        ♠ 86                                              
                        ♥ AK753              
                         ♦ K2                                       
                         ♣ J754                                          

Table A:    (1)  What did you bid with this West hand C in this week’s quiz? It’s nine points but actually
                         there is no good bid if you play negative doubles in the normal way (so promising both
                         minors here) and a 1NT bid would imply a ♥ stop.
                  (2)  With 4 ♥’s North raises of course.
                  (3)  Assuming that partner had ♣’s, East decided to bid 4♣
Table B:     (1)  This is the best answer to question C, there simply is no good bid.
                  (4)  With no fit indicated, East passes here

And what happened? Results were all over the place, but 4♣ went -4 for a bottom.
The bottom lines:

  1. There are many different treatments of negative doubles. e.g after 1♥ – 2♠:

.     Some play that it simply shows points.
.     Some (like me, Marty Bergen and I believe the majority) play that it guarantees 4+ cards in both of the unbid minors.

Dave’s Column

West                East                               West        North         East           South
♠ AJ983          ♠ K764                         1♠            pass           2♠              pass
♥ K54              ♥ 863                            4♠            all pass
♦ AQ               ♦ 92              
♣ KQ2            ♣ AJ54                 
You are West, declarer in 4♠. North leads the ♦J which you win, how do you play the trump suit?

Dave’s Column Answer                 Board 20 from Wednesday 29th  
Dealer:             ♠ 5                                                 Book Bidding
West                ♥ A107                                          West          North         East           South
Both vul          ♦ J10874                                        1♠              pass           2♠              pass
                        ♣ 10976                                        4♠              all pass

♠ AJ983                N             ♠ K764                   
♥ K54                W    E          ♥ 863                      
♦ AQ                     S              ♦ 92                        
♣ KQ2                                  ♣ AJ54             
                        ♠ Q102                                   
                        ♥ QJ92                     North leads the ♦J, you win the first trick, plan the play.
                        ♦ K653                    
                        ♣ 83                             

The original declarer, after taking the first trick, led a ♠ to dummy’s ♠K and played a ♠ back to hid ♠A.
When the ♠Q did not drop West tried the ♣’s, but South ruffed the third round and shifted to the ♥Q giving
the defence one ♠ and three ♥’s.
Declarer should have made the contract by inserting the ♠J at trick three instead of the ♠A.
Here, the finesse wins and collects an overtrick. But suppose that North wins with an original holding of ♠Qx,
what would he do next? Declarer’s contract is safe.  

And what happened at the Pattaya bridge club? 4♠= four times, 4♠-1 twice.

The bottom lines:

  1. With four trumps to the queen out, one generally plays for the drop. But it is very close odds-wise and if
    there is a reason for taking the finesse, then do so. Here, the reason is to protect the ♥K by keeping South off lead.


Dave’s 2nd Column

North               South                             West        North         East           South
♠ 753               ♠ AKJ86                       -               1♣             pass           1♠
♥ 654               ♥ K73                           pass          2♣             pass           2♦
♦ K8                ♦ A5                              pass          2♠              pass           3♣
♣ AKQ108     ♣ J92                            pass          3♠              pass           4♠
                                                              all pass
You are South, declarer in 4♠. West leads the ♦Q, plan the play.     


Dave’s 2nd Column Answer             Board 21 from Wednesday 29th  
Dealer:             ♠ 753                                             Book bidding             
North               ♥ 654                                             West          North         East           South
N-S vul            ♦ K8                                              -                 1♣             pass           1♠
                        ♣ AKQ108                                   pass           2♣             pass           2♦     (1)
                                                                              pass           2♠              pass           3♣    (1)          
♠ 10                       N             ♠ Q942                    pass           3♠              pass           4♠
♥ A1082            W    E          ♥ QJ9                     all pass
♦ QJ1073               S              ♦ 9642              
♣ 764                                    ♣ 53                  (1)  forcing
                        ♠ AKJ86                                
                        ♥ K73                     West leads the ♦Q, plan the play.     
                        ♦ A5                                              
                        ♣ J92

When first played Declarer took his ♦A and led another ♦ to dummy’s ♦K to try the trump finesse.
The ♠J winning was good news but bad news followed quickly.     

And what happened at the Pattaya Bridge Club? 4♠+1, 4♠= three times, 4♠-1 twice.
When South cashed his ♠A West signaled for a ♥ and the game was in jeopardy.
South then knew that leading a ♥ to his ♥K would not work, so as a last chance he had to hope he had
to hope that East had three or more ♣’s. To take advantage of this possibility South cashed the ♠K and
tried three rounds of ♣’s. Unfortunately East ruffed the third round and the ♥ switch killed the game.
How could South have kept East off lead?
To protect his ♥K south should win the initial lead in dummy and lead a trump, covering whatever East plays.
West wins with the ♠10 and continues with another ♦ to South’s ♦A. South then cashes the ♠A to discover
the bad break. No matter. He leads a low ♣ to dummy’s ♣10 and picks up trumps with a finesse.
He then has an over-trick instead of down one.

Bidding Quiz Answers

Hand A:   3NT, partner’s 1NT opposite a 1-level overcall is +- 11 pts.
Hand B:    4♥, Partner has good long ♥’s and you only have one stop in the unbid suits.
Hand C:   Pass. It’s not good enough for 2♦ and a negative double is usually played as showing both minors.
                 If you play negative doubles as just showing points the I suppose you double.
Hand D:   (a)  pass, obviously
                  (b)  1♦, this hand and the ♦ suit are good enough for a 3rd seat opener.


Bidding Sequence Quiz Answers  
E      1♦     1♠      pass   1NT      1NT here is 10-12, NOT 6-9. Partner 1-level overcall could be as few
                                                    as 7-8 points so you need 10-12.

Current club championship standings


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Bronze Medal = Best 5











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614.2 Bob Short
611.7 Sean Burgess
609.4 Jeremy Watson
608.9 Sigurd Zahl

332.2 Per Andersson
326.2 Hans Vikman
325.3 Paul Scully
321.7 Lars Broman
318.9 Janne Roos
318.4 Dave Hurst
316.6 Alan Kleist
316.3 Paul Quodomine
314.8 Bob Short
312.6 Gerard & Derek