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  This is a list of some of the best known bridge authors around. Refer to the Bridge Book Review Index for a complete list of bridge books and the pages on which they are reviewed.  
  Bridge books by Alan Hiron, former editor of Bridge Magazine and a World Senior Champion.  
  Bridge books by Alan Truscott & Dorothy Hayden Truscott, both USA international players.  
  Bridge books by Alfred Sheinwold, together with Edgar Kaplan he co-developed the Kaplan-Sheinwold bidding system  
  Bridge books by Alvin Roth, inventor of many of the commonplce conventions used today.  
  Bridge books by Andrew Kambites, an EBU director and is co-author of numerous bridge books  
  Bridge books by Andrew Robson, famous for his acclaimed bridge columns in The Times.  
  Bridge books by Audrey Grant, well known for her ACBL book series for beginners/improvers.  
  Bridge books by Ben Cohen, pioneer of duplicate bridge in the UK in the early 1930s  
  Bridge books by Brian Senior, Great Britain and Ireland international player.  
  Bridge books by Charles H Goren, former world champion American bridge player and bestselling author  
  Bridge books by C.G.H. Fox, bridge author and columnist of the Daily Telegraph.  
  Bridge books by Danny Kleinman, a prolific writer on bridge and backgammon, at both of which he is an expert.  
  Bridge books by Danny Roth, bridge writer and teacher based in London.  
  Bridge books by David Bird, originator of the bridge crazy monks of St. Titus.  
  Bridge books by Easley Blackwood, inventor of the game's best-known convention  
  Bridge books by Eddie Kantar, the world's recognised expert on Roman Keycard Blackwood.  
  Bridge books by Edgar Kaplan, editor and publisher of The Bridge World magazine for more than 30 years.  
  Bridge books by Ely & Josephine Culbertson, the glamorous husband and wife team who ignited a contract bridge craze.  
  Bridge books by Eric Crowhurst, the world's leading authority on the Acol bidding system.  
  Bridge books by Eric Jannersten, started the Swedish Bridgetidningen, the world's second oldest bridge magazine  
  Bridge books by Erwin Brecher, plus other chess, logic and puzzle books.  
  Bridge books by Ewart Kempson, author of numerous bridge books.  
  Bridge books by F. Dudley Courtenay, a top player in the 1930s and 40s.  
  Bridge books by Freddie North, one of Britain's most experienced and best-known authors.  
  Bridge books by Fred Karpin, former bridge editor of the Washington Post.  
  Bridge books by George Benyon, bridge director and movement specialist.  
  Bridge books by George Coffin, prolific publisher and writer of books on bridge and other games  
  Bridge books by George Gooden, winner of the 1941 World Contract Bridge Olympics  
  Bridge books by Hubert Phillips, founder and editor of the British Bridge World magazine.  
  Bridge books by Hugh Kelsey, numerous books, mostly aimed at intermediate to advanced players  
  Bridge books by Jeremy Flint, English international and former bridge editor of "The Times"  
  Bridge books by Jimmy Tait, author of the Devil's Coup and other bridge stories.  
  Bridge books by Julian Pottage, author or co-author of over twenty bridge books.  
  Bridge books by Larry Cohen, best known for his enthusiasm for The Law of Total tricks.  
  Bridge books by Magnus Lindkvist, Swedish international and bridge author.  
  Bridge books by Martin Hoffman, one of the world's foremost bridge professionals  
  Bridge books by Marty Bergen, author of the award winning Points Smoints.  
  Bridge books by Matthew and Pamela Granovetter, publishers of Bridge Today.  
  Bridge books by Max Hardy, his books mostly promote the two-over-one bidding system.  
  Bridge books by Michael Rosenberg, still the youngest player ever to win the British Gold Cup.  
  Bridge books by Michelle Brunner, one of England's Ladies internationals, an Acol expert.  
  Bridge books by Mike Lawrence, author of numerous books and also CD's for learning bridge.  
  Bridge books by Norman de Villiers Hart, author of numerous bridge books.  
  Bridge books by Norman Squire, British international champion and author of numerous books.  
  Bridge books by Omar Sharif, as well as an actor, a top-class international bridge player.  
  Bridge books by Oswald Jacoby, considered one of the greatest bridge players of all time.  
  Bridge books by Pat Husband, author of numerous Acol books.  
  Bridge books by Paul Marston, Australian bridge player and author.  
  Bridge books by Paul Thurston, bridge columnist for Canada's National post newspaper.  
  Bridge books by Phillip and Robert King, a father/son bridge/playright team.  
  Bridge books by Raymond Brock, a seasoned international and captain of the British junior team.  
  Bridge books by Rhoda Lederer, author of mainly Acol bidding books.  
  Bridge books by Rixi Markus, the top woman bridge player for five decades.  
  Bridge books by Robert Ewen, author of half a dozen bridge books.  
  Bridge books by Ron Klinger, who has has written over fifty outstanding bridge books.  
  Bridge books by Roy Hughes, an expert on the theory and structure of bidding systems.  
  Bridge books by Sally Brock, bridge book author and editor of BRIDGE magazine.  
  Bridge books by Sidney Lenz, author of a few classic bridge books.  
  Bridge books by Terence Reese, especially known for his books on card play.  
  Bridge books by Tim Bourke, Australian international and contributer to Australian Bridge.  
  Bridge books by Tony Forrester, Britain's top player.  
  Bridge books by Tony Sowter, editor of International popular bridge Monthly.  
  Bridge books by Victor Mollo, famous for creating the Hideous Hog and the Rueful Rabbit.  
  Bridge books by Zia Mahmood, world-renowned bridge player and international.  
  Bridge books by anonymous or infrequent authors.  
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