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  "Contract Bridge for Three" by George Sturgis Coffin and Albert H. Morehead. Rules and tactics of trio bridge, the official form of three-handed contract bridge; based upon partnership bidding against one player and his exposed dummy. Or buy from .  
  "How Good is Your Defense?: Lessons from Champions which will Enlarge your Bridge Horizons" by Victor Mollo and A J Nielsen. The book Presents 110 different situations where in championship play the right move in defense has yielded the top score. These hands are all analyzed in detail so that the reader acquires the skill to make similar applications in play. Or buy from  
  "300 Contract Bridge Hands The First World Championship" by Ely Culbertson. The story of the 1933 Culbertson-Lenz match for the Charles M Schwab Trophy Official Record. Reviewed and explained by Ely Culbertson, captain of the victorious American team. Unavailable at  
  "Master Cue Bidding" by Ron Klinger. Part of the Mini-Masters series, written by experts and aimed at helping average players to improve specific aspects of their game, this book shows how cue bidding is a method of exploring slams by showing precisely which aces and kings are held. Or buy from  
  "Improve Your Slam Bidding" by Ron Klinger. Bidding in the slam area has developed rapidly over the past twenty years and players are bidding slams more often and more accurately. In this book Ron Klinger shows how to judge whether slam is likely or not and reveals the methods to find the critical cards in partner's hand, whether it is to stay out of a poor slam, bid a good small slam or find an excellent grand slam. Or buy from  
  "The Best of Frank Vine: From The Bridge World" comprises reprints of the most memorable and often humerous articles by Frank Vine from the Bridge World Magazine. Or buy from  
  "Educating Evelyn" by Hugh Simon is a collection of conversations on the curious laws of rubber bridge. Or buy from  
  "One Trick Short" by Nataraja Sarma. A former president of the Chennai District Bridge Association, P. S. N Sarma wrote extensively and authored a book, One Trick Short, published by the International Bridge World. He was also the founder editor of the Indian Bridge Magazine, and a long time columnist for The Hindu. Or buy from  
  "Confessions of a Bridge Addict" by Mary Cook contains good hands, exciting and humorous bridge experiences and some funny cartoons. Unavailabke at  
  "The Golden Years of Bridge" by J.N.R Griffiths chronicles the history of bridge, featuring the technical insights and blunders of the experts through a collection of hands. Or buy from  
  "Bridge from the Top: Book I" by Marshall Miles covers all the latest (1987) developments in bridge with an expert's comments on each. Or buy from  
  "Bridge from the Top, Book II" by Marshall Miles is a continuation of Vol. 1. Covering defense, forcing club, unusual bidding situations and more. Or buy from  
  "Bridge a la Carte" by Victor Mollo is a large number of excellent hands that were originally printed in the International Bridge Press Association Bulletin. Or buy from  
  "Bridge: The Ultimate Limits " by Eric Mansfield is a different kind of quiz book. There are 45 extreemly difficult problems of a unique nature. You are given the N-S hands and askes to constrct the E-W hands so that the seemingly impossible contract can be made. The deals are very difficult, and even if you deduce what the E-W hands must be, you will need all of you declarer skills such as a quintuple unblock, multiple squeezes and end-plays to make the contract. Or buy from .  
  Sweden's Eric Jannersten won several national titles and represented his country in the European championships. He was also a teacher, a columnist, an author, a publisher, an editor, a commentator, an organizer, a tournament director and inventor of the 'bidding box'. Perhaps the best of Jannersten's many books was ''Cards on the table;: Or, The art of guessing right;'', the translated title of which duplicated that of an Agatha Christie mystery. In the book the author deals smoothly with the mysteries of card-reading -how to judge what the opponents have and how to make use of the information. Or buy from  
  "Improve Your Bridge With Oswald Jacoby" contains analysis of 125 Bridge Hands from the Master. Or buy from  
  "Play Bridge with the Experts " by Derek Rimington spans the history of modern bridge in an instructive and entertaining way. From every one of the hundred hands in this book there is a lesson to be learnt, be it in the bidding or in the play or in both; but the most important lesson of all is in the art of thinking the expert way. The occasional lapses, as Josaphine Culbertson's and Colonel Beasley's, are no less instructive than the numerous examples of polished technique. Or buy from  
  "Bridge in the Looking Glass" by Freddie North and Jeremy Flint, with a foreward by Omar Sharif. Compare your play with the masters in 100 selected hands. Or buy from  
  "Best of Bridge on the Air. The Listener Book of Bridge" by Harold Franklin and Terence Reese is a selection of problems and questions distilled from over 200 radio programmes; the hands were later discussed in The Listener and subsequently put in this book. Or buy from  
  "Master Deceptive Play " by Terence Reese is part of the Mini-Masters series, written by experts and aimed at helping average players to improve specific aspects of their game. This book shows how in most play situations one card is slightly better than another, and this applies to either declarer or defender. Or buy from  
  "What Would You Bid?" by Terence Reese. This book is the result of the author raiding the stock of hands in bridge magazine bidding competitions for interesting and instructive hands. Or buy from  
  "Churchill natural bidding style at contract bridge" by S. Garton Churchill. Bid successfully without artificial conventions. Or buy from .  
  "Contract bidding tactics at match point play" by S. Garton Churchill. : Suit-over-suit and picture bidding ; balance of power theory ; strategic and psychic bidding. Or buy from .  
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