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  Holiday in Pattaya - the Pattaya vacation guide.
  Another site dedicated to Pattaya with numerous links.
  Comprehensive Pattaya travel guide including daily updated Thailand news, Pattaya nightlife & bars, photo galleries, hotels, fun things to do and more.
  A neat modern site about Bangkok and Pattaya. The Pattaya City link is their page on Pattaya.
My Pattaya   Useful articles, forum, pictures, classifieds, business directory and loads more.
  A general Thai site with information about lioving in Thailand as well as tourist data.
French Wine : Le spécialiste du Vin Français en Thaïlande. Specialist of French Wine in Thailand   Thai French Wine brings to you the best French wine at the best price. Located in Pattaya Soi 17 3rd road
  Lots of images of Bangkok's and Thailand's well known and less traveled attractions.
  The Mercure Pattaya is an expensive hotel located in the middle of nowhere with a dining room infested with flies.

Hotel Tropicana

The Hotel Tropicana was one of the first hotels built in Pattaya in the 1960's - and boy does it show it! This run-down dilapidated hotel is situated in a prime location and so actually does get a fair number of first-time visitors. The main building is two stories with a conference room on the 2nd floor. It goes without saying that there is not a single elevator in the whole building. But if you really want to book this windowless claustrophobic conference room for a meeting make sure that everybody goes to the washrooms beforehand as the nearest toilets are some 3-4 minutes walk away and downstairs. And what can we say about their 'executive suites'? Their decor is in touch with their age, the sliding balcony doors have rotten wooden frames and the furniture is 'antique??'. If you do decide to stay at the Hotel Tropicana, Pattaya, then be sure to have plenty or ready cash. Apart from the general high prices I can tell you of one incident in which I was personally involved. A guest was simply pulling the coffee table from a totally unsuitable position when a leg fell off! He and a friend then tried to move the table outside and another leg fell off!! What did the management do? - They asked by what method the guests would like to pay for the 4,000 bht damages caused to their coffee table!!!
   Lists of clubs, activities etc. A nice general site 'for families by families'.
  DJ bar and guesthouse, Soi 7 No 2 Rd, Pattaya
  Quiet location just minutes from the heart of the action!
  Find your soul mate in Pattaya
    This is Pattaya's web hosing company. It is a complete joke. They provide no service, your website can be down for days and they will do nothing - not even answer your e-mails or telephone call.
      Super Consultants, Super Travel, Super Guesthouse and Super Store form the Super Group in Pattaya. provides you with information about beautiful houses, penthouse and condos in the area of Pattaya City or in its nearby areas which are being offered for sale at reasonable prices.
  Binnenkort opent in Pattaya, Thailand, het Huis van Oranje, helpdesk voor Nederlanders en Vlamingen zijn deur. Het Huis van Oranje zal een vraagbaak en steunpunt zijn voor alle Nederlanders en ook voor die Thai, die enige hulp of begeleiding kunnen gebruiken op een van de hierna te noemen terreinen.
  Amazing Thailand Tourism & Travel Directory
A comprehensive resource containing a range of reviews and advice on holidays in Thailand plus news, entertainment and attractions guides. : search engine and web directory for websites about Thailand. : moteur de recherche et répertoire de sites web au sujet de la Thaïlande - Search engine and web directory for websites about Thailand. A search engine and web directory in English and French.
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