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Mon 2nd    N-S      1st   Tomas & Ivy                  62%            2nd  Jeremy & Sean               54%
                 E-W     1st   Gus & Enzo                   65%            2nd  Jean-Pierre & Michel      54%
Wed 4th    N-S      1st   Paul Q &  Terry Q          62%            2nd  Gus & Enzo                   56%
                 E-W     1st   Paul Sc & Dave H          58%            2nd  Frode & Olaf                 55%
Fri 6th       N-S      1st  Gus & Enzo                   55%            2nd Mike G & Jean               54%
                 E-W     1st   Ivy & Dave C                58%            2nd  Jan & Frode                   57%


Bidding Quiz          Standard American (short ♣) bidding is assumed unless otherwise stated.


Hand A           Hand B           What do you open with Hand A?

♠ 3                   ♠ -                    With Hand B partner opens 1♠ and RHO overcalls 1NT,     
♥ 1096532       ♥ J75               what do you bid? 
♦ J9                  ♦ KQJ2                                         
♣ J853             ♣ J106532                    



Bidding Sequence Quiz        

C      1♣    3♣     dbl                         What is the 3♣ cuebid of opener’s suit?

D      1♠     1NT   2♣                         Is 2♣ forcing?

E      1NT  pass   4♣     pass             4♣ is Gerber and 4♠ shows two aces,
         4♠     pass   4NT                       what is 4NT, to play or asking for kings?


The 2011 championship winners.

Congratulations to the five winners, who all receive a year’s free membership or a trophy.

Gold (best 30)             1st   Hans Vikman
                                    2nd Bob Short
                                    3rd Jeremy Watson
Silver (best 10)                  Sean Burgess
Bronze (best 5)                  Per Andersson

For anybody who has not yet paid (excluding the above), membership fees are due now.
Bidding when RHO has overcalled 1NT
          Board 24 from Wednesday 4th 

Dealer:             ♠ 742                                            
West                ♥ AK84                                         West(B)     North         East           South
Love all             ♦ 1087                                           pass           pass           1♠              1NT  (1)
                        ♣ 974                                            pass (2)      pass           pass
♠ -                          N             ♠ KQ1098              
♥ J75                 W    E          ♥ 105                      
♦ KQJ2                  S              ♦ 9654                    
♣ J106532                             ♣ AQ                     
                        ♠ AJ653                                       
                        ♥ Q932                                         
                        ♦ A3                                             
                        ♣ K8                                            

  1. A somewhat off-beat 1NT overcall.
  2. What did you bid with this West hand B in this week’s quiz? Without the overcall you would bid 1NT, but after a 1NT overcall you can now bid 2♣ as that no longer shows 10+ points.

And what happened? At most tables South passed and E-W mostly played peacefully in 2♦ or
3♦ as it is difficult for N-S to enter the auction when South has East’s suit.
The bottom lines:

  1. If partner opens and RHO overcalls 1NT then a new suit bid by you is non-forcing

(because you would double with 9+ points).


Dave’s Column

West                East                                         West          North            East             South
♠ J10               ♠ AK9854                               -                 -                    1♠               pass
♥ Q3                ♥ KJ9                                           2♦              2♥              3♠            pass
♦ KQJ108        ♦ 32                                         4♠              all pass
♣ K653           ♣ A10

East found himself in a 4♠ contract that looked cold for a moment. When North won the
♥A and returned the ♥10, South ruffed and returned a ♦ to North’s ♦A. North continued with
another ♦, won in dummy. All of a sudden declarer was in a position where he had to guess the
trump suit. Missing four ♠’s at this moment, should declarer finesse or play for the remaining
♠’s to be 2-2?

Dave’s Column Answer                 Board 2 from Wednesday 4th Jan 
Dealer:             ♠ Q76                                            Bidding            
East                 ♥ A1087654                                  West          North         East           South
N-S vul            ♦ A4                                              -                 -                 1♠              pass
                        ♣ J                                                 2♦              2♥              3♠              pass    
                                                                              4♠              all pass              
♠ J10                     N             ♠ AK9854              
♥ Q3                  W    E          ♥ KJ9                    
♦ KQJ108              S              ♦ 32                  
♣ K653                                 ♣ A10              
                        ♠ 32                      
                        ♥ 2                                    
                        ♦ 9765                              
                        ♣ Q98742                        

Take the ♠ finesse. Assuming your opponents are not daffy, North would have led a ♥ back
at trick four to let South ruff with his ♠Q if he had it. With three trumps to the ♠Q North did not
lead a second ♥ as that would place him with the ♠Q when South failed to ruff in with it.


Psyches and extremely weak pre-empts are not allowed at our club.

♠ 3                         This is North hand 17 from Friday and somebody opened a Multi 2♦ with       
♥ 1096532             this hand. I am sure that the vast majority of the club (with two exceptions)  
♦ J9                        will agree that this is absurd. Over a year ago a decision was made to stop 
♣ J853                   these ridiculously light pre-empts and that Australian rule of 15 for pre-empts
                              has been adopted.

The rule is that you add up your HCPs and the lengths of your two longest suits and if the
result is 15 or more you are allowed to pre-empt. We have relaxed this slightly for weak 2♦, 2♥,
2♠ or Multi openings to a rule of 14.
But this hand is only 12 for the rule and is certainly not allowed. The score was adjusted, as
it will be for all similar infringements.


Bidding Quiz Answers  

Hand A:   pass. Opening this two count with a pre-emptive 2♥ or Multi is not allowed at this club.
Hand B:    2♦. This is not forcing after RHO has overcalled 1NT.


Bidding Sequence Quiz Answers      

C      1♣    3♣     dbl                         This is up to partnership understanding. Some play it as a
                                                          two-suited overcall (such as Ghestem) but many play it as
                                                          showing a long solid minor and asking partner to bid 3NT
                                                          if he has a ♣ stop.

D      1♠     1NT   2♣                         2♣ is not forcing after a 1NT overcall, as with a good hand you would double.

E      1NT  pass   4♣     pass            After Gerber, any NT bid is a sign-off.
         4♠     pass   4NT                       To ask for kings it’s 5♣.