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Mon 26th N-S       1st   Tobjorn & Arne              64%            2nd  Niclas & Hans V            60%
               E-W      1st   Fred & Helge                 63%            2nd  Gerard & Derek             57%
Wed 28th N-S      1st   Robbie & Ivy                 59%            2nd  Per-Ake & Hans V         56%
               E-W      1st   Fred & Helge                 =        1st     Jan & Espen                         60%
Fri 30th                 1st  Dino & Richard M         57%            2nd Paul Sc & Gus                56%

Bidding Quiz          Standard American (short ♣) bidding is assumed unless otherwise stated.

Hand A           Hand B           With A partner opens 1♠ and RHO doubles. What do you bid?

♠ AQ108         ♠ 10875        
♥ 76                 ♥ KQ765         With B partner opens 2♠ and RHO doubles. What do you bid?
♦ 87                 ♦ -                 
♣ A10962       ♣ K1064                      


Bidding Sequence Quiz            
C      1♥     dbl     redbl                What does redouble show?

D      1♥     dbl     3♥                    What does 3♥ show?

E      1♥     dbl     4♥                    What does 4♥ show?

F       1♥     dbl     2NT                 What does 2NT show?

G      1♣    dbl     redbl    1♠        (a) What would dbl at (1) show? Is it penalties or showing ♥’s?
         ? (1)                                     (b) Would a pass at (1) be forcing?

Current club championship standings


Gold Cup = Best 30

Silver Plate = Best 10

Bronze Medal = Best 5


1827.5 Hans Vikman
1812.8 Janne Roos
1801.5 Bob Short
1774.2 Sigurd Zahl
1761.4 Gerard Hardy
1761.0 Paul Quodomine
1752.7 Derek Tyms
1734.7 Paul Scully
1725.0 Tomas Wikman
1718.0 Bob Pelletier

647.4 Hans Vikman
645.2 Bob Short
639.8 Per Andersson
640.2 Paul Quodomine
631.1 Janne Roos
627.2= Gerard Hardy
627.2= Derek Tyms
624.0 Lars Broman
626.3 Sigurd Zahl
620.1 Paul Scully

335.4 Bob Short
332.2 Per Andersson
329.9 Hans Vikman
328.9= Gerard Hardy
328.9= Derek Tyms
325.3 Paul Scully
321.7 Lars Broman
320.4 Janne Roos
319.9 Dave Hurst
319.8 Bengt Malmgren


Raising partner’s pre-empt.                               Board 1 from Wednesday 14th 

Dealer:             ♠ 10875                                         Table A
North               ♥ KQ765                                       West          North(B)   East           South
Love all           ♦ -                                                  -                 pass           pass           2♠
                        ♣ K1064                                       dbl             3♠     (1)     4♦    (2)      pass
                                                                              4♠              pass           5♦              pass 
♠ 6                         N             ♠ AJ                        6♦    (3)      6♠     (4)     all pass
♥ A1092            W    E          ♥ J83                      
♦ AK10932           S              ♦ J8654                    Table B
♣ A9                                      ♣ QJ2                     West          North(B)   East           South
                        ♠ KQ9432                                     -                 pass           pass           2♠
                        ♥ 4                                                 dbl             4♠     (1)     ?...
                        ♦ Q7                                             
                        ♣ 8653                                         

Table A:    (1)  What did you bid with this North hand B in this week’s quiz? This single raise is feeble.
                  (2)  A free bid, so showing values.
                  (3)  A bit aggressive.
                  (4)  Having failed to pre-empt to the maximum earlier, North now sacrifices at the six
                        level having given them plenty of bidding space to get there. What’s more, with
                        two very likely defensive tricks in his own hand the sacrifice is dubious.
Table B:     (1)  With four ♠’s, this is my (fairly obvious) answer to question B. Anything can happen, but at least you have made it difficult for them.
The bottom lines:

  1. Do not pre-empt (or raise partner’s pre-empt) and then bid again.
  2. This particular North is well known for doing just that, and in fact his partner specifically mentioned it to him before the session!!

And what happened? Loads of spurious results, with the only N-S score being +50 for 5♦-1.
6♦ has no chance of course.



Dave’s Column

North               South                                  West          North         East            South
♠ 1042             ♠ A9                                   -                  pass          1♣              1♥
♥ A73              ♥ QJ109842                        1♠              2♥              pass            4♥
♦ 798               ♦ A3                                    all pass
♣ QJ93            ♣ K4                    
You are South, declarer in 4♥. Plan the play on the ♠K lead.

Dave’s Column Answer                     Board 6 from Wednesday 28th Sept. 
Dealer:             ♠ 1042                                           Bidding            
North               ♥ A73                                            West          North         East           South
E-W vul           ♦ 798                                             -                 pass           1♣             1♥
                        ♣ QJ103                                        1♠              2♥              pass           4♥
                                                                              all pass
♠ KQJ83               N             ♠ 765                      
♥ 5                     W    E          ♥ K6                       
♦ J1064                  S              ♦ KQ52                 
♣ 852                                    ♣ A976              
                        ♠ A9                                       
                        ♥ QJ109842                                 
                        ♦ A3                                   Plan the play for declarer on the ♠K lead.       
                        ♣ K4                                      

If you count losers, there are perhaps one in each suit. If the ♥ finesse works that will take care of one, but is there a better chance? If you finesse in ♥’s it may lose and then the defenders will cash another ♠ and probably attack ♦’s and will set up four winners before you have knocked out the ♣A.
So win the ♠ lead and attack ♣’s at trick two by leading the ♣K. If they duck, play another; then they will win the ♣A and cash a ♠. If they then switch to a ♦, win and play a trump to the ♥A and then discard the ♦3 on the ♣J.

And what happened at the Pattaya bridge club? Two declarers passed the test; one with  4♥= and one with 5♥-1. Others went one down in 4♥.


Dave’s 2nd Column

West                East                                     West          North         East           South
♠ KJ10865      ♠ AQ3                                -                 pass           1♦              pass
♥ A42              ♥ 975                                  1♠              pass           2♠              pass
♦ J3                  ♦ AK542                            4♠              all pass
♣ QJ                ♣ 85
You are West, declarer in 4♠. Plan the play on a trump lead.

Dave’s 2nd Column Answer           Board 5 from Wednesday 28th Sept. 
Dealer:             ♠ 92                                               Bidding            
North               ♥ QJ108                                        West          North         East           South
N-S vul            ♦ Q10                                            -                 pass           1♦              pass
                        ♣ K10942                                     1♠              pass           2♠    (1)      pass
                                                                              4♠              all pass      
♠ KJ10865            N             ♠ AQ3                    
♥ A42                W    E          ♥ 975                     
♦ J3                        S              ♦ AK542           (1)  This is better than 1NT with nothing in         
♣ QJ                                      ♣ 85                       ♣’s and ♥’s.
                        ♠ 74                                        
                        ♥ K63                               
                        ♦ 9876                                     North leads the ♥Q, plan the play.
                        ♣ A763                                  

Declarer has four potential losers, two ♥’s and two ♣’s. But the ♦’s may provide a third trick for a discard as long as the suit breaks no worse that 4-2.
So win the first ♥ and play just one top trump from hand. Then play the two top ♦’s and ruff a third ♦ high. If the suit has broken 3-3, that’s great and you get an overtrick. But North shows out on the third round, so play a second trump to dummy and ruff a fourth ♦. Finally, re-enter dummy with the last trump in order to play the established ♦ to throw a loser from hand.
If you had mistakenly played two rounds of trumps early you would not have an entry to the fifth ♦.

And what happened at the Pattaya bridge club? 6♠-3, 4♠-2 twice, 2♠+1 and three declarers passed the test with 4♠=.

      The bottom lines

  1. Declarer should normally draw trumps unless there is a good reason not too. Often this is a

need to ruff in dummy, but here it is because declarer needs two entries to dummy to set up the ♦’s.

The Jordan 2NT                                                 Board 3 from Wednesday 14th  

Dealer:             ♠ K7642                                        Table A
South               ♥ Q53                                            West          North         East           South(A)
E-W vul           ♦ AQ63                                         -                 -                 -                 pass
                        ♣ 7                                                pass           1♠              dbl             3♠     (1)
                                                                              pass           pass  (2)     pass
♠ J53                     N             ♠ 9                                  
♥ K842              W    E          ♥ AJ109                  Table B
♦ J94                      S              ♦ K1052                  West          North         East           South(A)
♣ QJ8                                    ♣ K543                   -                 -                 -                 pass
                        ♠ AQ108                                       pass           1♠              dbl             2NT  (1)
                        ♥ 76                                               pass           pass  (3)     pass
                        ♦ 87                                              
                        ♣ A10962                                            

Table A:    (1)  What did you bid with this South hand A in this week’s quiz? Presumably this
                        South meant 3♠ as invitational, I play it as weak after a double.
                  (2)  North decided to pass, I have no idea if he thought partner’s bid was weak or
Table B:     (1)  This is my answer to question A. The Jordan 2NT, showing a sound raise to 3♠ or better.

  1. Unfortunately North did not understand the bid and passed.

And what happened? 2NT went down, 4♠=  was a popular spots.

The bottom lines:

  1. There is a section on the website about bidding when RHO doubles:

General bridge topics > when RHO doubles.

  1. Basically, if partner opens 1♠ and RHO doubles then:

2♠, 3♠ and 4♠ are all pre-emptive.
Redouble shows 9+ points with no fit for partner.
2NT shows a sound raise to 3♠ or better – The Jordan 2NT (aka Truscott 2NT).
Note that Jacoby 2NT (or Stenberg 2NT) are not played after a double as Jordan 2NT is preferred.

  1. Logically, 2NT cannot be the traditional 11-12 points as with such a hand one would redouble.




Bidding Quiz Answers  

Hand A:   2NT, Showing a sound raise to 3♠ or better. This is the Jordan (aka Truscott) 2NT.
                  The logic behind this bid is that with a natural 2NT one would redouble; also, all ♠
                  bids are best played as pre-emptive. So use the ‘spare’ 2NT as a sound raise.
Hand B:    4♠, raise partner’s pre-empt to the limit and do not bid again. Anything less makes it easy for the opponents, and with four trumps and a void, 4♠ may                   even make (it did at one table, or at least 10 tricks were made in a silly 6♠ doubled). I guess that an immediate 5♠ is an alternative.


Bidding Sequence Quiz            
C      1♥     dbl     redbl            Redouble shows 9+ points with a lack of support for partner’s suit

D      1♥     dbl     3♥                This is best played as pre-emptive.

E      1♥     dbl     4♥                This is also best played as pre-emptive.

F       1♥     dbl     2NT             This is the Jordan (aka Truscott) 2NT.  Since with a balanced
                                                11-12 points you would re-double, this bid is spare and so it is
                                                used to show a sound raise to three or more of partner’s suit.

G      1♣    dbl     redbl    1♠        (a) All doubles after a re-double are for penalties
         ? (1)                                     (b) pass is forcing. Your side has the majority of points and
                                                           partner will either double (for penalties) or bid.