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Mon 16th  N-S      1st   Sean & Jeremy               67%            2nd  Dino & Enzo                  56%
                 E-W     1st   Bob S & Lars G             62%            2nd  Sigurd & Georgsson      60%
Wed 18th  N-S      1st   Flurio & Pezzini             62%            2nd  Sean & Jeremy               60%
                 E-W     1st   Jan & Olaf                      74%            2nd  Alan K & Dino              53%
Fri 20th     N-S      1st   Sean & Jeremy               57%            2nd  Judy & Bob G                54%
                E-W     1st  Gus & Enzo                    65%            2nd  Alan K & Frode             60%

Bidding Quiz          Standard American (short ♣) bidding is assumed unless otherwise stated.


Hand A           Hand B           With Hand A LHO opens 3♠, what do you bid?
♠ A92              ♠ K                                               
♥ K5                ♥ A10864        With Hand B everybody is vulnerable. Partner opens 1♠ and
♦ AKJ107         ♦ J854              RHO overcalls 2♥, what do you do?
♣ A87             ♣ J97

Hand C           Hand D           With Hand C both are vul and you open 1♠, LHO overcalls 2♥
                                                and this is passed round to you, what do you bid?   
♠ AJ86543      ♠ AJ86543                                   
♥ Q                  ♥ -                   With Hand D both are vul and you open 1♠, LHO overcalls 2♥
♦ A97                ♦ AKQ97        and this is passed round to you, what do you bid?            
♣ K6               ♣ 6                         

Bidding Sequence Quiz        

E      3♠     dbl                                   What is dbl? take-out, penalties or ‘optional’?


Playing Negative Doubles.                                  Board 16 from Monday 16th 

Don’t miss the penalty double when playing Negative Doubles!

Dealer:             ♠ K                                                Table A
East                 ♥ A10864                                      West          North(B)   East           South(C)
Both vul          ♦ J854                                            -                 -                 pass           1♠
                        ♣ J97                                             2♥    (1)      pass  (2)     pass           2♠     (3)
                                                                              pass           ?       (4)
♠ Q10                    N              ♠ 972                     
♥ KJ752            W     E          ♥ 93                        Table B
♦ 65                       S              ♦ 10632                   West          North(B)   East           South(C)
♣ AK64                                 ♣ AQ85                  -                 -                 pass           1♠
                        ♠ AJ86543                                    2♥    (1)      pass  (2)     pass           2♠     (3)
                        ♥ Q                                                all pass
                        ♦ A97                                           
                        ♣ K6                                            
Table A:    (1)  Not a very good ♥ suit, but with 13 points many (most?) will be tempted to
                        overcall with this hand.
                  (2)  What did you bid with this North hand B in this week’s quiz? You would like to
                        double for penalties but cannot when playing Negative Doubles. So pass and trust
                        that partner will find a re-opening double.
                  (3)  What did you bid with this South hand C in this week’s quiz? Now I am pretty
                        sure of the popular answer here as I polled a similar hand (with just six ♠’s) a few
                        years ago and the vast majority chose to re-bid their suit rather than double. So
                        presumably a huge  majority will rebid 2♠ here?
                  (4)  North has no good bid now, shame his partner did not double.
Table B:     (3)  This South is a very firm believer in the re-opening double and chose that instead
                        of re-bidding his ♠’s. I cannot see the logic of the ‘majority’ who re-bid their ♠’s
                        and this dbl is my answer to question 3. My criteria for a re-opening double is that
                        if you would stand a penalty double from partner if not playing Negative Doubles,
                        then double. With good top cards, vulnerable opponents, and a probable ♠ lead
                        from partner, this hand should be delighted to defend.
The bottom lines:

  1. Do not forget the ‘automatic’ re-opening double when playing negative doubles.

And what happened? Only the one pair went for the penalty, and they got +1100 for a clear
outright top. Apart from a spurious ♦ contract, every else played in various numbers of ♠’s.


Dave’s 2nd Column

North               South                                       West                North               East             South
♠ AKQJ9        ♠ 654                                       -                       1♠                    pass             2♠
♥ 852               ♥ A73                                      pass                 4♠                    all pass
♦ A743            ♦ K62                                     
♣ A                 ♣ 10983                                               

You are North declarer in 4♠. East leads the ♠3, plan the play.


Dave’s 2nd Column Answer           Board 23 from Wednesday 18th Jan 
Dealer:             ♠ AKQJ9                                      Bidding            
North               ♥ 852                                             West          North         East           South
N-S vul            ♦ A743                                          -                 1♠              pass           2♠
                        ♣ A                                               pass           4♠              all pass          
♠ 107                     N             ♠ 832                      
♥ Q1064            W    E          ♥ KJ9                     
♦ J10                      S              ♦ Q985             
♣ Q7652                               ♣ KJ4               
                        ♠ 654                                       East leads the ♠3, plan the play.
                        ♥ A73                               
                        ♦ K62                               
                        ♣ 10983                           

North was so afraid of a ♦ over-ruff that he drew all the trumps but went one down when
the ♦’s did not break. Instead of pinning all of his hopes on a 3-3 ♦ break declarer should lead
a low ♦ at trick two. He wins the trump return and cashes the ♦AK. When the third rounds of
♦’s stands up he can safely ruff the fourth ♦ because the hand that started with three ♠’s also
has the four ♦’s. Very lucky.

And what happened? 4♠+1, 4♠= and 4♠-1 four times. I (Terry) had no problem with the
hand, rather than playing in a poor 4♠ which needs both accurate declarer play and a very
lucky lie of the cards, I played in 3NT from the South hand and simply claimed the contract
when a low ♣ was led.

The bottom lines: I am not that keen in playing in the 5-3 fit when the 3-card trump hand
has no honours in the suit and no ruffing possibilities.



Dave’s Column

West                East                                         West             North            East           South
♠ Q10532        ♠ AJ7                                     pass              pass              1NT           pass
♥ 1093             ♥ AQ85                                  2♦                 pass              2♠              pass
♦ A65              ♦ KQJ                                      3NT              pass              4♠              all pass      
♣ K9               ♣ 1062                                                 
You are East declarer in 4♠. West leads the ♥Q, plan the play. The ♦10 is led and you win
with the ♦A in dummy and run the ♠10 which wins. You continue with a low trump to the ♠J and cash the ♠A. How do you continue?


Dave’s Column Answer                  Board 20 from Wednesday 18th Jan 
Dealer:             ♠ K94                                            Bidding            
West                ♥ J742                                           West          North         East           South
both vul           ♦ 87                                               pass           pass           1NT           pass
                        ♣ AQ53                                        2♦              pass           2♠              pass
                                                                              3NT           pass           4♠              all pass            
♠ Q10532              N             ♠ AJ7               
♥ 1093              W     E          ♥ AQ85                  
♦ A65                    S              ♦ KQJ                     
♣ K9                                     ♣ 1062                   
                        ♠ 86                                        
                        ♥ K6                                 
                        ♦ 109432                          
                        ♣ J874                              

The ♦10 is led and you win with the ♦A in dummy and run the ♠10 which wins. You
continue with a low trump to the ♠J and cash the ♠A. How do you continue?
The idea here is to force two entries to dummy in order to finesse twice in ♥’s in the event
that you have two ♣ losers. You can arrange a ♣ ruff for one entry but you need an assist from
your opponents for the 2nd entry. To help them to help you, cash the ♦KQ now and then play a
♣ towards the ♣K. The finesse loses but North (or South) will eventually have to lead a ♥ or
give you a ♣ ruff in dummy (best). You run the ♥10 and when this loses South either has to
give you a ruff and discard or else lead a ♥.
If you do not cash the ♦’s first, North will win his ♣A,Q and a third, putting you in dummy.
You then have to guess which ♥ to finesse, in this case if you finesse the ♥Q this loses and ♦
return locks you in hand and you lose a ♥.
And what happened? 4♠=twice, 4♠-1 five times.


Bidding Quiz Answers  

Hand A:   3NT. Double is a terrible bid as it goes past 3NT which is where you want to be
                  opposite 99% of hands and with this ♠ holding it’s very unlikely that partner can bid
                  3NT. Even if the hand did have four ♥’s I would still bid 3NT. This is North hand 8
                  from Friday 13th and a very experienced player did indeed double (for penalties?).
Hand B:    Pass, and trust that partner understands the re-opening double when playing
                  Negative Doubles.
Hand C:   Dbl. Partner has a ♥ penalty hand and you should be delighted to defend. I fully
                  realize that 99% of players disagree and will bid 2♠. Sometimes 99% of people are
                  totally wrong. If partner does not have the penalty hand (very unlikely) and bids,
                  that’s no problem as you can play in ♠’s at the appropriate level. If you want to
                  know what happened, 2♥* went -4 for 1100, which is certainly better than the ♠
                  partscore that most played in and the 4♠+1 and 650 that just one pair reached.
                  One top player said that he bid 2♠ because he needs to set 2♥* by three tricks in
                  order to compensate for his vulnerable game. I don’t understand this – there is
                  presumably no ♠ fit and so absolutely no guarantee of game; and if there is a 4♠
                  game opposite shortage then 2♥* is almost certainly going three or more down.
Hand D:   3♦. This hand is different, you do not have a defensive hand and although you are
                  sure partner has a penalty hand, it’s best to bid.

E      3♠     dbl               This double is played as take-out by most. It surprised me when two of
                                      the club’s top players said they play it as penalties.