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Mon 25th        1st  Jan & Terry                       58%    = 2nd     Dino & Per-Ake                   54%
                                                                                 = 2nd     Sigurd & Mike                     54%
Wed 27th        1st  Bob S & Niels                  70%       2nd     Terje & Sigurd                     65%
Fri 29th           1st  Bob S & Niels                  62%    = 2nd     Arne & Svein                       56%
                                                                                 = 2nd     Paul Q & Hans                     56%


Bidding Quiz          Standard American bidding is assumed unless otherwise stated.

Hand A           Hand B           With Hand A partner opens 1♣ and RHO overcalls 3♦,
                                                what do you bid?
♠ A65              ♠ QJ8
♥ Q954            ♥ A5               (a)  What do you open with Hand B?
♦ 7                   ♦ K10              (b)  Suppose you choose to open 1♣ and partner bids 1♥.
♣ A10762       ♣ AKQ1073         what do you bid now?
Hand C           Hand D           With Hands C and D LHO opens 1♣ and RHO bids 1♥. Suppose
                                                you are vulnerable against not.
♠ K107            ♠ K10975       
♥ AJ5              ♥ -                   What do you bid with Hand C?    
♦ KJ96             ♦ QJ9652                                
♣ KJ5              ♣ 95                What do you bid with Hand D?

Bidding Sequence Quiz        
E       1♣    1♠     1NT    pass
         2♥                                      Is 2♥ forcing, does it show extra strength?
F       1♣    1♠     dbl      pass
         2♥                                      dbl is negative. Is 2♥ forcing, does it show extra strength?
G      1♣    1♦     1♥       pass
         2♥                                      Is 2♥ forcing?
H      1♣    pass  1♥       1NT      what is 1NT – how strong is it?  


The Sandwich NoTrump                                   Board 22from Wednesday 11th

Dealer:             ♠ K10975                                      Table A
East                 ♥ -                                                 West          North         East(B)      South
E-W vul           ♦ QJ9652                                       -                 -                 2NT (1)      pass
                        ♣ 95                                              6NT (2)      all pass

♠ A632                  N             ♠ QJ8                      Table B
♥ KQ108           W    E          ♥ A5                        West          North(D)   East(B)      South
♦ A73                    S              ♦ K10                      -                 -                 1♣   (1)      pass
♣ J4                                       ♣ AKQ1073           1♥              1NT  (3)     2NT (4)      pass
                        ♠ 4                                                 3NT (5)      all pass
                        ♥ J976432                                            
                        ♦ 84                                              
                        ♣ 862                                           

Table A:    (1)  What did you open with this East hand B(a) in this week’s quiz? This ♣AKQ10xx
                        is worth far more than nine points and the hand is easily worth a 2NT opener.
                  (2)  This is one of the few exceptions where you should not try Stayman. With a combined
                        34-35 points it’s probably 12 tricks in any strain, and NoTrumps scores more.
Table B:     (1)  This East chose a somewhat pessimistic 1♣ opening in answer to question B(a).
                  (3)  What did you bid with this North hand D in this week’s quiz? With 6 HCPs and
                        eleven cards in two suits it’s 17 for the club’s rule of 15 for pre-emptive bids and I
                        certainly would not argue if you chose the Unusual 2NT. But this N-S pair play the
                        Sandwich NT where 1NT in this position is exactly the same as an unusual 2NT but
                        a lot safer between two bidding opponents.
                  (4)  What did you bid with this East hand B(b) in this week’s quiz? North’s bid is pretty
                        much irrelevant. This 2NT bid is 18-19 and is a very poor bid in my opinion.
                        This hand is far too good. Having failed to open 2NT, you should now bid 3NT –
                        showing a good hand with a good long minor (and ♦ & ♠ stops).
                  (5)  Not knowing that partner had such a good hand, West decided to bid just 3NT.

      And what happened? 6NT+1, 6NT=, 6♣+1, 3NT+3 three times.
      At table B I understand that West was unhappy about the 1NT bid by North with just six points.
But it was alerted and explained as pre-emptive with ♠’s and ♦’s. At the two level the club rules for
pre-emptive bids and overcalls are the rule of 14, this hand is 17 for the rule and clearly absolutely
acceptable. The reason for E-W not reaching slam on the deal was not North’s 1NT overcall, but
the pessimistic bidding (twice) by East.

Dave’s Column

North               South                                       Book bidding 
♠ A106            ♠ KQJ                                     West       North        East           South
♥ KQJ763       ♥ 10984                                   -              -                pass           pass
♦ 74                 ♦ 853                                       pass        1♥             2♦              3♥
♣ QJ                ♣ A74                                     4♦           4♥             all pass

You are North, declarer in 4♥. East cashed the ♦A (West discouraged) and continued with the ♦K
and then the ♦Q which you ruff.  Do you think that you can make the hand now?

Dave’s Column Answer         Board 18 from Wednesday 20th  
Dealer:             ♠ A106                                          Bidding
East                 ♥ KQJ763                                     West          North         East           South
N-S vul            ♦ 74                                               -                 -                 pass           pass
                        ♣ QJ                                              pass           1♥              2♦              3♥     (1)
                                                                              4♦              4♥              all pass
♠ 8752                   N             ♠ 943                
♥ A                    W    E          ♥ 52                  
♦ 1062                   S              ♦ AKQJ9                
♣ K9862                               ♣ 1053             
                        ♠ KQJ                        
                        ♥ 10984                      
                        ♦ 853                          
                        ♣ A74                        

East cashed the ♦A (West discouraged) and continued with the ♦K and then the ♦Q which declarer
ruffed. Do you think that declarer can make the hand now?
“Well played,” said a happy South. It was the only way to make the game.
“Poorly defended” contradicted West. He cannot make the game against good defense.
Who was right, South or West?

East cashed his ♦A and ♦K and then the ♦Q, forcing North to ruff. After East has shown the three to ♦’s
North knew where the rest of the high cards were. East could not possibly have the ♥A or the ♣K as
with either he would have opened the bidding.
Taking full advantage, North immediately cashed three rounds of ♠’s ending in dummy, and then led a ♥.
His hopes materialized when West’s ♥A was singleton. With no safe exit, West had to concede the
contract by giving a free ♣ trick or a ruff and discard.
Who was right? Both opinions were valid. North played very well but would not have made the game
had East shifted to a ♣ at trick three.


Dave’s 2nd Column

West                East                               Book bidding                   
♠ KQJ10         ♠ A65                            West        North         East(B)      South
♥ AJ3              ♥ Q954                         1♣            3♦              4♣             pass
♦ 5                   ♦ 7                                 4♥            pass           4♠              pass
♣ KQJ54         ♣ A10762                     6♣            all pass

Playing ace for attitude – king for count, North leads the ♦K and then shifts to a ♠.
You are declarer in 6♣ and need to play the ♥ suit for no loser – plan the play.
Dave’s 2nd Column Answer           Board 21 from Wednesday 27th  
Dealer:             ♠ 873                                             Book bidding             
West                ♥ 106                                             West          North         East(B)      South
Both  vul         ♦ AKJ9842                                    1♣             3♦              4♣   (1)      pass
                        ♣ 3                                                4♥    (2)      pass           4♠    (2)      pass
                                                                              6♣             all pass
♠ KQJ10               N             ♠ A65               
♥ AJ3                W    E          ♥ Q954              (1)  What did you bid with this East hand B in
♦ 5                         S              ♦ 7                           this week’s quiz? I don’t like this book bid,
♣ KQJ54                               ♣ A10762               there may be a 4-4 ♥ fit and I would make a
                        ♠ 942                                             negative double promising a 4-card major.
                        ♥ K872                                          You can always bid 4♣ next if partner bids 3♠;
                        ♦ Q1063                                         nothing is lost and you have described
                        ♣ 98                                              your hand better.
                                                                        (2)  cue bids

Playing ace for attitude – king for count, North leads the ♦K and then shifts to a ♠.
You are declarer in 6♣ and need to play the ♥ suit for no loser. This would normally require finding
South with a doubleton or singleton ♥K. But before going for that option, get a count of the hand.
After winning trick two, draw trumps, learning that North started with a singleton. Then cash
your ♠ tricks, finding out that North started with three. So North had three ♠’s, seven ♦’s and
one ♣. He could hold only two ♥’s and so South cannot have the ♥K singleton or doubleton.

Another tack is required. Go to dummy with a trump and play the ♥Q. If South fails to cover then you
are home. If South covers you win with the ♥A and cash the J hoping that North now has the singleton ♥10.

Bidding Quiz Answers

Hand A:   The book bid in Dave’s column is 4♣, but I don’t like it. It may depend upon how you
                  play Negative Doubles, but I would double, promising a 4-card major.
Hand B:    (a)  2NT. The ♣ suit in this hand makes it easily worth 20-21 points.
                  (b)  3NT.  Again, it’s far too good for 2NT which here shows 18-19.
Hand C:   Pass. To bid 1NT here to show a balanced 15-17 is quite likely to be suicide.
                 You are between two unlimited opponents, vulnerable, and opposite a passed partner who
                  is likely to be totally bust. You do not want to go for 200, 500 or more on a partscore deal.
Hand D:   1NT. That is if you play the Sandwich NT, which is the same as the Unusual NoTrump but
                  a level lower. This hand is ideal. 2NT, the UNT, is an alternative if you do not play the
                  Sandwich NT, but it may be a bid dangerous at this vulnerability.


Bidding Sequence Quiz Answers          

E      1♣    1♠     1NT    pass
         2♥                                      2♥ here is a forcing reverse.
F       1♣    1♠     dbl      pass
         2♥                                      2♥ here does not show extra values and is passable
G      1♣    1♦     1♥       pass
         2♥                                      2♥ is obviously not strong, it is effectively the same as above.
H      1♣    pass  1♥       1NT      I play 1NT here as pre-emptive with both unbid suits. I do not like having my head
                                                    chopped off and would never dream of bidding a natural 15-17 1NT in this position.              
J       1♣    pass  1♥       1NT      This 2NT bid shows about 18-19. It is not 12-14 because it
         2NT                                   is an opponent who has pushed the bidding up to the two level.

Current club championship standings


Gold Cup = Best 30

Silver Plate = Best 10

Bronze Medal = Best 5











1798.8 Janne Roos
1765.5 Hans Vikman
1759.2 Bob Short
1725.0 Tomas Wikman

639.8 Per Andersson
639.2 Hans Vikman
636.2 Paul Quodomine
626.8 Bob Short
627.6 Janne Roos
624.0 Lars Broman
617.8 Paul Scully
615.8 Terje Lie
614.6 Jan v Koss
611.7 Sean Burgess

332.2 Per Andersson
326.2 Hans Vikman
325.3 = Bob Short
325.3 = Paul Scully
321.7 Lars Broman
318.9 Janne Roos
318.4 Dave Hurst
318.2 Jan v Koss
316.6 Alan Kleist
316.3 Paul Quodomine